Martinsville: GM teams qualifying quotes

Kevin Harvick- ...

Kevin Harvick- #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
5th position

We had a great lap. The GM Goodwrench Chevrolet has been good since we unloaded it. We just missed it a little bit here and had to breathe out of the throttle and it costs us a little bit of time. All in all it was good.

Bobby Labonte - #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet
6th position

HOW NICE IS IT TO HAVE A GOOD QUALIFYING RUN AT MARTINSVILLE HERE TODAY? Well, it's good. It feels really good. Hopefully it will hold up for a good qualifying run and I'm excited about that. Getting a good pit stall and getting ready for the race on Sunday. The guys worked really hard, we've got a good race car. The car is really good in the middle of the corner, so hopefully we'll stay with that tomorrow and the race on Sunday. I just want to thank the guys for their hard work.

Tony Stewart - #20 Home Depot Chevrolet
7th position

IT WAS A PRETTY GOOD QUALIFYING RUN FOR YOU TODAY Not exactly as fast as I wanted, but going out after the jet-dry (trucks), it's probably a pretty good lap. I wanted to go about a tenth and a half quicker than that, but if we can stay in the top 10 there, I think we'll make it.

HOW MUCH DID THE RAIN AND THE JET DRIES EFFECT THE RACE TRACK? Probably just blowing stuff from the top to the bottom. It's the same for everybody right now. If we can stay in the top 10 like this I'll be happy.

IS IT IMPORTANT TO BE IN THE TOP 10 HERE AND HAVE A GOOD STARTING SPOT OR CAN IT BE DONE FROM ANYWHERE? Well, if you get really need to qualify well to get a good pit spot.

Joe Nemechek - #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
10th position

The lap felt better than what the time showed. I probably lost a little in Turns 3 and 4. The car got a little loose. Overall it was a good performance. Congrats to my teammate Scott Riggs.

Jason Leffler - #11 FedEx Express Chevrolet
12th position

HOW WAS YOUR QUALIFYING? It was good. The FedEx Express Monte Carlo was good. It was a little free and we didn't do enough to tighten it up. But, the car is close and we had a great test here and it was great in race trim. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday.

Mike Bliss - #0 Net Zero Best Buy Chevrolet
15th position

It was decent. I didn't think we ran as fast as we did, but it just kind of slid around. I myself am a little off here at Martinsville because I'm not used to this much grip. Usually I'm used to this place sliding around here. So, we're going pretty fast. I'm probably giving up a little myself. I'm happy with a top 15 start. WE're looking to rebound.

DID GOING OUT LATER HELP? Yes, because when it rained a little bit it slowed down. When it started it was slow, so we went out at a good time.

Jeff Gordon - #24 DuPont Chevrolet
16th position

HOW WAS YOUR QUALIFYING? I overdrove the corner a little bit. The car was good. I don't know where all the speed was lost. I know I overdrove the first corner and after that I was probably a bit paranoid. The car felt pretty good. I'm very disappointed in that. The DuPont Chevrolet team, you know, the car was better than that in practice. When we ran that 55 it wasn't in a qualifying run, or mode. Our tires were warm and some other things like that. I thought we could run about what Rusty (Wallace) ran, so that's pretty disappointing there.

Kyle Busch - #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet
21st position

The track is slick. It's really, really slick. Everybody's been saying that and obviously we kind of proved it again. It's a tough little race track, and that means having everything right. That means getting into the corner, through the center and then up off. We just didn't have it that time. The race car is pretty good. We tested here and had a pretty decent test. It's a little colder than when we tested here but hopefully it will clear up for Sunday.

