Martinsville: Harvick - Friday media visit

Kevin Harvick, No. 29 Shell-Pennzoil Impala SS, met with members of the media to discuss racing in Impala SS new-generation race car at Martinsville and lessons learned at Bristol. ON ANY CHANGES MADE TO CAR FROM BRISTOL TO MARTINSVILLE: "We ...

Kevin Harvick, No. 29 Shell-Pennzoil Impala SS, met with members of the media to discuss racing in Impala SS new-generation race car at Martinsville and lessons learned at Bristol.

ON ANY CHANGES MADE TO CAR FROM BRISTOL TO MARTINSVILLE: "We brought the same car because we felt really comfortable with this car. We got it back to the shop and did what we needed to do to turn the car around, because it is all so new, it ran good at Bristol and we just wanted to bring it back. It is all different, the way you drive is different, it is just a whole different technique in everything you do with the cars, the setups, to your driving style.

"I feel really good about the cars, I think we made a lot of gains. It is easy to overdrive them and slide the tires.

ON BEING HARDER ON THE DRIVER TO DRIVE THE NEW GENERATION IMPALA SS VERSUS THE MONTE CARLO SS: "It is not really harder, it is just different. I hear a lot of people complaining about that. The car is what it is and NASCAR will figure it out what to do to make it better. You have to get a line on the setups, get a line on your driving style, once we all get that figured out, everybody will be fine. It is just new. Everybody is just trying to get the kinks worked out of it.

"That is why we brought the same car back because we had a comfort level with this car. We knew what we had, how it would respond to changes based on the last weekend so we felt it would be the best to use that one."

ON RACING AT MARTINSVILLE VERSUS RACING AT BRISTOL IN THE NEW CAR VERSUS OLD CAR: "I think there are a lot of similarities and familiarity as far as sitting in the driver's seat. What the splitter is going to do and where. Just a lot of little things like that. There are a lot of things that are the same.

ON BRAKE ISSUES AT MARTINSVILLE VERSUS BRISTOL: "Brakes are always going to be an element. It doesn't seem like can drive the cars in as far as we used to with the old car. But brakes are always going to be an issue here. I think everybody went to Bristol with what they typically run there. This would be our full-blown short track package here, which you wouldn't normally run at Bristol. We will probably switch to this brake package when we go back to Bristol."

ON HOW SECURE FRONT BUMPER AND BACK BUMPER ARE IN PUSH AND SHOVING ON TRACK: "You can just ram people, it is great. It is going to make for good bump drafting on every track. In the other cars have so much pitch; you hit them with the hood. At least now you can hit them bumper to bumper, it is definitely safer."

ON DRIVING THE CARS DIFFERENTLY: "I don't think you drive defensively just because you are worrying about hitting the splitter or something. It is no different than before with a tailpipe sticking out the side. I think these tailpipes are a little friendlier and now it is the splitters. You do drive them differently to try to make them handle. I just don't think it is any more defensively than you did before."

ON MARTINSVILLE: "I think this place can be frustrating just because it is hard to pass and if your car is off just a little bit, you are kind of at the mercy of everybody around you. It is one of those places if your are good, it is good, if you are bad, it is bad."

"For me, this is the closest race. We are 35 - 40 minutes away from our house. This is definitely our home track. A lot of people from down where I live come to this race so it is our home race."

ON BUMPING IN NEW GENERATION CAR BEING LIKE A LEGEND CAR: "I have never raced a Legends car. It is ok to bump somebody, and it won't just spin them out so it is definitely better."

ON CARING MOMENTUM FORWARD FROM LAST YEAR: "We have been fortunate to be able to carry the momentum forward and keep things going our way. We have been in contention to win three out of the first five races. The other week at Atlanta which is what we felt was our worst track, we had some motor trouble, but felt like we had an eighth to 12th place car which is a huge improvement for us. We feel like we have improved on our program and still have some momentum and been able to overcome a lot of things that have happened in the first five weeks."

ON RCR TEAMS WORKING TOGETHER: "We share everything. Everybody gets along good. It is the greatest environment that I have ever been around from a team aspect just for the fact the drivers all communicate well and we are all good friends. The crew chiefs communicate well and the teams have been together long enough that everybody pretty much knows everybody, it is a pleasure to be a part of it, I have never been a part of something like this."

ON CLINT BOWYER: "He has been competitive this year. He is going to win a race or two. Just got to get him to complete the whole day when has got that good car. He has done a great job and a great piece of our puzzle."

ON POST RACE CRITICISM OF CAR BY RACE WINNER AT BRISTOL: "The car is what it is and I think it is pretty childish to complain about something in a way some of these guys are complaining. This is our sport and in order to keep our sport going forward, we all need to be constructive about new things. We have to evolve. The world evolves, our sport is evolving and the cars are different. My car didn't drive worth a darn in practice but we got it driving in the third practice and in the race. Some of them need to grow up and figure out how to be constructive about it and be men about it."

ON TESTING AT RICHMOND NEXT WEEK: "We have tested on these short tracks, so we kind of have a handle than we did at Bristol. So we are just going to Richmond and see on what happens."

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