Martinsville: Ford teams race quotes

KEN SCHRADER -- No. 21 Little Debbie Ford Fusion (Finished 40th) "I got into Stremme. He let a couple of lead lap cars go through (the 12 and 2) and I was following through when he came up and I turned him. It tore our radiator...

KEN SCHRADER -- No. 21 Little Debbie Ford Fusion (Finished 40th)

"I got into Stremme. He let a couple of lead lap cars go through (the 12 and 2) and I was following through when he came up and I turned him. It tore our radiator up."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (Finished 24th)

"We just lost the brakes I guess. The pedal was soft. I had a little bit of brake and when we went off to that restart I got out of the gas at the finish line and I was just gonna pull down low and let everybody go. When I hit the brakes a little bit it just locked the rear tires up and spun out."


ELLIOTT SADLER -- No. 38 M&M's Ford Fusion (Finished 6th)

YOU HAD A SHOT DOWN THE STRETCH RUNNING THIRD. "Yeah, I wanted to go for the win and I had my chance to try to run with the 20 and the 48 there and I just got on the brakes way too hard and locked it up. That cost my team at least a top three finish, but I've been saying for the last month that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this team. They're working their butts off and this is pretty much our first 2006 style race car and for it to come out of the box and run like that, we're gonna be in good shape. For me to come here and run at Martinsville like that all day long, I'm proud of my guys. It makes me excited about going to Richmond here in about a month or two."

WITH THE WAY THE 20 AND 48 WERE BANGING YOU HAD TO THINK YOU WERE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. "I saw them banging a little bit and pushing each other around and that was letting me get closer to them. It was also bringing Jeff closer to us too. I knew if I didn't make my move pretty quick I was gonna be on the outside of the 24, so I just drove into one too hard and lost it. I could have just sat there and rode third and thought that was cool, but I want to give my guys a win. It would have been cool to do it here in Virginia."


MARK MARTIN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion (Finished 13th)

"We ran hard, we fought back and we never gave up. It looked like giving up wouldn't have been all bad at one time, but nobody on this team did. We fought back almost to a top 10. We were good all day. We had a tough break in qualifying and an extra tough break at the start of the race. That put us so far behind that we had to play catch up all day, but we had a car. That's as good of a car as I've had here, so I have no complaints about our car at all. We had different brake issues and had to run awfully hard. I never had a chance to let her breathe, but we survived the whole day."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 National Guard Ford Fusion (Finished 31st)

A TOUGH DAY. "Yeah, it was. It was totally my fault. I screwed up. It's the first good car I've ever had at Martinsville and I got underneath the 31 and just couldn't do anything."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE 31? "I was coming off turn two, I let him go earlier in the race when he was a little bit better. I got trapped outside behind the 42 and he got by me and we were working the devil out of it trying to get back by him. He wasn't that good on the start and he just wouldn't let me go. Coming off of two I just got a little bit sideways and got up there. I have to watch the tape. I don't know if he came down a little bit or if I just got into the side of him a little, but we just touched and it turned my car really fast and I wrecked it. I feel bad. It's the first good Martinsville car I've ever had here and it looked like I was gonna have a top 10 day for sure. I was just driving real easy there at the beginning and felt like I needed to get that spot because Matt Kenseth was putting a lot of pressure on me. So I felt like I had to get that spot in order to not get shuffled all the way back. Then Jeff was a little bit slow and I was a lot faster, so I figured I would just get that one spot and then just relax for awhile, but it didn't work that way."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Irwin/Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Finished 9th)

"Our car started out well. I was a little timid to adjust on it at the beginning because we were so good and I was just kind of taking care of my stuff. I didn't think we were fast enough to lead, but I was trying to take care of my brakes and everything. We got behind in the pits. We struggled a little bit there. We lost our rear tire guy, so it's not the same team that we've had all year, but we got way back around 16th or 17th and adjusted our car and got better. That's what it's all about -- trying to make your car better."

YOU WERE FRUSTRATED LAST WEEK IN REGARDS OF YOUR CAR SETUP. DO YOU FEEL YOU MADE SOME PROGRESS IN THAT REGARD THIS WEEKEND? "Yeah, this has been our first week as a team to just go on our own and not really concern ourselves with what the other teams are doing. At Bristol we tried to run what they had and I didn't like it, so we sat down this week and decided we would just do our own program and see if we can try some things, so we've adjusted on our car and made it better for me and that's really important."

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