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FORD MOTORSPORT NOTES AND QUOTES Friday, April 19, 1996 BUSCH POLE QUALIFYING -- GOODY'S 500, Martinsville, Va. BILL ELLIOTT -94- McDonald's Thunderbird --"Everybody's been kind of aggravated that I've taken a champion's ...


BUSCH POLE QUALIFYING -- GOODY'S 500, Martinsville, Va.

BILL ELLIOTT -94- McDonald's Thunderbird --"Everybody's been kind of aggravated that I've taken a champion's provisional the last couple of weeks, but these guys don't give up and this shows their effort. The first lap, this thing didn't get hooked up good, but it seems the longer it runs, the better it gets going. I'm tickled to death with these McDonald's guys. I think this Thunderbird will run good come Sunday. Thug is the car we ran here last fall and finished sixth with, and I think it's going to run better than it did then. I hoped I could run about a .40, but after that first lap I was kind of worried a little bit. The car just didn't hook up good on cold tires. We might should've scuffed 'em a little bit different, but the car came around and ran a good lap. In this business, life is made on a couple Of tenths of a second. If we'd only had the first lap, we wouldn't have made the top-25 today. Everything in this business is critical. For those of us that do this week in and week out, it's hard for people on the outside to understand what this business if all about. I know what this team can do aria I feel like we'll run good come Sunday."

MARK MARTIN -6- Valvoline Thunderbird-- "I'm real happy with that. We've had trouble qualifying here at times. Obviously we're not having any major trouble qualifying on the short tracks this year. Now, if we could just have a great race, we'd be grinning going into Talladega. We've run good here and run bad here. It looks like we're on the better side of bad this time."

RUSTY Wallace -2- Miller Thunderbird -- "The quickest we ran in practice was about a .28, but it's tough to get the temperature up in these tires real fast. I'm pretty happy with a .38, but that's OK. The car slid around a little bit, but it was OK. The big thing here is you have to pit on the front stretch."

YOU HAD A PRETTY EXCITING LAP ON YOUR WARM-UP... "Yeah, I was trying to sell some T-shirts. (HE LAUGHED) No, no. I was trying to get some heat in the tires and I came out of here pretty hard and went into turn three pretty hard and picked up the throttle and I did one of those dirt track deals and got a little loose."

THIS IS THE CAR THAT WRECKED AT NORTH WILKESBORO LAST WEEK? "Yeah, and we tested at Talladega this week, too. The team's been back and preparing this car and it looks wonderful. You can't tell it's been crashed. It's running great. I'm a notorious qualifier, and the thing about Martinsville is if you mess up just a little bit, you can end up on that back straightaway, and that's not too good. I know victory lane here real well, and it's a good place to be. It's a real good place to enjoy a Miller."

DALE JARRETT -88- Quality Care/Ford Credit Thunderbird -- "I think we got a pretty good effort there. i would like to have gone a little quicker, but that's pretty good. If we could just get a decent starting spot, we could have a good day. This is an important race for us. We want to go away from here, hopefully with a victory, but certainly with a good top-five run. I look at points like, if you win the race, you get the most points,"

DERRIKE COPE -12- Straight Arrow Thunderbird -- "It wasn't great, but not bad. It didn't feel that good on the first lap, so I didn't hustle it like I might have, so I really waited on it. Maybe I should've hassled it more."

JEREMY MAYFIELD -98- RCA Thunderbird -- "With the sun in, we couldn't get the heat in the tires like we needed to. Anything could have happened here in qualifying today."

JOHN ANDRETTI -37- Kmart/Little Caesars Thunderbird -- "Our second lap should have been faster, but it got tight and I hit the wall. I'd be surprised if that holds up in the top-25 today. (ANDRETTI QUALIFIED 17TH, DESPITE HITTING THE WALL ON THE SECOND LAP.)

GEOFF BODINE -7- QVC Thunderbird -- "It stuck good. We're in good shape."

MIKE WALLACE -90- Heilig-Meyers Thunderbird -- "In simple terms, we've been struggling these last couple of weeks trying to get qualified for these short tracks. It's nice just to be in good company today. But whether it was a good lap -- if it ends up in the top-25, it's a good lap. (WALLACE QUALIFIED 22nd)

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