Michigan: Terry Labonte preview

Terry Labonte ...

Terry Labonte #45 Marathon American Spirit Motor Oil Dodge

Quotes from Terry Labonte:

"I learned a lot about this new Cup car at Pocono, especially at the end of the race. We were able to grab a few spots there at the end. It doesn't really feel like any racecar that I have driven in my career. It just feels different. My feeling of a Sprint Cup car is not the same as a younger driver. I drove the same type of car for years and any change like this has a drastic feel to it. I think that's why you see those young guys picking up on it more than the veterans. They don't have a specific feel that they have been used to for years."

"One of the big highlights for me coming over to Petty Enterprises is that I get to spend time with my old crew chief, Dale Inman. Dale will always be a special friend to me because he helped me to my first Cup championship in 1984. They definitely broke the mold when they made Dale. He is a legend in our sport. Dale is the only man that has eight Cup championships, seven with Richard and one with me."

"It's going to be cool to wear the Marathon colors this week, especially with this being close to their home in Findlay, Ohio. My brother, Bobby, and I are both running the Marathon colors. Our paint schemes will be mirrored. It will be easy for our dad to find us on Sunday. It has been a few years since I raced on Father's Day weekend. Sharing the track with my brother will make it special."

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