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Miller Lite 400 Michigan Speedway, Brooklyn, Michigan RUSTY WALLACE -2- Miller Lite Taurus -- "We just missed it all the way around today -- shocks and springs. You don't see that happen often. We started out loose,...

Miller Lite 400 Michigan Speedway, Brooklyn, Michigan RUSTY WALLACE -2- Miller Lite Taurus -- "We just missed it all the way around today -- shocks and springs. You don't see that happen often. We started out loose, loose, loose and adjusted on that. Then the car got to pushing real bad. We thought that a half-spring rubber might have remedied it, but I don't think that even then would have helped. "We'd go into the turn and the right rear would lean up and left rear nose down. Then there at the end all those guys took two tires and got track position on us. We just didn't have anything for them today." JEREMY MAYFIELD -12- Mobil 1 Taurus -- "It wasn't a win or nothing like that, but that's what we need to do, finish in the top five. I'm real proud of these guys. They gave me a good car. We didn't change anything all day. That's as fast as we could run. I couldn't ask for anything better than that right there. "We were just steady all day and that's what we needed was a good consistent race car. We just needed to go a little bit faster that's all we needed. I'm just proud of this whole Mobil 1 team they've done a great job here. "We've just got to keep coming up with these top fives and go from there." MARK MARTIN -6- Valvoline Taurus -- "The first part of the race was a race for second. Jeff Gordon and the 24 were checked out and I couldn't catch him. But then it seemed like throughout the race they maybe lost the handle a little bit and we got ours a little bit better. Things just played out in our favor. I was really happy to see Dale Jarrett and Gordon get racing behind me because I knew Jarrett was real strong. Before we pitted he was catching me a little bit and this is just a great win for everybody. These guys are doing it. I'm just driving the car. When I drive a slow car, I run in the middle or back of the pack. I'm driving a really fast race car and it's these guys on this Roush Racing team. "We made adjustments all day. We actually tightened the car up quite a bit on the first two stops and then we loosened it up and probably finished the race about where we started. We seemed to chase the track around and it did come to us. I feel like we were stronger at the end than the first half." YOU'VE STARTED SEVENTH THREE TIMES AND WON. THIS IS THE FOURTH WIN OF THE SEASON FOR THIS CAR. "Man, this is the lucky seven. The lucky car. It hit the jackpot big out in Las Vegas and that started it all off. I wish we could run it every week, but I think we're gonna save it for Indy." JEFF BURTON -99- Exide Batteries Taurus -- "We were just a little bit off. We were about a tenth off the 6 car all day. We were real loose to start off with, but we were fast. Then we made a change that actually made the car looser because we thought the track would tighten up. The track tightened up a lot more than we thought. When the sun went behind the clouds we weren't very good anymore. When it was sunny, that's when we were at our best. We needed it to be a loose, slick track because that's what we were betting on. We set it up for that and when the sun came out it kind of hurt us a little bit, but we're proud to get back in the top five." MIKE BEAM, Team Manager -94- McDonald's Taurus -- "It was OK. We got a little bit loose getting into the corner it seemed like at the end. We survived, but it's pretty good. We can build on that and, hopefully, we can get better. We need to get better. That's all there is to it." KENNY IRWIN -28- Texaco Havoline Taurus -- "I'm telling you, after the first pit stop I'm thinking, `This is gonna be a long day.' We were going back terribly fast. Then we just kept working on the car and getting it better and better. We finished 13th and had a really good run. This whole Robert Yates 28 team, they did a great job and it just gives us something to build on. A couple of them said, `Now we know what to come back with for the next race and that's exactly right. My driving style must be different than what Dale Jarrett's is, so we'll keep learning the right setup. Hopefully, when we come back for the second time, we can improve on this. We're struggling, but I see at the very end of the tunnel, very far away, some light so it's coming around. It was fun. I had a ball today." CHAD LITTLE -97- John Deere Taurus -- "It was pretty good considering we had to start in such a terrible spot. I think when there's only one caution and you have to take a provisional, things have to work out so perfect not to get a lap down. We raced really hard. The car was pretty good. We ended up with a decent day, we just needed a better starting position. That would have helped tremendously because our car was probably good enough to stay on the lead lap there at the start of the race, but as fast as Gordon was it would have been close. He was really flying there the middle part of the race. We were just a little bit tight. That was the only thing. I got in good and then the car just got on the right front a little too much and kind of pushed off. The motor ran great and we improved on our points." Source: NASCAR Online

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