Michigan Robby Gordon Saturday report

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Robby Gordon
Team Gordon
#13 TurtleWax/Duracell/Menards Ford Taurus
Starting position - 43rd

Robby Gordon had one thing in mind this weekend and that was to put himself in the pole position for another "Hard Charger" award like he won last weekend after picking up 38 spots and finishing 4th at The Glen. Tomorrow Gordon will start his Turtle Wax/Duracell/Menards Ford 43rd after taking a provisional starting spot for Sunday's Pepsi 400 at the Michigan Speedway. Gordon initially felt he was a lock for a provisional spot after Friday qualifying. The team elected not to pull their time and re-qualify, but rather to work on a solid race setup in the morning session. Odds of Gordon being bumped from provisional starting status were very slim, and while it was closer than expected with a few cars improving their times, the team made the correct call. Gordon started 25th in his last race at Michigan, finishing 28th.


ROBBY GORDON "Well, we didn't expect as many cars to go faster today, it was a little hairy towards the end there staring at the monitor. But we made it as we suspected and it allowed us to work on some things in the morning that we needed to work on for tomorrow. Right now, this car is not a great car for qualifying. It's a frustrating thing, I wanted to come here and qualify like we did first day back in June. We're looking for answers as to exactly why. Some of the things we threw at it in the morning still didn't help us out much. Some, just not as much as we'd like. We are in the show though and that allows us to learn.

"Now I realize happy hour didn't show a good time either, but I do think the car is pretty good for the race. By the time the session ended we were putting up decent times with everyone else. We made some pretty big changes to the front end and with tire pressures which brought us back up. And we never really got a chance to run in heavy traffic, this car should be good in traffic."

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