Martinsville II: Kyle Busch - GM Top-10 interview

BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT WITH KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS: DO YOU HAVE YOUR BUSCH PLANS FIRMED UP FOR NEXT YEAR? "No, we're in the process of talking about it right now. We actually just started (talking about it). Rick (Hendrick)...


DO YOU HAVE YOUR BUSCH PLANS FIRMED UP FOR NEXT YEAR? "No, we're in the process of talking about it right now. We actually just started (talking about it). Rick (Hendrick) came to me the day before yesterday and said 'What do you want to do?' And I said 'I don't know. What do you want to do?' He said 'Well this is what we've got to do with Casey' and 'I said all right.' I told him that I wouldn't mind doing 20 to 25. Whatever we decide from there we'll find out. I don't know."

RUNNING BOTH SERIES THIS YEAR DO YOU HAVE AN APPRECIATION FOR WHAT KEVIN HARVICK HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO? "It's really difficult to do what he's done this year but the RCR Busch cars have been strong the past two to three seasons. They've been running really, really well. They've really turned their program around and they've used that to turn their Cup program around. They've used it more to their advantage where we haven't been able to use that yet. We're actually now turning our Busch cars around trying to get them more to what our Cup cars are. Maybe from there we can learn about what we need to be doing on the Cup side. Like I said, we haven't been able to transfer a whole lot of information between the two cars so its kind of been a waste for us."

CAN YOU EVALUATE YOUR PERFORMANCE SO FAR IN THE FIRST FIVE RACES OF THE CHASE? "Result wise an F but as far our cars have been and as good as we've been at least a B. Loudon we didn't get a chance to show what we were capable of. We got wrecked on lap three. We got back up to 20th and we were in the Lucky dog position with a wrecked race car so we were still going to be able to finish in the top 15 or so. Loudon we drove from 22nd or 18th or 27th or wherever I qualified all the way up to third in two runs and we were catching the leaders and then we blew up. Kansas we led laps and were fast. Talladega we were fast there. Everybody checked up on the back straightaway. We ran into the back of a few people and started overheating. We had to come down and fix that. Charlotte we were running up front doing fine and our last pit stop of the day we put four tires on it and we leave the pits and cut a left rear. So we had to come back and start at the tail end of the lead lap. We've just struggled on luck and not having any. So we need to try and turn that around but we haven't been able to yet so I don't know why it wouldn't now."

ON HAVING MOMENTUM GOING INTO RICHMOND: "We had a lot of momentum because we scored the most points over 12 straight races going into the Chase. We felt like we were strong competitors for the championship."

BEING THE YOUNGEST DRIVER IN THE CHASE, WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED SO FAR? HAVE YOU MATURED A LITTLE BIT FROM HAPPENED IN THE FIRST FIVE RACES? "Yes and no. I haven't really changed anything since May. You can't drowned on what bad has happened and you can't change the results. Results are what they are so you can't be upset and frustrated by it. You can be frustrated but you can't get your team down. You need to bump them up and keep them up."

BEING YOUR FIRST TIME IN THE CHASE, HAS ANYTHING SURPRISED YOU AS TO WHAT YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE LIKE ON OR OFF THE TRACK? "On the track there's a lot of different things. Some guys they try to give you a little bit more leeway and give you a little bit more respect because they don't want to screw up the Chase. Other guys don't care and go about the same way they have all year. Off the track things have changed quite a bit with all the New York stuff and Chase this and Chase that. It definitely gets busier and you're more wanted and things like that. It has its perks sometimes."

FROM WHAT YOU'VE SEEN SO FAR DOES EXPERIENCE MATTER IN THE CHASE? "I don't think so. Really what it comes down to and everybody doesn't want to hear it or say it, but it's luck. Jeff Burton has been pretty lucky so far or hasn't had any bad luck. Jeff Gordon has been terrible. We've been terrible. Jimmie has been terrible. We just can't get going. Denny Hamlin is probably one of the better ones. He just hasn't had any period - hasn't had any good or hasn't had any bad luck - he's just been good and he's stable. We've been bad and we've been good but we haven't been able to turn that into successful results."

WHAT CAN YOU DO AS A DRIVER TO CHANGE YOUR LUCK? IS THERE ANYTHING A DRIVER CAN DO? "No, I've tried everything. I've tried different socks. I've tried different underwear. I've tried different t-shirts. It doesn't matter."

WILL YOU APPROACH THESE LAST FIVE RACES ANY DIFFERENTLY? "A little bit, yeah. Kansas instead of coming down and being safe and getting fuel and finishing the race, we just stayed out there and tried to go to the end and we finished seventh. We stretched our fuel mileage there which we wouldn't have if we were leading or third in the Chase. We were dead last so we had to gain somehow in some way. Last week I don't think we would have done anything differently. We might have pitted during the middle of the race in a couple different areas than what we did. We came in a little bit early to try and get some track position on some guys but it didn't really help out in the long run."

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