Michigan: Ford teams qualifying quotes

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 Dish Network Ford Fusion (qualified 14th) "It was a pretty decent lap. It could've been better. I left a lot out there in one and two -- maybe overdrove a corner, I don't know. I really love this race track. It's fun to...

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 Dish Network Ford Fusion (qualified 14th)

"It was a pretty decent lap. It could've been better. I left a lot out there in one and two -- maybe overdrove a corner, I don't know. I really love this race track. It's fun to race on. We've got our car running pretty good. We're really happy with it right now. That's definitely going to be a decent lap for us -- I just hope we stay in the top 10. I'm looking at some haze forming around the sun right now, and that means a slight bit of cool off, not real rapid, but a slight bit."

IS AN EARLY QUALIFYING DRAW HERE DIFFICULT? "Absolutely. You get murdered here. If it goes fairly quickly and nobody spins out and everybody only does one lap, it'll be better for us."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 Carhartt/DeWalt Ford Fusion (qualified 26th)

"I think the track is staying fairly consistent -- just everybody went faster around us than what we were in practice. It wasn't as good, for whatever reason. I didn't get as good of a lap, for whatever reason. It's really disappointing, for some odd reason. We worked on qualifying really hard today, and qualified, probably, the worst that I have here in a long time."


DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 38 M&M's Ford Fusion (qualified 20th)

"We picked up. I wasn't exactly where I needed to be in practice, as far as my line, and Doug went down to turn one and two and he told me where he thought I should be, compared to the other cars. So, we moved our M&M's Ford Fusion up there in qualifying. We knew it was better, but it was my first time there on the race track. It's part of being a rookie, I guess. I'm real happy. Todd [Parrott, crew chief] and all the guys worked real hard, and we feel really good about our race car. It's good. It gives me a lot of confidence going into this weekend."


RICKY RUDD -- No. 88 Snickers Ford Fusion (qualified 25th)

"That's a little quicker. We had run a flat early, and here we ran in the .90s, which is a little quicker. We knew we weren't going to be great, earlier in the day, so they made a spring change right before qualifying, which I usually don't like to do that. But, I don't think we had a whole lot to lose. And, as it turns out, it helped us. That worked, but if we could've had one more change, you know? But, we're pleased with it. This size track, as of recently, we've been pretty good, like Charlotte, where we qualified seventh and ran seventh. Lately, we've been getting the bigger tracks, the old-style car is starting to come around quite a bit. We're fairly competitive, like we were at Pocono, we just need to get the finish results. We'll know more tomorrow when we work on race stuff. We worked on qualifying stuff today."

THE DRIVERS ALL SAY THEY LIKE THIS TRACK BECAUSE THEY CAN RACE THREE-WIDE. IS QUALIFYING LIKE THAT, OR IS THERE ONE PREFERABLE LINE? "Most everybody is shooting for the same line. They're not on the bottom of the track -- they arc it in as if there were a car at the bottom of the track, so I guess you would call it a lane and a half off the bottom. There's seems to be a little more grip there. But, if you aim for it, sometimes you don't always get there -- your car starts sliding and starts going into a four-wheel slip before you get to your marks. But, most of them aim for that same section of race track. When you get racing in race trim, that's when the track tends to open up, because your cars aren't usually ideal in all that turbulence, so you're looking for as much clean air -- you're trying to run where the cars in front of you are not. So, if they're on the top, you want to run on the bottom, and if they're on the bottom, you want to go to the top."


BILL ELLIOTT -- No. 21 Motorcraft Ford Fusion (qualified 21st)

"I am very pleased. Anytime you can gain from practice -- and we weren't that bad in practice -- but to just keep gaining and chipping away, that's 90 percent of this battle. You know, I just love driving for these guys. They do such a good job, and they work so hard. It's just unfortunate that we missed it last week at Pocono. We just got to keep trying to get this bunch in the top 35."

HOW DO YOU APPROACH QUALIFING HERE? "Everybody kind of lets their car go where it needs to go, and that's the key to qualifying here. There's really no right place or wrong place, it's wherever you can get your car working the best and that's where you end up going."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (qualified 12th)

"It's a great way to start the weekend. We were 40th or something in practice, we were back there, and Bob [Osborne, crew chief] changed front springs, rear springs track bar, all that stuff, and that's a good effort right there. I think we'll be top 15, for sure. That's way better than we thought we were going to be."

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