Martinsville: Ford teams qualifying quotes

TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 28 Yates Racing Ford Fusion (Qualified 14th) YOU WENT FROM THE TRUCK TO THE CAR FOR QUALIFYING. HOW WAS THAT? "Yeah, that's the hardest thing I fought right there is you're in that truck for an hour and a half and they...

TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 28 Yates Racing Ford Fusion (Qualified 14th)

YOU WENT FROM THE TRUCK TO THE CAR FOR QUALIFYING. HOW WAS THAT? "Yeah, that's the hardest thing I fought right there is you're in that truck for an hour and a half and they drive so much different. There's 200 less horsepower and a whole different setup and then to go to a Cup car that has all of that horsepower and you've really just got to get in there and go. That was probably the biggest thing I had to fight right there, but, fortunately, we had a fast Ford Fusion. I got a good first lap in and tried to really pick it up on the second lap and just drove in turn one too hard and locked up the brakes, so I just aborted that one. It wasn't gonna work."

THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME ON THIS TRACK WITH THE NEW CAR. THOUGHTS? "It's a lot different feel than the old style Cup car here. These cars have more of a go-kart feel, like really down and rigid with the bump stops and things. It's just a lot different feel, but, fortunately, Yates Racing has a pretty good setup here to start with and we can tune on it for Sunday."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion (Qualified 4th)

"I'm pretty happy. We had a great car in practice and we've always had a good car here at Martinsville, but it's just a matter of knowing when you can hustle it and when to take it easy. The car drove just like it did in practice, so it really wasn't any different and I was able to get a good lap in. Usually when you just get around here with a nice, smooth lap you're pretty fast. I didn't think it would be that good. I thought we'd run about a .90 or a .95, but that's a good start for the weekend. Certainly we've got two more days worth, but so far so good."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Qualified 19th)

"We had a bad break with the transmission, but we've been working really hard as an organization to get better and better with things like that. We just had a meeting Tuesday after Bristol and I think they made some changes to the shift gate and I guess it hurt me. It maybe didn't hurt anybody else, but it didn't go into gear so, unfortunately, we've got to start at the back. We've got a really good car, though. I'm really happy with the car."


DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 38 Ford Fusion (Qualified 21st)

"I don't think we're bad. We kind of struggled in practice a little bit and we kind of changed everything and took a shot at it in qualifying. We were definitely better than we were in practice, so we're going in the right direction and we're not gonna be starting last, so that's a good thing. I'm real proud of all the guys. They definitely made our Ford Fusion a lot faster and I'm looking forward to racing here on Sunday."


BILL ELLIOTT -- No. 21 Little Debbie Ford Fusion (Qualified 17th)

"I'm ecstatic just be halfway competitive. That's big for these guys and from where they've been to this point, that's big. That's huge. If we can just continue to nibble away at it. At least you're starting in a position to where I feel like the car will race well and now we've just got to get in the race and go."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Irwin Ford Fusion (Qualified 5th)

THIS TRACK CAME AT THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU BECAUSE IT'S BEEN GOOD TO YOU. "Yeah. If we had to go to a mile-and-half, it would be nerve-wracking to have to try to qualify on time because that's not where I qualify well. But this is a good track and they did a really good bringing a brand new car. We unloaded and after the first corner I knew it was gonna be a solid car. We've made it in, so I'm happy about that."

SO YOU RELAXED A BIT AFTER THE FIRST CORNER OF PRACTICE? "Yeah. It was a really hard two weeks leading up to this because we had that off weekend. When you unload you don't know if you're gonna have a brake problem or if you're gonna have something goofy happen with the car and that can set you back in your practice for qualifying, but we were good right off the truck. We were pretty fast and went right into qualifying trim and worked on our car. I felt really good after we practiced, but you never know."

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