Martinsville: Kurt Busch - Friday media visit

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) GIVE YOUR ASSESSMENT FOR THE WEEKEND HERE AT MARTINSVILLE? "Just coming in this morning, I thought that the infield looked a little different. I am pleased to see you guys have more work space to work...

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

GIVE YOUR ASSESSMENT FOR THE WEEKEND HERE AT MARTINSVILLE? "Just coming in this morning, I thought that the infield looked a little different. I am pleased to see you guys have more work space to work in (talking about the expanded infield media center). This is nice. I'm happy for you. I didn't think they had much room in a half-mile track to do really anything with the infield. But really overall, we're just happy to be at the second short track of our season and to try our hand once again at what we can do with our Miller Lite Dodge to get another good run. Yet, at a short track it's been tough as of now, so we are looking forward to trying to make the best decisions we can in an improvised practice session. We'll see about tomorrow; who knows what we'll have for track time (due to the weather). Overall, we just spent over 500 laps at the Little Rock short track (Rockingham) testing this week, so I felt like we got our laps in and worked on set-up issues that we thought we would see here today, just trying to hammer down the best set up we can and go from there. And so for us and qualifying, I think we were 10th overall in practice if we were to qualify. I would hope we could shoot for that style starting spot. If it (qualifying) gets rained out, that bumps us up a little bit and we will definitely be happy to take second overall. Get a good pit box and start as close as we can to the points leader. We just have to see how the weather shakes out for tomorrow and what we need to change and adjust on our set-up. It was good just being parked up third in the garage area, being back in the top region and seeing some of the tough guys we've got to race. You know when you are racing with the guys out on the track and your parked next to them in the garage that means you're doing something good so far."

THE SIBILING RIVALRY WITH YOUR BROTEHR, WHEN YOU WERE GROWING UP, DID YOU BEAT UP ON YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER (KYLE BUSCH)? "It was funny, just being seven years apart, I felt like I never had a challenge from him. Now, I can't say that because he's definitely a challenge on and off the track. I would say the way we raced our race cars...I had my dad teaching me and my dad taught Kyle; as much as my dad gave to me in my racing career early on, I just felt obligated to help him. He's my little brother. I want him to be good and I want him to do things right on the race track as far as how to set them up and race them. I tried to teach him as much as I could. And every time I moved on to another racing division, it seemed like he jumped in that car within a year or two behind me. It worked out where I was always a few divisions ahead or a division ahead and we didn't' race against each other much until we got to this Cup level. It's been fun now to race each other and almost pretend like we're back when we were kids racing go-karts in the parking lot."

FINISHING 11TH LAST WEEK AT BRISTOL UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES (CAUGHT UP IN A MISHAP IN LAP 59); DO YOU SEE THAT AS DOING AS WELL AS YOU COULD IN THAT SITUATION? "I think that race is definitely one that we will chalk up and say that is exactly what we needed to turn our program around. When you have a bad day, if you finish 11th with a bad day, that's championship form. We can't get too far ahead of ourselves. We just have to race one race at a time. It started with a bad draw in qualifying. The first five or six cars went out, slid all around, and dropped two tenths. You drop two tenths at a short track; you're going straight to the back. Dale Jr. (Earnhardt), Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton and myself, we were the first few cars that went out and all qualified poorly. We all finished respectable other than Kenseth having trouble. Starting from the back, you're more susceptible to finding wrecks that happen. We did get caught up in a wreck with a lapped car and lead-lap car. Everybody just checked up and we had nowhere to go. Now, we're doing repairs and the cars are actually coming to green as I'm coming off pit road, so we're three-quarters-of-a-lap behind trying to gain some speed and track position back.

"By the time you cleared lap traffic after yellows, that's when my crew chief would come over the radio and say 'alright, you have 50 laps on your tires'. What do you mean I have 50 laps on my tires; I just got done clearing traffic. That's really the mentality of Bristol. You're stuck in traffic so long when you're in the back; you never have time to pass cars unless you have a dominant-type car. So for us to just get one position at a time, it seemed like we just gained one or two every green-flag run which is good. We were moving forward and finished 11th. What's frustrating at the end of the day is the guy finishing 10th is on six cylinders and I couldn't even pass him at the end cause our tires were worn out. We had a great battle with Marcos Ambrose, a guy that you would never expect to battle for a top 10, but that just shows how competitive this sport is and that when you go to a short track, I think it's the most amazing level of playing field that you can find when you go to Bristol, Martinsville and Richmond, that these guys that don't normally run well can post top 10s."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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