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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Miller 400 Quotebook BROOKLYN, Mich. (June 13, 1997) The following are selected driver quotes from competitors in the Miller 400 at Michigan Speedway. DALE JARRETT No....

Report from Motorsport News International

NASCAR Public Relations

Miller 400 Quotebook

BROOKLYN, Mich. (June 13, 1997) The following are selected driver quotes from competitors in the Miller 400 at Michigan Speedway.

DALE JARRETT No. 88 Ford Quality Care/Ford Credit Ford

"I wasn't expecting anything like that. We had been pretty decent. We made a few adjustments, but not much. Our car had been tight all day, and I think that played into our hands. We heard a lot of people talking about being loose, and saw cars loose. That's just Michigan, the car getting loose when you go to qualify. Todd and them made some great calls on the set of tires that we used and not making many adjustments to loosen the car. I knew when I went into (Turns) 2 and 4 the car was sticking real well, so I went after a little more. It seemed to cool off, but you've got to have everything. We weren't expecting that, and I'm sure everybody else is surprised too, not as surprised as we are. This is a race track where you always get loose, so we left the car tight. I knew in 3 and 4 that the car stuck really good, but we had no idea we could do anything like that."

JOE NEMECHEK No. 42 BellSouth Chevrolet

"The whole BellSouth team is just awesome right now. We unloaded the car we had at Pocono last week, and it was just awesome. We had another car to come here, and after this one ran at Pocono so good, I told the guys to rebuild this one and take it. If it makes it through this weekend, it's going to California. Tony Glover and all the crew did an excellent job. It was a good lap, just a little slower than we'd run in practice. We gave up a little bit in both ends, but I can't say enough for this team. We got faster and faster all day. I backed up about half a tenth from practice in qualifying. What a way to start the week off. I had a new baby on Wednesday and this is just making out my week. The lap was real good. We made a little air pressure adjustment before we left pit road because the other guys were sliding around a little bit. It wasn't quite the way we needed to go, but we're getting better. When you can unload off the truck and be fast, that makes your weekend. I knew a a lot of guys left after we ran . It seemed like it heated up a little bit by the time we ran, and to run that lap was awesome even if it didn't stand up for the pole."

RICKY CRAVEN No. 25 Budweiser Chevrolet

"The motor skipped. That one was ours. It wasn't a pretty lap, but we made it. We just can't seem to buy a break. We ended up third fastest, but it really could have been a great lap."

STERLING MARLIN No. 4 Kodak Chevrolet

"We ran and changed a lot of springs trying to get it going. We'd been off about half a second. The guys cranked the car up to warm it up and the engine blew sitting on pit road. We dived in on it and put another motor in and got ready to qualify. We went back out and picked up about six tenths from what we'd been running. I want to thank all the guys on the team. They did a great job getting the motor out and getting the other one in real quick. That's what we needed. This is the motor we wanted to race, so I don't guess we'll practice much now."

TED MUSGRAVE No. 16 Family Channel/PRIMESTAR Ford

"The car came off the truck really well. It's the same we ran at Pocono and Darlington and Texas. We were way off the first couple of laps here. Michigan has changed a little bit, but we talked it over a lot and we changed a lot today. But the guys did it right. My hat's off to 'em."

WALLY DALLENBACH No. 46 First Union Chevrolet

"I felt like I left a little out there in turn four. I knew it wouldn't be the pole, but I though it would hold up for the top-10. This is the car we ran last week, and we didn't like it last week very much. We said we'd give it one more shot and bring it to a banked race track. If we run good on it Sunday, we'll keep it. If not, we'll probably cut the snout off of it and make it a dropsnout car. We've got the car for California. It's been covered up since we just covered it up and that's where it's been sitting. It's our number four car, so we'll run it at Fontana and this car will be our back up out there."

JOHNNY BENSON No. 30 Pennzoil Pontiac

"Qualifying well tends to help you for the race. We're going to make it race good and see what we can do. We're going to make it race good and see what we can do. We need a good finish, there's no doubt about it. This Pontiac is a copy of the one we finished seventh with here last year. It's running pretty good so far. We were just a little loose, and we knew we were going to be loose. We did do a mock qualifying run and it was just a touch loose. We put a little wedge in it and it was still a little bit too loose. I don't think we could have gotten the pole anyway. We're happy to be starting in the top-10. It was a touch loose, but we're not going to complain. It was a good lap. This is great because it comes in front of the hometown crowd."

BOBBY LABONTE No. 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac

"It was OK. We didn't get it quite tightened up enough, but we ran better than we did in practice. We'll have to take that, and we're starting close to the front. The heat definitely loosened up the track. I think we'll be all right. We've got a good race car. Anytime you come somewhere where you've won before that gives you a little more confidence that you would if you're at a track you haven't won on. That definitely helps you. I think we've got a good race car for here and hopefully, we can get some confidence from the fact we've won here before. That was the best we've run all day, so we needed that. I don't know what we could have done to make it a little tighter. We did a couple of things that didn't work out. Now we can untape it and work on that setup instead of the qualifying setup."

JEFF BURTON No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford

"That's not a great lap. It's a decent lap. We were a little bit loose in (Turn) 4. I had to roll out of the throttle. The track has changed a lot since this morning. We could real easily run in the .60s this morning. The track has slowed down some. An early draw was definitely not advantageous."

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