Martinsville: Ford teams qualifying quotes

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (Qualified 9th) "That's great. I had a lot of fun and I'm really glad the guys are working so hard on this car. Hopefully it holds up for a top 10 or 12. At this place you can screw it up so ...

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (Qualified 9th)

"That's great. I had a lot of fun and I'm really glad the guys are working so hard on this car. Hopefully it holds up for a top 10 or 12. At this place you can screw it up so easily. I went about 95 percent and, hopefully, it's good enough."

AN EARLY DRAW IS USUALLY NOT GOOD BUT GOING OUT SECOND DIDN'T SEEM TO HURT YOU. "That's a pretty good lap for me, really. We picked up a little bit from practice. I notice Jeff (Gordon) ran about the same speed as he did in practice, maybe just a tiny bit quicker, but we picked up about a half-tenth. I'm happy with the lap. I wish it was a tick faster, but I've screwed up here so many times that it's nice to just finish a lap and say, 'That was pretty good.'"


KEN SCHRADER -- No. 21 Little Debbie Ford Fusion (Qualified 4th)

"We ran an .08 in practice and close to a flat here, so if that isn't solidly in, a whole lot of stuff would have had to change from practice."

WHAT WAS TODAY LIKE KNOWING YOU HAD TO QUALIFY ON SPEED? "All we did was worry about qualifying, obviously. It's a new car. It's not last week's car. We had a Tuesday test at Caraway and had a good day there, and when we unloaded today I was extremely happy the first lap. We haven't really changed anything, we've just played with tires and that's the fastest lap we've run."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Irwin Ford Fusion (Qualified 2nd)

"Martinsville has always been a good place for me. Our team has been so good lately that when you get to come somewhere that you like and you've got a little momentum, it makes it more exciting. The Irwin Industrial Tools Ford Fusion unloaded really good off the truck and I'm just so excited with my new team. It's so much fun to come to the races when you do well and I've had a lot of fun this year."

NICE LAP. "We unloaded pretty good today. I thought in race trim the 31 and us were probably the two best cars of the guys in race trim. When we switched to qualifying we struggled a little bit, but we worked on it a little bit and got it better. We maybe left a little bit there, but it's so easy to overdrive Martinsville that you're better to give up a little bit than to overdrive it. I was maybe a little conservative, but it was a good lap."

WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS QUALIFYING SESSION FROM LAST WEEK AT BRISTOL? "We qualified fifth at Bristol, so our Friday was good there, too. I kind of felt like somebody would hit on the car of tomorrow as far as what would work well. The guys have done a really good job unloading at both Bristol and Martinsville with setups that we can work with, so they've done a really good job."

FIVE OF SEVEN RACES ARE COT RACES. HOW BIG IS THIS STRETCH? "I have intentionally not paid attention to points. I couldn't tell you who is leading the points right now. We started our season off with two DNFs and I just didn't want to worry about it, so I'm hoping we gain a lot of points over the next five or six races because I really don't even know where we're at right now."


DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 38 M&M's Ford Fusion (Qualified 16th)

"It could have been a little better and it could have been a lot worse. It's only my second time here and I really overdrove it in my qualifying run during practice. It was tight, but it was a little loose there. It's not bad. We're ahead of Jimmie Johnson and I think he won here the last race, so we're happy. The car was really good in practice. We only did two laps of qualifying practice and just worked on getting the car good. We were very, very pleased with it on race runs, so I'm excited. We're gonna start somewhere towards the middle and to have the car as good as it was in race trim, I'm pretty happy with that."


RICKY RUDD -- No. 88 UPS Ford Fusion (Qualified 17th)

THE RYR CARS WERE PRETTY CLOSE ON TIME TODAY. "We both came with different philosophies because neither one of us knew which direction to go in. I think they went one way and we went another, and now we're kind of back to where we ended up really close together on speed. We're not where we need to be. It's kind of difficult because you unload off the truck and you come to this track that you're not allowed to test here, and you see the tire that you're gonna see for the first time that we're here. I think for a team that doesn't have all the high-tech engineering programs already in place to help you with direction changes it makes it difficult. Everybody is in the same boat, and this is what's different when I left off in '05, I could see the tires and go test on tires that we were gonna run and that's the big question mark here. We were terrible off the truck, but they got better and better. Still, we're half-a-day of practice behind."

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