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NASCARFans E-Mail List Congratulations to Dale Jarrett on his first short track win Saturday night at Bristol! Here's parts of interviews with Dale from victory lane: "That (not having a short track win) was bothering you all a whole lot more...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

Congratulations to Dale Jarrett on his first short track win Saturday night at Bristol! Here's parts of interviews with Dale from victory lane:

"That (not having a short track win) was bothering you all a whole lot more than me. I just like to win anywhere. But it does help to complete your resume to show you can withstand 500 laps at a place like Bristol. A lot of us came up through the short tracks and you'd like to show you can still win on them.''

''This thing can change weekly, and it's a whole new deal now,'' Jarrett said. ''You think Gordon has a great lead and see him running well here, and you figure the worst he is going to finish is somewhere in the top three, so things aren't going to change much.

''But then all of a sudden he gets into an accident, and I don't even really know what happened.

''The racing here, and next week at Darlington (also a treacherous race track), and then another short track race at Richmond, and another short track at Loudon the week after that. . . Things can happen in a hurry.

''Our job is to win races and put some pressure on those guys, and when they do make mistakes we have to capitalize on them.'' (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow)

Dick Trickle was one of Saturday's surprises, bringing Jeff Kirk's Ford home third.

''With the right bit of luck we could have won,'' Trickle said. ''Our finishes this season don't compare to the way we've been running, but we've been a little inconsistent. We're working on that.

''I know we've got a good team, we've had some meetings, and we're coming as a unit. The team is supporting me now. They were before, but we are really working to get all this to more of a rhythm.'' (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow)

Here's a Bristol report from one of our readers, Terry:

After Dale Earnhardt got tangled up in the Cope/Green crash, his crew had to remove his hood to put in a new radiator. After he pulls out of his pit and is heading down pit road without a hood, he says, "Well, it was about time we took that d*** 'Plus' off the hood anyway.....we ain't raced worth a s*** since we put it on." (referring to the new "plus" paint scheme). Thanks, Terry. is BACK! Yea! Hurray! Yippee!

Here's a week's worth of Jayski news/rumors.....some may be repeats of earlier NASCARFans posts... I try to remember what I've sent out previously, but I'm not always successful.

*"Bobby Hamilton still had not made a decision about his 1998 plans as of last night, and Petty and Hamilton have another meeting planned to see if they can come to terms on a new contract. Hamilton has been expected to announce a move to the Larry McClure team. But now Andy Petree is also making a bid for Hamilton"(JournalNow)(8-24-97) *"Dale Earnhardt's Pennzoil sponsorship deal to back Steve Park in Earnhardt's own Winston Cup car has apparently angered some men at General Motors"(JournalNow), it doesn't say why(8-24-97)

*"Jerry Nadeau's plans to drive a second Cup car for Bill Elliott next year have apparently been scratched, according to sources close to Nadeau. Nadeau, a promising rookie, has been mentioned as a possible new driver for Richard Petty's Pontiac team(JournalNow)(8-24-97)

*"One of the hotter rumors sweeping through the garage area yesterday was this: Michigan-based Roush Racing would buy the No. 30 car driven by Johnny Benson and owned by Chuck Rider, bring in Cheerios cereal as a new sponsor and switch the car-make from Pontiac to Ford. Asked about it yesterday afternoon, a top official for Jack Roush's operation smiled, shook his head and responded: ''Believe me when I tell you we are not buying the 30 team, period.'' He added, though, that Michigan-based General Mills is, in fact, looking to add at least one of its products to its list of Winston Cup rides. So don't be surprised if Benson, sans the Pennzoil-sponsored 30 car, still winds up in Roush's stable next season -- with Cheerios as the sponsor. Pennzoil is expected to part ways with Rider and hook up with Busch driver Steve Park and the Dale Earnhardt-owned car"(Richmond Times-Dispatch)(8-24-97)

*Wow! I never saw this before: Pat Tryson, crew chief of the #7 QVC Ford driven by Geoff Bodine, quit in the middle of the Goody's 500 at Bristol on 8-23. He said he didn't like the way orders where being handed out and that Team Manager, Tim Brewer wanted to handle communications to Bodine and Tryson didn't think that was right, so he put down his headset and walked(8-23-97)

