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Joe Nemechek ...

Joe Nemechek #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
6th position

COMMENTS ON YOUR FINISH We're kind of disappointed with sixth because I think our U.S. Army Chevy was a lot better than that. We got up there to the front and I thought we should've been a top two or three finishing car today. We got two tires on that last stop with 25 laps to go and for some reason my car got really tight in and loose off the corners. I went to pass the 97 and he took the air off the spoiler and got me loose and three or four or five cars got by me. So then I had to work to pass all of them back before the end of the race.

We'll take it. It's a good run. We're back on track. Just thanks to the U.S. Army and MB2 Motorsports. I've got great cars and great engines-- we're on a roll.

REGARDING SECOND TOP TEN FINISH IN TWO WEEKS That's what we're supposed to be doing. We really feel like we gave a few races away this year and now we're back on track. Our qualifying effort's back-- everything's back. For some reason we've been missing it there for a lot of races recently, but we're back.

Michael Waltrip #15 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet
7th position

COMMENTS ON YOUR RACE I don't know. My car handled really good. And I just was a little loose all day long. I've got to get better with communicating with my team and let them know better what I'm feeling. I think I messed them up a little bit today. But, it's a good team, man. And it's a good car. Brand new and we raced it twice and it was a good finish. I'm encouraged about the direction we're headed in and what we've accomplished over the last few months.

Kyle Busch #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet
9th position

COMMENTS ON YOUR RACE It was a good run for us. We were able to make it through the whole day and we had a decent car. Not quite sure what would happen with our tires, but after about lap 32 it felt like something internally, maybe, felt like a belt inside the tire would kind of break. Stretch or something. We'd go about 8 about more laps and the thing would kind of explode on us and that's before we came to come in for a fuel run anyway, but not quite sure what that was about. We ended up having a right rear and a right front go down. We had both of them. But we were able to battle back and we're able to come out of here with a ninth place finish and we're excited to be able to have however many top 10s or whatever it has been so far. But, we're looking forward to a whole new cereal next week at Infineon Raceway.

Jeff Burton #31 Beneficial Chevrolet
11th position

COMMENTS ON THE RACE We had a decent car. I don't know. We didn't have good track position. We ran pretty decent. I thought we had an eighth place car and we finished 11th. So, we needed to get a little bit faster, but it was a good, solid day.

Bobby Labonte #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet
14th position

We were alright in the beginning, but in the last half of the race, we got really loose. We made a few adjustments on the last pit stop and were able to gain some spots at the end. It wasn't a bad day for us, considering we were able to drive it into the garage at the end of the race. It's good to finish, we learned some things and we're going to continue to remain positive.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
17th position

YOU GUYS WORKED HARD TO IMPROVE THE CAR TODAY. TELL US ABOUT YOUR RUN Yeah, it's pretty good. We finished better. Might have had a top 10. It was a good car. We'll keep working hard.

WAS IT HOT INSIDE THE CAR TODAY? No, it wasn't. I've just been sick all week.


Scott Riggs #10 Valvoline Chevrolet
23RD position

COMMENTS ON YOUR RACE TODAY It was just tough. We struggled all day. Just couldn't get through the center of the corner all day. Kept making adjustments and that helped it a little bit getting the rear on the race track. Something on the front end we were missing. The way we're traveling these cars now, it would push bad. Right there are the end when everyone's on fresh tires and we're taking off trying to get going, as tight as it was in the center we couldn't do anything. The way we had freed the car up trying to tighten it up in the center, it just made it so free anytime anybody got the outside of me. They just shuffled me right to the back. It was just a tough day for us.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT SONOMA COMING UP? I think if we stay on the race track and stay out of trouble it will be a positive day for us.

Kevin Harvick #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
25th position

COMMENTS ON THE RACE The car was slow everywhere and I wasn't happy with the race.

Jeff Gordon #24 DuPont Chevrolet
32nd position

COMMENTS ON YOUR RACE We were just lost today. We started off pretty good and the car felt good. We just wore the right sides out right down to the cores. That was certainly a concern and we started back off and the car was pretty good. The car would just jump sideways on me, I'd hear something sound like it was breaking apart in the tire and the car would jump sideways, we'd come in and (find) nothing wrong with the tire. I don't know what was going on there, but we weren't that great to begin with at the end anyway. It was just very, very frustrating. Several laps I kept thinking there was something wrong with the tire and I'd come in and we couldn't find anything, at least not on the outside-maybe there was something on the inside. Don't know. Just looking forward to going to the road course.

Brian Vickers #25 GMAC / ditech.com Chevrolet
41st position

Note: Vickers crashed coming onto pit road on Lap 41. The crew is currently repairing his Chevrolet in the garage.

COMMENTS ON YOUR ACCIDENT Yeah, we picked up a vibration there and tried making our fuel window, and I was probably just going to come in anyway. But, because of the vibration. And then NASCAR said we'd have to bring it once. We were going to wait for the caution another lap, and that's all it took. It got out from under me getting into three and I saved it and on pit road it just came apart and I came around and got into the wall. I hate it for the GMAC ditech.com Chevy team. They worked real hard giving me a real fast car.

Mike Wallace #4 Lucas Oil Chevrolet
43rd position

Note: Wallace brought his car to the garage on Lap 52 after reporting engine problems. He has retired from the race.

COMMENTS ON YOUR ACCIDENT Just lost a motor. I'm not sure what broke. Internal problem that became external. You know, the car was handling decent. At that point there were a lot of guys that got caught a lap down, so we were in decent shape. It's unfortunate for the Lucas Oil Wide Open Chevrolet, but hopefully we'll survive and stay in the top 35 in points and go on to Sonoma.

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