Michigan Robby Gordon Friday Qualifying Notes

Robby Gordon ...

Robby Gordon
#13 Burger King/Turtle Wax Ford Taurus

Qualifying position - 25th
Time - 38.667 seconds

Robby Gordon placed his Burger King/Turtle Wax Ford Taurus 25th in today's first round qualifying for the KMart 400 at Michigan International Speedway. Gordon ran consistently fast in the morning practice coming up with a setup he felt comfortable running in qualifying. During the afternoon session Gordon and the Team Gordon crew experimented with different gearing, trying to isolate the best combination for the afternoon. Ultimately it was decided to go to the gearing Gordon ran in the morning which turned out to be the best decision.


ROBBY GORDON "At first I wasn't too happy with the run because we had a push in turns 3 and 4. In 1 and 2 the car was perfect, but coming through three it just started to push and that hurt us coming to the stripe. I guess it was the wind because everyone after us started to complain about the same thing. Right now though, I'm happy. One of our goals was to come here and be solid. Today we were solid all day long and while we thought we'd run a 38.4 or 38.5 in qualifying this afternoon, we'll take what we got. Getting in to the show in the first round is where it's at in this sport, it opens up the rest of the weekend for getting your car ready to race. Tomorrow folks, that's what we're going to do! "I have to give the guys credit for today too. Since we decided to run a limited schedule they've done nothing but bust their tails to make things happen. We had two days of testing, cars at the wind tunnel and a lot of hours of preparation to get to Michigan. I'm very happy to see it pay off the way it did today."

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