Martinsville II: Jamie McMurray preview

Jamie McMurray, No. 42 Havoline Dodge * Chassis: The Havoline team will race chassis ...

Jamie McMurray, No. 42 Havoline Dodge

* Chassis: The Havoline team will race chassis #208. In two starts in 2003, chassis #208 has scored one top-five and two top-10 finishes (Bristol #2 - 3rd ; New Hampshire #2 - 10th ).

* Jamie McMurray was the top Raybestos Rookie last weekend at Lowe's Motor Speedway. He took top rookie honors for the 17th time this year and has been the highest finishing rookie in the last eight races. Entering the Old Dominion 500, McMurray holds a 30-point advantage (271-241) over Greg Biffle in the Raybestos Rookie point standings.

* In his last five races, McMurray has posted four top-10 finishes.

* McMurray has scored five top-five and 11 top-10 finishes during his NASCAR Winston Cup rookie season.

* McMurray comes to Martinsville 16th in NASCAR Winston Cup Series points.


"Martinsville's a place that you either take to or you don't. For me, it was a very easy racetrack to learn. I just went in there and did my thing and we ran well until the engine let go and I think that's the way that place is. I think if you catch on to it it's easy and if you don't it's really hard."

"Saving brakes is big there. I feel like I've been really good this year about not getting brakes hot and being pretty easy on equipment, and I think that's a place that you can really use your stuff up. The biggest thing at Martinsville is making your car turn in the middle."

"I really feel like the last 10 races or so we've had a shot to win every one of them. The Havoline Dodge has consistently been running in the top 10 and I feel like we can win anywhere we go if it's just our turn."


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