Martinsville: Chevy Happy Hour Quotes


DALE EARNHARDT JR, #8 BUDWEISER MONTE CARLO (1st in Happy Hour, starts 4th) 

"The Budweiser Chevrolet is a good race car. It turns well and is consistent lap after lap.  The new tire threw us for a little loop in the beginning but we found what we needed today for the race tomorrow.  We have finished in the top five the last four races here at Martinsville and we should be good tomorrow."

JIMMIE JOHNSON, #48 LOWE'S CHEVROLET (2nd in Happy Hour, starts 8th)

"I think we are really strong.  This is the best practice session we've had.  Usually at this point we're pretty frustrated and still seem to come back and have a strong finish in the race.  I'm very optimistic for tomorrow.  Today's practice has gone really well and I think we'll be good for tomorrow."

KEVIN HARVICK, #29 GM GOODWRENCH MONTE CARLO (6th in Happy Hour, starts 5th)

"I have been happy with our GM Goodwrench Monte Carlo since we got here.  We have focused totally on race setup.  We qualified yesterday in race trim and had a good run.  We are looking forward to a good race tomorrow."

TERRY LABONTE, #5 KELLOGGS MONTE CARLO (7th in Happy Hour, starts 28th)

"The Kellogg's Chevrolet is turning a lot better than it did yesterday.  We didn't make a lot of changes to make it pretty good for the race.  We have run this car three times and it has never qualified very well but it has top-ten finishes in all three races so we should be OK tomorrow."

MICHAEL WALTRIP, #15 NAPA MONTE CARLO (23rd in Happy Hour, starts 39th)

"My car is finally turning good. We spent happy hour trying different shock and spring combinations to see if we could improve the overall performance of the car.  I am happy with my NAPA Chevrolet and we should have a good race tomorrow."

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