Michigan: Winning team interview

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (finished 1st) "It feels unbelievable. Yesterday we had a great Office Depot Fusion in practice. I felt really good about coming into today. Last night the Sharp Aquos Fusion was real fast in the...

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (finished 1st)

"It feels unbelievable. Yesterday we had a great Office Depot Fusion in practice. I felt really good about coming into today. Last night the Sharp Aquos Fusion was real fast in the Busch race and had a little adversity and we didn't win the thing and we should've. It was tough to sleep last night, and then I got up this morning and Bob and I talked a little bit, and he convinced me to put that behind me and to go out and do a job. And then we sped on pit road one time and got put in the back, and our car was good enough that it made it back up to the front. And then at the end there, Martin Truex was just, I mean, he was amazingly fast, and Martin's been on a roll lately so it was great to be able to beat him in, really, a head-to-head race. That meant a lot -- especially for Ford here."

BOB OSBORNE -- crew chief, No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion


"The biggest thing was we had an unfortunate incident on pit road and Carl did a phenomenal job coming back up through the field -- not damaging the race car, not over-driving the race car. I believe that was the key to our race. We had to start at the tail-end and in the first lap from that re-start there was a big accident, and he easily could've been in that. He put it behind him, had a level head and kept the fenders on the race car and got us back up front. His driving ability, you can't see enough."

JACK ROUSH -- owner, No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion

"It's real exciting to be here with Carl. It'll give Tom Giacchi a chance to shave his beard. When they made that silly wager I had no idea it would be this long. I mean, Carl and Bob won four races the first year, and of course I put my oar in and changed the things last year and it didn't work out. I was even surprised it took this long to get it going this year.

"The car of today on mile-and-a-half race tracks had been our strength. We were good at Las Vegas, even though we didn't win. Matt won at Fontana, and sowed the way. We've just got great cars. The Ford Fusion is really super. Ford has given us every technical support, they've given us all the money that we've asked for to help us put in equipment and be competitive with the other manufacturers are doing with their other teams. They deserve more; I'm just embarrassed that it took us this long to really celebrate with Carl and the guys. This Father's Day it's great to be here with my family -- my son, Jack, is here, with two of my granddaughters, we're enjoying them. I hope that all the fathers and all the families around the country that watched the race today are as happy about being with their families as I am with mine."


CARL EDWARDS: "I learned through trial and a lot of error that you can't make things happen faster than they're going to happen, you can only do the best job you can. Part of what helps me with that is the reason that we're running so well in the Busch Series and the reason we're running so well now is because I know Bob Osborne, I know P.K. and they can help me. Bob knows as soon as something happens he can tell when I say something exactly how mad I'm getting or how close to exploding I am. We know each other well enough. So he helped me a lot with that. Like he said, that's the key, is keep moving forward, not falling behind and digging yourself in a deeper hole, and that's been a great deal."


CARL EDWARDS: "It was very difficult at the end to stay composed -- especially when Martin was closing in. To me, second place would've felt the same as chopping off my arm today. I wanted to win. That's it. It's really hard to stay composed in light of feeling that way, and just keep doing what I was doing. That was very hard, but I've lost 52 races in a row and I've learned to be able to deal with that a little better now. I just did the best I could and it worked out. But that was the hardest part. For me, personally, I think that's the hardest part about being a race-car driver and once I figured out how to deal with that better, that's when my career took off there."


CARL EDWARDS: "I don't think it affects me any more than racing at the same track. The second race I won was at Pocono, and that was after a long night of cheating death with Jack and his airplane, and the storms coming back from Nashville. I'll tell you what, part of the reason I might of won that race is I was just glad to be alive. I was feeling pretty positive that day. But this was kind of the opposite. I had not a very fun night last night. We got home about 2:30 in the morning, or something like that. I don't think it matters. I prepare the best I can. Once I get in the race car and it comes down to 10 or 15 laps to go, it doesn't matter what physical pain -- it just doesn't matter. All you think about is winning. That's really the fun part of the sport. I wouldn't trade the Busch Series for anything. I love it."


CARL EDWARDS: "I've got great friends. Tom grew up down the street from me and some of the older kids in the neighborhood would come by and beat up on you a little bit, wouldn't play football when you wanted to and stuff, but Tom was a good guy to me. He's been driving the motorhome for a couple of years now, and we're best friends. It's awesome. His brother has been one of my best friends forever. I just hated to see him like that for so long. I'd wake up in the morning, and Tom would walk in and just laugh at this guy. It's unreal. It means a lot for him to do it. I think he's got some memoirs from this whole experience. Bearded Like Me or something is going to be the title. It's changed his life a little bit. People grab their children in Wal-Mart and pull them aside, lock their doors when he walks by on the street. Nobody will recognize him next week."


CARL EDWARDS: "Oh, he's shaving it. You couldn't keep him from shaving it."


CARL EDWARDS: "Yeah, he and Gillette are kind of partnered up, so he's been staring at the Gillette Phantom razor with longing eyes. Only Gillette products touch that face. And, it is a nice face. You should see him. He's a good-looking guy. He used to get dates. Women loved him. It's going to be a new day for you, Tom."

-credit: ford racing

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