Mike Wallace - #4 Lucas Oil Chevrolet
23rd position

YOUR THOUGHTS ON GETTING INTO THE RACE TODAY? I don't know. It's a tick quicker than we had thought, but we've been doing that all year long. We need to pick it up on practice speed. We need to be better than we were there. I don't know. We'll just wait and see. I think by the time the top 22 or 23 cars, go out, we'll know. The Lucas Oil car is good, we're just not running the numbers we need to run right now.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
26th position

HOW'S YOUR CAR? It's alright. Not quite as fast as some of these guys but it doesn't drive too bad. We're looking for a good qualifying spot, hopefully we can get in the top 10 there.

THERE WAS SOME TESTING DONE HERE. WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Just about everything to make it go faster. The car drives pretty good-I think we'll have a good race car. I was terrible here last year with it but we've learned a lot and got a lot better since then. But it sure changed the car as far as how we set things up like that. We're getting a little bit better.

THERE HAS BEEN SOME DISCUSSION OVER YOUR STRUGGLES. BUT YOUR POSITION IN THE POINTS IS BETTER NOW. ARE YOU SATISFIED YOU'RE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? No, not really. We've still got a lot to learn. We've got to get our race cars a lot better. And, we've just got to get better race cars at some of these other race tracks. You can take a decent race car and kind of blend in at these short tracks and run pretty good. But you can't take these race cars to Charlotte and expect to run at the front with them.

Brian Vickers - #25 GMAC Chevrolet
27th position

HOW WAS YOUR QUALIFYING RUN? I think a lot of it was how the track was. The rain really hurt us a lot. A lot of the cars, the majority of the cars.there were a lot of cars slow after the rain. The track didn't have any grip for us. The car was relatively balanced. It wasn't that one end or the other was sliding, it was just they were both sliding. You'd get loose, you get tight, you get loose, you get tight. It was one end or the other. Not what we wanted for sure but we'll be alright.

Bobby Hamilton, Jr. - #32 Tide Chevrolet
28th position

NOT WHAT YOU WANTED IN QUALIFYING TODAY? No, but we weren't good anyway.

CAN YOU MAKE SOME IMPROVEMENTS? I think so. I don't know.

Jeff Burton - #31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet
30th position

HOW WAS YOUR QUALIFYING RUN? Ah, it's been a struggle all day. We just haven't run that well. The qualifying lap was no different. We changed a lot of stuff. We're working pretty hard. We're trying hard. We just haven't figured it out yet.

DID THE RAIN OUT THERE CHANGE WHAT YOU HAD SET UP? I don't know. I can't..we changed so much between practice and qualifying.

Michael Waltrip - #15 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet
31st position

HOW WAS QUALIFYING? A little bit too loose for qualifying. We got sideways on the first lap and the second lap I had to throw out the back a little bit to keep the thing straight and at Martinsville you really need to be able to crank on it to go fast. So, a little bit too loose. We did a lot of race runs in practice and learned a lot. I'm really happy with the car and pleased with the direction we went today. I could have done a little bit better in qualifying had I been a little bit tighter, but we'll be good for the race.

RAIN, GRIP.HOW DID THAT AFFECT THE RUNS OUT THERE? I don't know. It seems to be a little slower than it was before but it comes and goes. It will get good again. There's nothing you can do about it. It's about where you draw. We drew after the rain but we're not that worried about it. We're confident for our race setup.

Jimmie Johnson - #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
37th position

HOW WAS YOUR QUALIFYING? I don't know. The cars drives good but we were slow, so it's probably going to be pretty ugly where we start, but we'll be fine.

In the fall race last year, we didn't run really well in qualifying but it was so much better in the race that we definitely have to come back to it again. And, unfortunately, it just doesn't qualify that well. So, we definitely thought we'd be better than we are now. But we usually come from the back here at Martinsville so we'll just have to do that again.

DOES IT CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY COMING IN HERE WITH TWO BACK-TO-BACK SHORT TRACKS? No, it's so early in the season and we're in a great position with points. It's really no change in strategy. You just go out there and work and do the normal stuff. For us, I think if we were 15th in points it would be different. But being the leader, we're pretty content.


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