*#96 Caterpillar Chevy driver David Green, who got upside down during a wreck in the Goody's 500 at Bristol on 8-23, was taken by ambulance to Bristol Regional Medical Center where he was diagnosed with a broken right shoulder blade(AP) and a broken tooth, I hear he is doubtful for Darlington(8-23-97)

*Sponsorship for the #14 Earnhardt Chevy with Steve Park as the driver to be announced within the next 2-3 weeks, the National Speed Sport News(NSSN) reports that Pennzoil will be the sponsor as rumored here in the past, so I guess the DW/Pennzoil rumors are false, by the Dale Earnhardt, Jr will take Steve Parks place in the #3 AC Delco BGN Earnhardt Chevy in 1998(8-23-97)

*On NASCAR2Day(ESPN2), it was announced that Budweiser is staying with the #25 Hendrick Chevy/Ricky Craven and would not be going to Ken Schrader, as rumored here before(8-23-97) When Kenny was asked about it at Bristol, he smiled, and pointed to a small "Bud" emblem embroidered into his driving suit.

*I hear Dave Marcis is considering retiring after the 1997 season(8-23-97)

*The NSSN reports that David Green and #96 owner Buz McCall(American Equipment Racing) have extended their contract through the year 2000 which includes sponsor Caterpillar(8-23-97)

*I recently reported that Bill Elliott will not be attending the Japan exhibition race in November 1997 because he has surgery scheduled. The NSSN reports that Elliott will have surgery to have the steel plates and screws inserted in his leg as a result of the Talladega crash in April 1996. NSSN also reports that Dale Jarrett and his RYR team will not attend as they would rather prepare the new Ford Taurus. No mention on what the RYR #28 team will do and if Irvan or Irwin will drive(8-20-97)

*The NSSN reports there are rumors that General Motors is giving consideration to racing the Saturn brand and say a Winston Cup prototype has been seen at Saturn of Massapequa(Long Island, NY)(8-23-97)

*I noticed a bit of a change to the #43 STP Pontiac in it's color scheme as it as a wider band of white it some of it's lines, it was part of a tribute to Goody's and their sponsorship of the #43 for 20 years(8-23-97)

*I noticed that K-Mart was once again solo on the #37 Ford with no RC Cola to be found(8-23-97)

*The Square-D Ford team with Bristol pole sitter Kenny Wallace, have hired veteran Vic Kangas as a chassis specialist(8-23-97)

*So much for Brett Bodine being in a purple car this weekend as rumored, he still is in the black Close Call Ford(8-23-97)

*Lake Speed attempted and made the Bristol race. This race was not on their limited schedule(8-23-97)

*From the JournalNow:"Irvan has turned down offers from car owners Andy Petree and Travis Carter in the past few days, and he is now expected to sign with the Jay Frye-Ryan Pemberton (#36 Skittles) Pontiac team for next season, according to sources close to Irvan and the team. But Irvan yesterday said he still hasn't made up his mind" Irvan told Carter he needed more time, but Carter had to know by 8-20 and Irvan told Petree he wasn't going to be able to do his deal. "Petree said he wasn't very happy about the Irvan situation, particularly when he learned that Irvan was trying to make a separate deal with the company Petree has been trying to sign as sponsor for his second team. But Petree says he's not giving up on plans for a second team" and is talking to other drivers. "Ken Schrader, Petree's current driver, says he's trying to find a second driver for Petree, a driver whom Schrader can live with. Schrader's top choice at the moment is Bobby Hamilton, according to sources close to both men. Would Irvan be a second driver? Would Derrike Cope be back in the primary car for the team, which is owned by Nelson Bowers? The team offered no comment"(JournalNow)(8-23-97)

*"Buddy Parrott has denied reports that he would leave Jack Roush and Jeff Burton at the end of the season to go to work for Robert Yates. Parrott's two sons, Todd and Brad, already work for Yates. The elder Parrott is known for his ability to get the most out of young drivers, and Yates is hiring a rookie, Kenny Irwin, to take Irvan's place next season." (JournalNow)(8-23-97)

*According to a press release received from Richmond Intl Raceway today, Bud Moore (#15 Ford)has mailed in an entry for the September 6th Exide NASCAR Select 400... If the team shows up, this would be Moore's first race attempt since the Daytona 500 in February(8-23-97)

*WRONG: Sterling Marlin was in the #4 Kodak Chevy this weekend at Bristol. I had reported in error earlier this week that he would not be(8-22-97)

Glad to have you back, Jay! Keep up the great work!

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