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Greg Biffle won back-to-back races at MIS with wins in the 2004 fall race and 2005 spring event. Biffle, who currently sits 10th in driver points, talked with media members about what it takes to be successful at Michigan International Speedway,...

Greg Biffle won back-to-back races at MIS with wins in the 2004 fall race and 2005 spring event. Biffle, who currently sits 10th in driver points, talked with media members about what it takes to be successful at Michigan International Speedway, why he loves this track and more.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT COMING TO A RACE TRACK WHERE YOU HAVE ENJOYED SO MUCH SUCCESS OVER THE YEARS? "I am certainly excited to be back here. It is my favorite race track to race at. It was almost three wins last year, it was close. That is what makes this place fun. There is a lot of strategy and we can race three wide. We have lots of room to race. Our car is running decent. I think we could be better in qualifying than in practice, but we have to wait and see what the weather does."

JOEY LOGANO IS THE BIG STORY TODAY. IS THERE SOMETHING GOING ON WITH JOEY AND EVERYBODY? "Yeah, it does seem like he is the common denominator in the deal. I would have to gather that it might be some of his doing, if I had to guess. I have had a few run-ins over the year. There are times where you race and times where you have to give just a little. I wanted the Nationwide race and I watched him chop off Kevin Harvick for 15 laps. Kevin had his nose in there two or three times and Joey chopped it to the bottom. I knew that was only going to go on for so long. I could have written him a letter and put it in the mail and sent it to him to let him know. He was going to have a problem eventually. On the last lap, he had a problem and doesn't understand why. If you don't understand why you don't have a problem, then you have a serious problem. If you understand that you probably should have given some racing room, then you lick your wounds and go onto the next week. I didn't see last week. I saw Kevin not give him any room getting into that corner there, but I am willing to bet if you watch the laps before that, Kevin was quite a bit faster than the 20 and may have been beside him a couple times. At Kansas I had the same issue. I had a run on the bottom of whoever it was and had a car that was competing with the No. 18. He dropped it down there and door slammed me and I finished ninth. He felt like there was nothing wrong with that. Joey is a great race car driver. He has a lot of speed and a lot of talent. We have all been in those situations. He will come around."

DO YOU EXPECT ANYTHING DIFFERENT WITH THE WAY YOUNG GUYS RACE VETERANS OR DO YOU WANT THEM TO RACE YOU THE WAY EVERYBODY ELSE DOES? "The way everybody else does. I admit that I give the young guys in the Nationwide series the benefit of the doubt because they don't have that experience. You have to develop a rapport with racing around guys. I just expect them to race me the same as any of the veteran guys. If you mirror drive somebody and chop them off ^a run them out of room for 10 laps, they are going to spin you out and put you in the fence. That is just the way it has always been in this sport. You have to give the guy room to race. You don't have to pull over and let him go by, but you have to find that middle ground and figure out when a guy showed up in your mirror. He didn't just plop down out of the sky. You have to determine if you can hold them off."

"What happens is, if you get a run on a guy and move to the bottom, then you get to the corner and he is entering in a different groove than he did the last 10 laps. That tends to start to wear you out. I will drive it in and go down there and hold my line. Everybody naturally moves down to try to crowd a guy, but it has to be within reason."

YOU HAVE HAD RUN-INS BEFORE, HOW DO THEY USUALLY SHAKE OUT? "What usually happens is that you have some kind of crash like this, you are cussing at each other or slinging mud and then you race each other fine from then on. A lot of times it isn't an issue. Normally that is how it gets resolved. It goes from an extreme to treating each other with respect. That is most of the time how it pans out, believe it or not. I get along with Kevin fine. We both understand that we have to race each other and give each other room."

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE NEW FR9 ENGINE AND WHAT IT WILL DO FOR YOU GUYS? "The engine is just one part of the equation. This engine runs a little better after the corner. We were getting beat there before, but this engine has a tad bit better cooling and we can run a little more tape on the grill. On restarts it goes through the gears a little bit better. It is more about handling though. It doesn't matter how much power you have if you don't have the handling. It is one piece of the puzzle that will make us better."

LAST YEAR HERE THERE WAS THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT MANY MANUFACTURERS WERE SCALING BACK THEIR INVOLVEMENT WITH NASCAR PROGRAMS. WITH THE RECENT SUCCESS OF FORD AS A COMPANY, HOW HAVE YOUR TEAMS BENEFITED FROM THAT SUCCESS? "They never veered from the course. I was at Ford yesterday and got to see the new technology and got to drive all the new cars. It is no wonder to me how they are the industry leader. I think that will continue into the future. They are building such great product while the other companies are trying to get back at it. I wish we could hold our end of the bargain up. We are carrying that banner out here. I got lucky that the leadership had the insight to move the company in the right direction and that just happened to be who I was driving for. I couldn't be prouder."

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