Mike Wallace steps into No. 14 for Pocono

Mike Wallace steps into the ...

Mike Wallace steps into the #14 Conseco Pontiac Grand Prix for A.J. Foyt Racing in place of Stacy Compton for this weekend's Pennsylvania 500 and next week in the Brickyard 400.


YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH A.J. FOYT RACING "This opportunity is a good opportunity. The weekend is going so-so. Nothing to really brag on at the moment. Probably one of the biggest problems I'm having right now is I jumped in Stacy's seat yesterday, and I'm not extremely comfortable in it. With shifting here and everything else, you've got to get real comfortable. I'll just have to take the Porter-Power to it a little and maybe get myself a little bit more comfortable. It would be nice to have my own seat, but this deal just came together at the last minute so we'll make the best of it."

IS IT A CHALLENGE TO GET COMFORTABLE WITH THIS BEING YOUR FIRST RACE IN THE CAR? "There's a lot to getting comfortable, especially the way the seats are in the cars anymore. There's so much put into mounting these seats. It's not like you can just take them loose real easily and rotate them around. We kind of laugh among ourselves about how you have to have your seat real comfortable and how particular we are, but by the same token if at the last minute somebody calls you to get in a car, you'll get in. It does mean a lot though in the way the car feels and the way you make the car feel. If you can get the seat comfortable, it seems like you can go faster all of the time, even if it's just mental. But we'll be alright."

THIS IS A TWO-RACE DEAL - ANY PLANS BEYOND THE BRICKYARD? "To be honest, this came together quickly and I haven't even had any conversation with A.J., so I don't even really know what his plans are. We tested what was to be a second car for them at the Brickyard, so I don't even know if they still plan on running two cars, one car, or what their plans are. But we'll get through here and try to run well for them here, and go to the Brickyard and run well and just take it from there."

HOW DID TESTING GO AT THE BRICKYARD? "I think our test was decent. We weren't the fastest car there over the month, but I think if we can go back there and improve a little bit, I think we'll be in good shape. The motor is good and if we can just get the car to handle the way it did in the test, we'll be alright."


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