Martinsville: Bowyer - Saturday media visit

Clint Bowyer, No. 07 Jack Daniel's Impala SS, met with members of the media to discuss Friday's practice session at Martinsville, how racing is different on short tracks with the Impala SS, looking forward to Texas and more. SINCE YOU WEREN'T...

Clint Bowyer, No. 07 Jack Daniel's Impala SS, met with members of the media to discuss Friday's practice session at Martinsville, how racing is different on short tracks with the Impala SS, looking forward to Texas and more.

SINCE YOU WEREN'T ABLE TO TEST AT MARTINSVILLE, CAN YOU TELL US WHAT IT IS LIKE? IS IT SIMILAR TO BRISTOL OR COMPETELY DIFFERENT? "We were trying the trick of the week it kind of seemed like when we got here and it didn't play out but sometimes that's what it takes with a car like this that is so new to everybody. Pretty much all three teams came with a completely different package and surely out of three teams we're going to lock on to something. The 31 was close, the 29 was OK and our project was way off so we put in what they had and it takes a little bit to get back in the swing of things. When you're that far off you try to drive a little bit different and it took a little bit to get back into the swing of things but I think we'll be fine."

ON HIS DEVELOPMENT OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS AND HOW IT HAS BEEN BENEFICIAL TO BE ON A TEAM WITH VETERAN DRIVERS HE CAN BOUNCE IDEAS OFF OF: "Absolutely, that's a big part of it. Teamwork is everything in this sport and having good two good teammates to bounce ideas off of and get information and contribute to that information when we can. It's been a big part of it. You've got two totally opposite ends of the spectrum with Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick as far as feedback and sometimes you can learn what to do and what not to."

IS THERE A CONCERN THAT A SPLITTER COULD CUT A TIRE WITH HIM AND KASEY KAHNE TOUCHING LAST WEEK: "Yeah that was really weird. Usually when you get into somebody and they wreck you pretty much know it. It was one of those things where I just barely felt something and my spotter, Mike Dillion, was saying 'Outside, outside, clear, caution's out' and I'm like 'It wasn't the 9 car was it?' and it was. It was just really close racing and must have hit it just right and cut it down. It was weird because I was beating and banging a lot more than that out there."

ON WHERE HE'S RACING FRIDAY (YESTERDAY) NIGHT: "I don't think we're racing anything tonight but tomorrow night (Saturday) we're racing late model over at 311 and having some fun. I missed the festivities over at Harvick's house last night so the dirt track, we lost our track the other night. We raced Wednesday night and it rained a little bit so we ended up having some drinks in the trailer and my car chief has a little 12-foot trailer. It felt like we were just back home. It rains out the races so everybody is in the trailers bench racing and telling lies."

ON WHAT HE EXPECTS AT TEXAS AND WHAT HE THINKS OF THAT TRACK: "I can't wait to get back to the normal car and what we're used to and not worrying about touching somebody with the splitter, whether the splitter will fall off or if you hit the wall if the wing is going to be in the stands or anything else, getting back to what we know. I really feel like we have a good package. We ran well there in the fall race so I'm looking forward to getting back there."

WITH THE IMPALA SS, HOW DOES IT CHANGE RACING ON THE SHORT TRACKS? DO YOU HAVE TO ADJUST AS A DRIVER? ARE THERE THINGS YOU CAN OR CAN'T DO NOW? "You hear drivers talking about it's not in the race track. What that means is that it just doesn't have the same travel, it doesn't have the stability, the comfort. When you pull under somebody it doesn't have that feel of it's underneath of you and you can get to the gas and go ahead and throttle up underneath of him. You're basically being real gingerly with it all by yourself and when you have to get door to door with somebody and stay off of them and stay off the wall and things like that, it makes it very hard and very difficult to race anybody. It is nerve-wracking. I knew going into these two races, if you can get out of these two races with a top 10, top 15 you're going to be sitting pretty in the points and we've got through one of them, we've just got to get through another one."

SINCE YOU GUYS WEREN'T AT THE DARLINGTON TIRE TEST, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA AT ALL WHAT IT WILL FEEL LIKE AT DARLINGTON SINCE THAT WILL BE THE FASTEST TRACK YOU GO TO UNTIL TALLADEGA? "Absolutely and I think that goes right back to what I was saying about being on top of the race track. It just doesn't feel like it's down digging into the race track with the limited travel these cars have and that's a race track where the cars that do feel like they're down in the race track don't feel like they are so I think it's going to be amplified, the speeds are higher and I think there's going to be a lot more Darlington stripes on the side of these things."

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR NEXT WEEK? "I haven't even thought about it yet but it's going to be whatever I want to do. For once it's going to be nice. It's going to be hard not to go to Nashville. I really love that place, I've had a lot of success and a lot of fun over there but a weekend off will be a lot of fun."

-credit: gm racing

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