Martinsville II: Dodge teams race quotes

RUSTY WALLACE (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) -- Finished 19th "I went up to pass a lap down car and when I got up to pass him he was on the outside and he came over. When he came over he clipped my left front fender and I had to jump out of...

RUSTY WALLACE (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) -- Finished 19th

"I went up to pass a lap down car and when I got up to pass him he was on the outside and he came over. When he came over he clipped my left front fender and I had to jump out of the gas and when I jumped out of the gas I got hit in the rear end. Burton got me and sent me around. We had problems with the lapped cars all day. It was terrible. They were racing their brains out trying to get the Lucky Dog. That's all it was and it caused a lot of problems. I ended up getting the short end of the stick on this deal. With 10 or 15 to go everybody was going for it. It was a tough day. It's hard to take that one. We were top five all day long and with 16 to go that happens. It's just unbelievable. We had it pretty close at the end. It was really pretty good, and I know we could have got a top five out of it. It was just a bad deal."

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 Alltel Dodge Charger) -- Finished 10th

"That's another top 10 and that was good. We've had five top 10s in six Chase races now, but it's going to take some wins and top fives in these Final Four races. We were 30th in practice yesterday, and we were happy to at least make some gains in the points. We've got to run better than that to win the championship. The 20 and 48 are stout. We'll keep doing the best we can with our Alltel Dodge. That's all we can do. You've got some guys that might hiccup once in awhile, but top fives will answer a lot of questions. The balance was off just a little bit. We made a 30th-place car yesterday run in the top 10 today and at times we ran in the top five. We're happy with that, but obviously we're disappointed with the finish. Qualifying is always good for us at Atlanta, but we need to step up our racing program. I think we can do that. I think we've got a pretty stout car to take down there. We're not out of it by any means. We're going to some tracks where you have some engine failures, so we'll see if some of that happens."

DONNIE WINGO (Crew chief No. 42 Havoline-Texaco Dodge Charger) -- Driver Jamie McMurray finished 7th

"We hit all around it today. We just never got it exactly right. We had a real good car, but we just couldn't go at the end. I don't know why. We're running for 11th place, but I'd really win a race right now. We've only got four more chances, but I think we can win one of them. I thought we had a good shot here, but things didn't work out exactly like they should have for us to win it today."

JEREMY MAYFIELD (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger) -- Finished 28th

"We had a great car, we just had that right front go down. I just screwed up and got back up there and then screwed up on pit road (speeding). Then we cut a tire down. We had a good car all day, a great car."

KYLE PETTY (No. 45 Georgia-Pacific/Brawny Dodge Charger) -- Finished 14th

"We had a really good day, we qualified what like 13th and ran in the top 10 a whole lot today. That's the first time we ran in the top 10 with our Dodge Charger in a long time. We got back and got a bad set of tires, a mixed set of tires that just wouldn't hook up and then we got the lucky dog but lost all our track position. So, it took me the last 30 or 40 laps to struggle back to 13th or 14th, where ever I ended up right along in there. It was a good day for us, we got a car, I hate Jeff had trouble in the No. 43 Cheerios Dodge, but it was a good day for Petty Enterprise all in all."

KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/ UAW Dodge Charger) -- Finished 17th

"It was good. We just had to battle being laps down and stuff. We had great pit stops. Tommy [Baldwin] made a lot of good calls to help the car and make it better. And then we just had to battle, it was pretty interesting and pretty fun. I wish we could have gotten a better result for how hard we fought all day. It was a good effort by everybody.

"We had a good enough car to run up in the front. We just got behind with the tire problem. I must have run something over. Then with the first deal, just racing back there with some cars that's never fun racing with."

TOMMY BALDWIN (Crew chief No. 9 Dodge Dealers/ UAW Dodge Charger)

"It was good. Kasey did a good job staying focused all day, and our guys stayed in it all day. We made up three laps today and ended up 17th. It wasn't a lost cause. We definitely had a top 10 car, top eight all day. We were getting ready to show everybody, and we got that right front flat there, and it's just the way it goes."

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