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August 16, 1998 Pepsi 400 Presented by DeVilbiss Michigan Speedway, Brooklyn, Michigan BILL ELLIOTT -94- McDonald's Taurus -- "It's been a frustrating year. I don't know what I've gotta do to turn this deal around. Man, ...

August 16, 1998 Pepsi 400 Presented by DeVilbiss Michigan Speedway, Brooklyn, Michigan BILL ELLIOTT -94- McDonald's Taurus -- "It's been a frustrating year. I don't know what I've gotta do to turn this deal around. Man, everytime I think I take two steps forward I take two steps back. The motor started running bad a while back and it just quit. It just decided it didn't want to live any longer. We've gotta get better. It's just a frustrating year." TED MUSGRAVE -15- Rescue Engine Formula Taurus -- "Everything was going pretty good, but we wound up having an oil temperature problem. I think the oil cooler started getting plugged up at the screen or something and the temperature kept rising. Pretty soon the oil temperature was getting pretty much in the danger zone. We're not running for points. We just want to show the guys we can run up there. I had to kind of stroke around there for a while to try and cool it down, but it wouldn't cool down. Before we break anything, I wanted to just park it because Bud Moore has done such a nice job, we want to show him that we can do it, but we just had a little oil problem today." MARK MARTIN -6- Valvoline Taurus -- "We didn't win it. I gave it my best. I dedicate that losing performance to my dad and Shelley and Sarah. I gave it all I had." GORDON'S CAR SEEMS TO HAVE A LOT OF POWER? "We couldn't beat them. It wasn't meant to be today. We gave them all we had and didn't have enough." "We'll go home and try to regroup and see if we can't give them a whoopin' at Bristol." WAS IT A CASE WHERE YOU JUST COULDN'T MAKE THE CAR WIDE ENOUGH AGAINST GORDON? "I just couldn't block him. When you've got that much speed, there ain't no holding it up. I did what I could. I did my best. I couldn't win or I would have and I wanted to real bad. I had a lot of motivation, but I didn't have the stuff to do it today. Without the caution we were looking pretty good, but there wouldn't have been a caution if it was meant to be, so I have to accept the whole week and the way the week ended is God's will." THE CAUTION WAS THE DIFFERENCE BECAUSE YOU HAD A GREAT CAR, DIDN'T YOU? "We had a great car on the long runs and we needed a green race in order to win. If we would have had cautions all day I would have been miserable all day, but it got looking pretty promising there toward the end with all that green. I have to accept everything that's happened this week as God's will. If I was meant to win that race, there wouldn't have been a caution. There was, so I have to accept that for what it was. I did everything I could, but I didn't have the car to race with those other guys on cold tires and everything. From lap 40 to lap 50-whatever, when we pitted for gas, was the only time I could outrun those guys and we got enough of that that I got away from them and it was looking good, but we just came up short today." DALE JARRETT -88- Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus -- "I said you've gotta win the race if you plan on picking up any points and we weren't able to do that so we lost again." THAT WAS A HARD BATTLE AT THE END, WASN'T IT? "We were racing hard, but for the wrong spot. I would have liked to have seen it gone green and not had any of those cautions at the end, but that's the way it falls." WHAT CAN YOU DO TO TURN THE TIDE? "You all have to tell us. We don't know. Obviously, we're doing everything we can and it's not working. We just have to keep working harder and see if we can make it happen." DO YOU FEEL LIKE GORDON HAS 9 LIVES? "I guess that's what it takes to have a winning streak, to have those things happen your way. He's got them going his way right now and it just doesn't seem anything Mark or I can do is gonna make any difference." HOW MUCH DID THAT SECOND PIT STOP HURT YOU? "As it turned out it didn't hurt at all. He got the chance to catch up there with the caution and the two tires just didn't work for us very good. I couldn't get the car to turn." YOU WERE JUST A LITTLE BIT SHORT TODAY. "We had our car really good at one time and made a slight adjustment and got it too tight and tried to adjust it back and it was still a little bit on the tight side with the two tires. It just wouldn't turn in the center. It got off the corner good, but just couldn't make it turn." A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE SCRATCHING THEIR HEADS AT THE END. COULD YOU SEE THAT COMING WITH THE 24 GETTING BACK INTO IT? "No, never saw it coming, but they make a lot of good adjustments. They were pretty much out of it until that caution came out. You've gotta give them credit, they get the job done." JEFF BURTON -99- Exide Batteries Taurus -- "It's real frustrating. We had a car fast enough to win the race and took ourselves out of it. The pit crew feels terrible, but it's not about the pit crew having a bad stop or me messing up, it's all about us getting it done together and we just didn't get it done today. We had a great car and we didn't take advantage of it." KEVIN LEPAGE -16- PRIMESTAR Taurus -- "No complaints. The first day here with the PRIMESTAR Ford Taurus, I think the driver needs to learn these things a little bit more, but the guys never gave up on me after a driver mistake on Friday put us way in the back. They just dug all day and kept me pumped up and kept me in a good race car. To come here to Michigan and get a top 20, 17th, that's what we wanted to do. Jack (Roush) told me to run 400 miles, we ran 396 but we still learned a lot today from all the other guys and what these Ford Tauruses want." CHAD LITTLE -97- John Deere Taurus -- "That's our first top 10 in a long time. We're very happy with that. We didn't qualify well, but we certainly had the car, it's just that the driver didn't do his job on Friday. We had good pit stops, the best we've had all year long, so that was a good deal. We were a little loose in and little tight off all day long. We'll still keep working on trying to get more downforce and see what we can do to get that 24 car out of victory circle." JEREMY MAYFIELD -12- Mobil 1 Taurus -- "We didn't quite have enough for them at the end, but we had a pretty good car all day. More than anything, we needed a real good, solid, consistent run with a good finish. We've been having the good runs the past few weeks but we haven't been having the finishes. We're back on track now. We had a good run today and we're headed for some tracks where we usually run pretty well. This season might be over for some people, but it's not over for us by any stretch. We're going to win some more races, win some poles and we still have something left for them in this points deal." KENNY IRWIN -28- Texaco Havoline Taurus -- "For where we ran all day it was an improvement. The car ran extremely good at the end of the day, I'm just still trying to figure out how to help them get the car better throughout the day. That's where I'm struggling is just keep giving them good information. Sometimes I don't give them any, so we keep the car the same and we run the same. Instead of telling them the wrong thing, I don't say anything so it's just a case of figuring out what we need to do." ROBERT PRESSLEY -77- Jasper Engines Taurus -- "It just feels good. We thought we were gonna be pretty bad today. We've been struggling, struggling, struggling with a new car here and haven't tested it anywhere. We just really feel good. It was a great long run car. After about 20 laps we could get going, but we didn't need that caution there at the end. That thing just absolutely got us, but we're finally getting somewhere." FRANKIE STODDARD, Crew Chief -99- Exide Batteries Taurus -- "We just had a slight miscue. Maybe I wasn't fast enough getting around the car. The jack went down a little bit quicker than it probably needed to and Jeff didn't see that I wasn't gone. It wasn't gonna matter because no matter what we did, we were gonna come out last because of the miscue. We ran over the pit hose and had to come back in anyway. We just took a car that was good enough to win the race and made it a fifth-place car."

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