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Michael Waltrip

"It is not often that you see two companies within the same industry come together for primary sponsorship of a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series team. I am proud to announce, along with my lovely wife, Buffy, that Michael Waltrip Racing has brought together two of the marquee quick service brand names in the world to sponsor out #00 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Toyota Camrys beginning in 2007.... Domino's Pizza and Burger King. Now I would like to introduce you to two individuals who were instrumental in making this co-sponsorship possible, Dave Brandon -- Chairman and CEO of Domino's Pizza and Denny Post -- Senior Vice President and Chief Concept Officer of Burger King.Corporation."

Dave Brandon

"Thanks, Michael. It's a pleasure to be here with you and Denny today to make this milestone announcement. We're excited to take our involvement with NASCAR to the next level and thrilled that we have the opportunity to do so with you and your team, who have been a trusted Domino's partner for nearly four years. Just as Michael has been taking the steps necessary to build successful NASCAR NEXTEL Cup teams, we at Domino's are taking the steps necessary to position ourselves a leader in the sport. As the world leader in pizza delivery, it's a thrill to be a part of helping Michael deliver a second NASCAR NEXTEL Cup team for 2007. The Domino's car will take the track for the first time in Daytona and will continue through the May race in Darlington. The Domino's paint scheme will also adorn the No. 00 Camry during the August race here in Michigan, which is in the backyard of our World Resource Center. We also will be the primary sponsor for five of the Chase for the NEXTEL Cup races at the end of the season."

"On behalf of Domino's team members everywhere, we want to thank Michael and his team for the three exciting years we've shared thus far and the opportunity to share many new and exciting ventures in 2007. I also want to acknowledge the great partnership we've developed with Burger King in sponsoring this great team. We look forward to an extraordinary season! It is now my pleasure to reintroduce Denny Post from the Burger King Corporation."

Denny Post

"Good Morning everyone. The King and I are very happy to be here this morning to It's great to be here today to extend our commitment to Michael and his organization and our expansion with his great team. Earlier this year we announced the Burger King No. 00 car would run in five races in 2006. This will allow the team to set the stage for a successful season next year and we're proud to play a role in that effort. "

"Looking to 2007, the Burger King car will hit the track Memorial Day weekend at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, and take the final regular season laps in Richmond International Raceway. Five Chase races will feature our paint-scheme, including the final race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, home to Burger King Corporation, founded in 1954 in Miami, FL."

"At Burger King, our "Have it Your Way" philosophy extends beyond the restaurant and focuses on giving customers experiences they want. This strategic alliance provides an incredible opportunity to tap into NASCAR's enormous popularity and provide racing fans and restaurant guests with more memorable experiences. We're thrilled to be here today with our partners at Michael Waltrip Racing and Domino's and look forward to an exciting season in 2007."

Michael Waltrip

"We have not determined who will drive the No. 00 Toyota Camry. All I have to say is the driver we do select better be hungry with Domino's and Burger King as his primary sponsors. As you can see by the pizzas Domino's has for you and the HAVE IT YOUR WAY cards provided by Burger King, no one will go hungry with these companies as the sponsors of the No. 00 Camry."

Q & A Portion of Press Conference

Media Member: "So does this mean that Dale Jarrett will be driving something other than the #00?"

Michael Waltrip: "We want three teams. That is our goal. We feel that the business model we put together at MWR allows us to have three Cup Series teams. We also feel that this is the best way to make the NAPA car and the Burger King/Domino's car faster as well as the third team & sponsor. We have Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership set to run with David Reutimann in 2007 and run for the Busch Championship and we want three Cup series teams so we can stand toe-to-toe with the top organizations in our sport. Until we define the third sponsor, we are not in a position today to say who will be driving what except that of course I will drive the NAPA AUTO PARTS car.

Media Member: Michael, how are two obvious competitors able to come together on one car -- as this is quite a departure for racing?

Michael Waltrip: "I will let Dave and Denny answer that, but the thing I love about this for Michael Waltrip Racing, is that these are two of the biggest names in the world they are going to adorn our racecar and they are going to make fun commercials and make a statement. By taking a first half -- second half approach it allows them focus on launches of product and different promotions during the course of the year."

Dave Brandon: "We believe we are complementary to each other. Burger King brand stands for breakfast and lunch and drive up service and great convenience in that way, and Domino's is a dinner concept and we deliver. The method of delivery is something we do very differently even though we are both in the Quick Service industry. We have a great relationship with the Burger King Corporation. While we are all out there in the restaurant business, our businesses are quite different.

Denny Post: It also allows us the flexibility of focusing on two parts of our menu and our calendar. It is a great opportunity for us to focus our business and join up with some great names.

Michael Waltrip: "There is one thing I would like to point out. As we are building out Michael Waltrip Racing, Toyota is our manufacturer. Our sponsorship dollars are coming from NAPA, Burger King, Domino's, and Aaron's. We pay our driver's with our sponsorship dollars. This is not a Toyota team. This is a Domino's/Burger King car that is a Toyota and a NAPA car that is a Toyota as well. I have been preaching that Toyota did not hire Dale Jarrett and Toyota is not responsible for the moves I have been making in the garage area. This is my team with partners like Dave & Denny and NAPA and this is why things are working at Michael Waltrip Racing. If we put out a third team, the car will not say Toyota on the side of it, it will be sponsored by another corporation."

Media Member: "Where are you on getting a sponsor for that third team right now?"

Michael Waltrip: "There are a couple of companies interested in sponsoring this team and we set a deadline on ourselves on making a decision. We are building all the cars we possibly can for 2007 right now, so nothing will change at this point if we go to three cars. So mid-July is our personal deadline to decide if we will indeed have a third Cup team. I would say it is better than maybe that we will have it. We feel that that all the resources and synergies that we have by having more teams, we will make our cars faster because of that-- which is ultimately the goal. To get to that this early would be a real bonus to our organization."


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