Michigan Robby Gordon Saturday Happy Hour

Robby Gordon ...

Robby Gordon
#13 Burger King/Turtle Wax Ford Taurus

Starting position - 25th


ROBBY GORDON "I'm very excited about the race tomorrow, we were strong in happy hour today and generally when you're in the top-20 there that means you have a pretty competitive car. We had one more tweak to throw at the car before the session ended early and we would have liked to see if that made us any stronger, but regardless I think we'll be in the hunt tomorrow. We ran with (Jeff) Burton for most of the happy hour and had just as much as he did if not a little more. Hopefully in the race we can keep that pace and be a player all day. "Overall, I can't tell you how happy I am with the weekend. The guys will tell you, we've worked hard since Charlotte to get here and be as prepared as are. Like me, they're very pumped up right now and that's great, they deserve a lot of credit right now."

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