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BIFFLE MAINTAINS HOT STREAK WITH FIFTH WIN IN '05 * Greg Biffle won for the fifth time this season with today's triumph at Michigan and for the sixth time in the last 16 races dating back to last season. * Biffle now owns eight NNC...


* Greg Biffle won for the fifth time this season with today's triumph at Michigan and for the sixth time in the last 16 races dating back to last season.

* Biffle now owns eight NNC wins (Daytona, Michigan twice, Homestead-Miami, California, Texas, Darlington, Dover).

* Today's win was the eighth of the season for Ford, which is two more than second-place Chevrolet (Greg Biffle at California, Texas, Darlington, Dover and Michigan; Carl Edwards at Atlanta and Pocono; Kurt Busch at Phoenix.

* Ford has 562 all-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series wins.


* Today's win marked the 100th all-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series win for Taurus (92 points races and 8 non-points events).

* Rusty Wallace led Taurus to a win in its debut race (1998 Budweiser Shootout).

* Mark Martin registered the first points win for Taurus at Las Vegas in the third race of 1998, and led a Ford sweep that included the top seven finishers and 13 of the top 14.

* Dale Jarrett leads all Ford drivers with 18 wins (including the Shootout and All-Star Challenge) while Martin is second with 15.

* Taurus has won point races at all but three NNC tracks (Chicagoland, Kansas, and Watkins Glen). * Taurus has won its most point races at Bristol (9), and has won at least five times at 13 tracks.


* Ford has won the most NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series races at Michigan with 28. Chevrolet is second with 16 while Mercury is third with 12 and Dodge fourth with six.

* Ford has now won at least one NNC race at MIS in 20 of the last 22 years.

* Ford has the most poles at MIS as well with 22, compared to 18 for Chevrolet and six for Dodge.

* 11 different Ford drivers have posted 28 victories in 72 all-time series races at MIS.

* When the Mercury brand is included the win total jumps to 40.

* Ford has won five out of the last seven MIS races by four different drivers -- Matt Kenseth ('02), Dale Jarrett ('02), Kurt Busch ('03) and Greg Biffle ('04 and '05).

* The Wood Brothers won the first race at MIS when Cale Yarborough piloted a Mercury to victory in the Motor State 500 on June 15, 1969.

* Kurt Busch became the youngest driver to win a Cup race at MIS when he captured the Sirius 400 in 2003 at the age of 24 years, 10 months and 11 days.

* Three of the top four all-time winning car owners at MIS currently run Fords, including the Wood Brothers (11), Jack Roush (7), and Robert Yates (6). Harry Melling won all seven of his MIS races with Bill Elliott in a Ford from 1984-89.


MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Batman Begins Taurus (Finished 3rd)

"We were better at the end there. Pat and the guys on the Viagra team did a great job on the last adjustment and we were the strongest we had been all day. This is another great day for my fans and for the salute tour and I just want to thank Pat Tryson and everybody who has supported me over the years. I hope we can keep this going. That was awesome today." HOW BIG IS MICHIGAN FOR JACK ROUSH? "They're all important to him, but congratulations to Biffle again. He beat us like a dog out there. I tell you what, we're tickled to death to run third here and get up there and give Tony a run for it on that last lap."

CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 AAA Taurus (Finished 5th)

A GOOD WEEKEND. "Absolutely. Yeah, we wanted to win this race really badly, but, heck, a top five is awesome for us." FOUR ROUSH GUYS IN THE TOP FIVE. "I'm just glad to be part of the Roush Racing team. These cars and the drivers and crew chiefs are unbelievable. The engines, Doug Yates is doing a great job. My pit crew is awesome, too, so for me I feel lucky to be in this seat. I mean, the last three races in a Roush vehicle for me we have two wins and a fifth, so it's like living a dream here. We're having a good time. We'll go to Sonoma and that one is gonna be different, but I'm pretty pumped about going there too. We're just having fun."

WHY IS ROUSH SO GOOD HERE? "I think a lot of it is communication between the teams. That's a big deal. Plus, it's the home of Ford Motor Company and Roush Racing. We put a lot of effort into this race." ANOTHER TOP FIVE. "Yeah, that was a lot of fun. That was the 100th win for Ford Taurus, so that's pretty awesome right here in Ford Motor Company's backyard. For me, this track is just a blast. It's fun to drive around. You can run all over the place - three-wide and four-wide. Congratulations to Greg Biffle. I don't know, it's just a cool day with four Roush cars in the top five. It's a beautiful day. Hanging out with all our friends and going racing that's what it's all about. We're having fun." H OW MUCH DID YOU HAVE TO TUNE YOUR CAR? "Not a lot, but I feel like that's what this series is all about. It seems like you almost have to start the race close to perfect and that's what we did today. We started real well and Bob Osborne and the guys made a couple of changes. That last run we were just too tight. I tried everything and we were just kind of going backwards. I really appreciate Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth for those guys racing so great and clean. It's just fun. It's awesome to see Greg get another win. He is the man."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DeWalt/Carhartt Taurus (Finished 4th)

"Everybody has been running good, really, except for us. I've just been trying to get our stuff caught up to the 16. I've been trying to pay attention to Greg and Greg's been helping me a lot. Doug and Robbie have been working together to try to get our stuff close to theirs."

