Martinsville II: GM teams qualifying quotes

Tony Stewart -- ...

Tony Stewart -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet
Pole Position winner

GREAT LAP OUT THERE Yeah, that was a good lap. We really had to get going in practice. We spent the first hour in race trim and then we worked on our qualifying package. And the second run we did put us on top of the board. So, we really only did two qualifying runs before this. We saw what Ricky picked up so we were really happy to pick up the same amount.

Denny Hamlin -- #11 FedEx Chevrolet
5th position

YOU'RE A ROOKIE BUT YOU DO HAVE A LOT OF LAPS HERE AT MARTINSVILLE IN THE LATE MODEL CARS I think all the things that, you know, the way you drive the late models and the way you drive the Cup cars is basically the same: you want to stay out of the brakes just as much as you can. It was a good lap for us. We picked up a tenth. It was a great lap for the FedEx Chevrolet and I'm excited about the race.

Jimmie Johnson -- #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
6th position

IS THAT GOING TO BE ENOUGH FOR YOU TO HOLD ONTO THE POLE POSITION? I don't think so. That was pretty good lap, but I still made a pretty big mistake coming through three and four-got a little crossed up. The car had some much grip in 1 and 2, I just got off the brakes a little early and let the car roll through the center and got sideways and slid it up off the turn. So, I think there's a 20 out there that somebody out there should go get.

HOW WAS PRACTICE TODAY? Race practice was really good. We weren't overly excited about our qualifying runs. So, we made some good adjustments and we'll be fine.

Joe Nemechek -- #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
8th position

My lap was really good. I've just got to thank Pete and Ryan and all the guys. They really gave me a good car and were planning this car to come out with. The car has been driving extremely good and that's all you can ask for as a driver. The car has been driving in the top 10 through practice and I told Ricky Rudd that was awesome, the lap he had. Running a 30 right now is pretty good.

Bobby Labonte -- #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet
10th position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? It was okay. The first lap was pretty good; the second lap I went down there and locked up the wheels. I screwed up on the second lap. It was a little hard to get a hold of, whereas practice might be a little easier. We'll see where we end up. But, when you're the third car out you don't want to judge anything right now.

Jeff Gordon -- #24 DuPont Chevrolet
15th position

Not as good as we were hoping for. When guys started running those fast laps in practice, we weren't able to run them either. And we made some adjustments then and still finding (we were) a little bit loose in and a little bit tight off. We seem to, as usual, be really awesome for the race. We haven't been up there to do much qualifying but we seem to up there in the race, and that's what counts the most. We're looking forward to Sunday for the DuPont Chevrolet.

Brian Vickers -- #25 GMAC / Chevrolet
17th position

It was alright. We weren't as good as we were in practice. Still a lot better than we were in the first race. We wish we could be better, but we're better than we were in the first race. We worked pretty much all on qualifying trim. We ran a 41 in practice and then we ran a 55 (in qualifying). The car just got tight.

Dave Blaney -- #07 Jack Daniel's Chevrolet
19th position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? It felt good. I think I overslowed it a bit with the brake pedal, but the car didn't do anything wrong. It was a pretty good improvement over practice. Hopefully that will still hang on and we can get a decent start.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
20th position

I was happy. The car really was bad in practice, so we worked on it and changed the spindles and really was a shot in the dark. I improved on my time. We probably won't start up near the front but the car will get better.

Jeff Burton -- #31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet
21st position

We worked a lot on race stuff and we did a lot of experimenting this morning, hoping to be able to apply some stuff. We took a stab at our qualifying thing there. I was fairly happy, but I was looser than I wanted to be. I was way too loose to run any faster than that. I thought I got all I could, but just too loose. But we spent a lot of time experimenting and some stuff for race setup and hopefully that will pay off for Sunday.

Scott Riggs -- #10 Valvoline Chevrolet
26th position

I think the cool temperatures should pick everybody up. That's a lot faster times that people have ran today. We've been fighting the balance issue all day today, playing with the brake pedal, adjusting the brake bias. We didn't quite get the way we wanted it. I think we helped the car quite a lot. We were in that loose position before. Hopefully we got the car today. I just didn't quite get all the speed I needed to out of it. I just hate it, but we'll be fine. Last time we came here we qualified well and didn't too good well in the race, so I don't think we qualified too well so hopefully we'll have a lot better race setup.

Kevin Harvick -- #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
29th position

We were way too loose and smoked the tires. The qualifying runs we ran in practice weren't worth much because we found we had something loose. It was good in race trim, though.

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