Martinsville II: Ford drivers race quotes

TODD BODINE - No. 54 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 40th) - WHAT HAPPENED IN THE WRECK? "John (Andretti) just turned up. His spotter never told him I was out there. It's not John's fault, it's the spotter's fault. Whoever the spotter...

TODD BODINE - No. 54 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 40th) - WHAT HAPPENED IN THE WRECK?

"John (Andretti) just turned up. His spotter never told him I was out there. It's not John's fault, it's the spotter's fault. Whoever the spotter is didn't want to hear anything about on the restart letting the lap down cars get up there. They were gonna be difficult about it and finally NASCAR told them to get out of the way. John didn't know I was out there because I know his spotter didn't tell him."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DEWALT Power Tools Taurus (Finished 13th) - YOU TOOK TWO TIRES AT THE END.

"Yeah, we needed to try something and we both thought more of the leaders were gonna come in and we'd get a lot more track position. We did gain some track position and it was a good call if the car would have handled OK. On two tires my car didn't run very good and that was the first time we tried it."

BUT YOU WERE IN THE TWENTIES. "Yeah, it just made me extremely tight. We were actually running 14th before that pit stop and we came out 16th or something like that. It worked out OK. I wish I would have had four at the end and I probably could have maneuvered up there a little bit better, but, all in all, it was a good day for us."

YOU FELT GOOD ABOUT THE CAR ALL DAY? "Yeah, I feel great. I feel like I just won the race because this was a big hurdle for us. We really struggle here and to finish 13th here is a great job by these guys. I'm usually never happy finishing 13th, but overall it was great day for all of the DEWALT guys."

YOU HUNG IN THERE AND SALVAGED A GOOD FINISH. "Yeah, it was really a great finish. You're usually not too excited about 13th, but we didn't lose a whole bunch of points and we finished here and got one more race out of the way. All of the rest of the tracks that we're coming to are tracks that we can race at and that we run really good at. This was the biggest one I was worried about and I'll take 13th and run. I'm happy with that." WHY DOES THIS TRACK BOTHER YOU? "The track doesn't bother me. It's just really small and tight and with the way they give all of the laps back now, at any time there can be thirtysome cars on the lead lap. If you make the wrong strategy call or pit at the wrong time or anything happens, you can go from the top 10 to 35th so that makes it tough to figure out what to do."

HOW WILD WAS IT OUT THERE TODAY? "When I was way in the back - when I pitted that one time kind of by accident and got mixed up - it was really bad. It was hard racing back there, but once I got up to about 15th and could find a spot to kind of ride until we got more towards the end of the race it wasn't too bad. This place is fun when you've got a really good handling car. When you're off a little bit, it's a handful."

WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE SEASON? "We knew this was our weakest point coming up the rest of the year. Two out of the last four tracks we have coming up we've won at before. Homestead is new for everyone and Atlanta is probably one of my favorite tracks to go to, so I'm feeling good and I'm ready to go. We've only got four to go and I think we'll be real competitive at Atlanta and, hopefully, get back up front and run in the top five and hope we have a shot to win."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Taurus (Finished 15th) -

"That's what we had all day. We were a little bit better than that. We might have been a 10th place car and we finished 15th. We pitted when some guys stayed out and some guys didn't. That last time we had a chance to pit and that probably hurt us a little bit because cars that we had been ahead of all day finished ahead of us at the end of the race. That was probably the only thing that hurt us."

YOU WERE 12TH to 15TH ALL DAY LONG. "It was a little frustrating. I thought we had a better car than that going into the race and it turned out not to be that way. It didn't handle like it needed to."

JEFF BURTON - No. 99 CITGO Taurus (Finished 10th) -

"We just struggled. We got a rear spring and shock combination that just isn't working. It drives good for a little bit, but it's getting on the rear tires way too hard. It's borderline being able to make it work. In practice we always seem to be able to make it work, but then when the race starts we don't seem to be able to, so we've got to come back next year with a little different combination. But it was a good day all in all. It was a little disappointing because we had tires there and we were just really loose at the end. I thought we should have been able to get up through there and maybe get sixth or seventh, but we finished 10th."

PATIENCE A KEY TODAY. "It's a wild race. Everybody is doing what they've got to do and that's what you do. It's short track racing. Everybody is running hard. Everybody is racing hard. There's a lot of rubbing and a lot of beating. Nobody around me just intentionally wrecked anybody or did anything stupid. I'm sure some of that happened, but I never saw it. I thought it was pretty clean as far as Martinsville goes."


"Yeah, I thought we'd have a hard time running in the top 20. We just struggled with this car. It was my fault for wrecking on Friday and this car we had as a backup was nowhere close to a short track car, but we just tried to make the most of it. Shawn and those guys did a good job of coming up with ideas. We fought something that was really hard to fix, especially in the race. We would get tight in the center and loose off the corner, so they really had to make a couple adjustments at a time. Then I got spun out once and we got that lap back. Then I spun out on my own the next time trying to weave through some traffic back there and got into turn three too hard. It was just an interesting day, but we were able to have a good enough car on old tires that we could stay out there towards the end and that worked in our favor. If I hadn't spun the second time, I think we had ourselves in a really good spot to try to make a top 10 out of it, but we came close. I'm pretty happy."

YOU WERE READY TO GO DOWN A LAP WHEN THE FIRST CAUTION OF THE RACE CAME OUT. WAS THAT A TURNING POINT BECAUSE YOU SEEMED TO GET TRACK POSITION AT THAT POINT. "Yeah, I think we used that to our advantage. We stayed out one time and got ourselves up in there. Even though we restarted third, we fell back maybe only 10 spots. That got us in position and then we were able to adjust on the car in sequence with the leaders. We finally got the car adjusted to where I could drive it. I still couldn't get off the corner, which made it really hard to pass people, but I found that I could drive the car into the corner and get to the center quicker than they could. That's where I had to make up ground. I abused the brakes, but they stayed with me and it worked for us."

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