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THE #75 REMINGTON ARMS MOSSY OAK CAMO CAR IS BACK FOR ONE LAST HUNT! The No. 75 Remington Arms Ford will be sporting its popular Mossy Oak Break Up camouflage paint scheme for the final time this weekend at Michigan. The camouflage paint scheme will return to the No. 75 Butch Mock Motorsports team again in October at Talladega with Polaris ATVs as primary sponsor for that event. HOW IS THAT CAMO CAR DONE? "Race fans who visit the shop always comment on the Mossy Oak camo paint scheme," said Butch Mock. "Everyone loves the look of the camo car. I get so many questions about how it was done. Actually, this is the first year the camo car hasn't been completely hand-painted. This year, the entire car is covered with decals instead. We decided to use decals to give it a different look. The Mossy Oak Break Up pattern has been significantly magnified - even though you still can't see it!"

HOPING TO SNEAK-UP ON COMPETITION. "We are hoping that the camo car will give us a little extra edge over the competition," said Musgrave. "We are hunting for a win, so I know we are dressed properly for the hunt this weekend. No one would be able to see me coming if it weren't for the hunter safety orange trim around the car, but safety always comes first when hunting, even if it is for a Winston Cup win."

This is the fourth season Mossy Oak Brand Camo has been an associate sponsor on the No. 75 Remington Arms Ford. "Mossy Oak has been an excellent organization to be associated with," said Mock. "The camo car has always been a fun change during the season. Most race fans are avid outdoorsmen so it has been a perfect partnership."

- The creator of the camo car, Wade Jackson, paint and body specialist at Butch Mock Motorsports for the past six years, celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, August 17th. Jackson was born and raised in Livonia, Michigan. He and wife, Kim have two children, Jacob and McKenzie.

- Brad Croakman has become the newest member of the "over-the-wall" crew at Butch Mock Motorsports. He began duties as gasman last weekend at Watkins Glen. Croakman is a fabricator at Butch Mock Motorsports.

- Andy Kralovic will temporarily take over the duties of race spotter for the No. 75 Butch Mock Motorsports team for the next two weeks in Michigan and Bristol. Butch Mock, who usually handles those duties, will be in Reno, Nevada attending a Victory Motorcycles Dealer Convention. Mock owns Polaris of the Carolinas, a Polaris and Victory dealership located in Lakeside Business Park in Mooresville, NC. Kralovic is a mechanic at Butch Mock Motorsports and was the team's spotter last year.

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