NOT A BAD DAY. "Yeah, that's the best we've run in a long, long time. We need to get some good runs to build some confidence and try to figure out what we're doing a little bit better. That was definitely a step in the right direction."

DID YOU LEARN SOME THINGS? "I hope so. We tested here and found some things that seemed to help us and we ran pretty close to the same setup when we came back as to what we tested and we were fairly close to Greg's setup. The main thing is we just have to keep working on the cars. I don't think it's a shocker to see Greg in victory lane. You've just got to work on the cars. We're so sensitive with aero that I think we just have to keep tuning on it and keep trying to get it better. I think we've figured out a few things, we just have to keep working on it."

IT MUST FEEL GOOD. "Yeah, we haven't run up front very much this year, so it definitely feels good to get a good finish."

YOUR FIRST TOP FIVE. "It's been frustrating the last six months or so, but the guys did a good job on pit road. Robbie made the right call not getting tires there at the end. It was a little bit of a gamble, but it paid off and we ran pretty competitively. I was pretty happy with our car today. It was nothing like Greg was, but Greg has kind of been in a league of his own most of the year."

FOUR ROUSH GUYS IN THE TOP FIVE. "Yeah, I'm just glad I wasn't the one that didn't. That does feel good. Jack's done a great job of giving us good stuff. Doug Yates gives us just awesome engines. If we can get these things through the corner, they'll just fly down the straightaway. So we definitely have the equipment. We just have to stay with the stuff in the right direction. We have to keep working on it and, hopefully, we can get back to Victory Lane and running up front pretty soon."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus (Finished 8th)

"It was a great day, I think, and another great points day. I had an awesome car on long runs, but I just think track position meant so much and we could never get up there to where we needed to be to contend for a win. It was a great call by Todd there at the end to stay out and try to get some of that. The car tightened up on me a little bit, but, all in all, it was a great, great day."

YOU'RE SO CONSISTENT. "Yeah, we ran 10th to 15th all day long. We needed long runs. Our car was way too loose at the beginning of a run and had to let a lot of people go. We ended up running them back down, but I'm proud of my guys as far as the way the car is handling and the way the pit stops are going. I'm with a great, great race team. Have we peaked yet? No. Are we getting there? I think so. We're running good at a lot of places we didn't run good at last year, so to come here to Michigan and have a great car on a long run is a good, good feeling."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Rent-A-Center Taurus (Finished 33rd) - "We were really, really good. We came all the way from the back and came up to about 13th under green. Everything was going good and then we got a loose set of tires. Then we had a spark plug wire fall off and that's where we lost all of our laps. That's pretty much it."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Charter/National Guard Taurus


CAN YOU BELIEVE YOU'VE WON A THIRD OF THE RACES THIS YEAR? "No, not at all. I tell you what, this 16 team and the National Guard car - these guys have worked really hard. We've got great race cars right now. I'm really focused as a driver and I just love this race track. Somebody asked me what's your favorite race track and it's Michigan. I used to live up here and all the fans up here are awesome. We're just excited to get a win for Ford in their hometown. It's the 100th win for the Ford Taurus and that's pretty exciting because we've got a new car next year. We don't know if it's gonna be the Fusion or the Five Hundred, but there are some great cars that Ford is producing right now and we can't wait to see what we're gonna race."

DID YOU MAKE A LOT OF CHANGES THE FIRST HALF OF THE RACE? "I knew those guys were gonna be faster than me at the beginning of a run and that's the way I've got my car set up. It's a strategic move on our part. There are predominately long green runs here at Michigan. Now if it was typically a sprint race - 25 laps and then make a pit stop or whatever - we'd probably do a different package under it so it would run faster right off the green."

WHAT ABOUT THE DECISION TO STAY OUT? "There were five or seven laps on my tires. I thought there were gonna be a couple more cautions. It's so hard to pass and it takes me about 20 laps to get going, so I said, 'The only way I'm gonna win is to be out front,' and it worked out for us."

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