Martinsville: Bowyer - Friday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 33 BB&T IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Martinsville Speedway and discussed qualifying, racing at Phoenix, taping The Biggest Loser and other topics. YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT RACING HERE THIS WEEKEND AT...

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 33 BB&T IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Martinsville Speedway and discussed qualifying, racing at Phoenix, taping The Biggest Loser and other topics.

YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT RACING HERE THIS WEEKEND AT MARTINSVILLE: "I'm excited to be here. This isn't one of my best tracks, but we've got our best finishes here. We've been solid and found a way to be solid, but we have to get better and improve our finishes. We've been working hard and been over at the little Rockingham track focusing on this race track in particular, so hopefully our hard work will pay off."

WHAT DO YOU THINK HAVE GORDON AND JOHNSON HAVE DONE TO GIVE THEM DOMINANCE HERE: "It's the same reason they've won the last three championships. It's hard work and preparation from everyone across the team. Jimmie and Jeff obviously get the job done inside the car, but the teams are getting the right stuff underneath them. When they come here they've worked hard and found a package that works well for both of them, and they're beating us. But we've really gone the extra mile this year to try to focus and hone in on this racetrack in particular, using that track over at Rockingham. If anything holds true over there, we have a lot of speed. We've been over there with some other teams and I feel like we stand up as well as anybody at that track. If that pays off over here, only time will tell."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT PHOENIX AND THE CHALLENGES THERE: "Phoenix has always been good to me. It was the first track I ever raced a car for Richard at and I enjoy the racetrack. I like the flat tracks and the mile racetracks. I like that both ends are different. It's kind of like Richmond. You kind of set the car up a little bit different and there's no perfect set up. You have to give a little bit in one corner to be good in the other and vice versa. I just enjoy racing there. You can get up on the wheel and make things happen and root and gouge and it doesn't seem to kill your day if you bend a fender at a place like that."

HOW PHYSICALLY DEMANDING IS THIS TRACK ON A DRIVERS BODY: "It's a short track and they're all demanding on you. This track is demanding on the race car, a lot of stop and go. Anytime you stop like that, you're on the brakes for a long time, you're really hard on the throttle, you turn a lot of RPM's, you're hitting a bump, the rev limiter and things like that. There are a lot of things that aren't normal at this racetrack. Your brake temperatures, all your stuff underneath the hood because of those big brakes, and being as hot as they are under the hood heats up everything underneath. We've melted alternators out here. There are definitely a lot of things at this track that can bite you if you're not prepared for it."

TAKE US THROUGH QUALIFYING: "Yeah, it's going to rain about 4:30pm it looks like. We should be just fine. We've really honed in and worked hard on this racetrack. I'm hoping to better our qualifying. That's where we have to get better as an organization and as the 33 car. We have to get better at qualifying. It hurt us last week at Bristol. If we could have qualified up front, I think we would have run there. It seemed like we would hit good runs and would get halfway there and we would stall out, as did other teams that I saw. We have to work on our qualifying and qualify better, but this is a racetrack where you really have to hit your marks and not make a mistake. If you're going for the qualifying where you sitting on the pole, it can bite you. The least little bit getting into the corner too hard isn't worth the risk of slipping up and going from maybe a pole run to a 30th place run because that's all it takes."

HOW DOES THE LITTLE ROCKINGHAM TRACK COMPARE AND HOW MIGHT THAT HELP: "I think Andy's done a good job of promoting that it's exactly like this place. I think a little of it will hold true to this place, but it's definitely a little bit different. I think you're rolling the corners a little bit faster and they are concrete in the corners. It's a little bit rougher through the center so braking is hard to work on there because you get to wheel hopping a little bit through the bumps. Still, the same principles apply. You get loose getting in under braking, which you do here and forward bite is an issue over there just like it is here. So those are the two things we concentrated on in particular and hopefully they'll help us here for a good effort on Sunday or whenever we race."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS TO THE CHANGES TO THE ALL-STAR RACE AND ON THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COCA-COLA 600 IN CHARLOTTE: "What did they change on the All-Star Race? I don't tune into you guys too much. You never root for me so I never tune into you much. David Poole finally gave into me last week, by God, and it was awesome. It was the highlight of my week. I'm just looking forward to the rest of the season. The All-Star race is an awesome event. It's fun for everybody. We go for broke and that's the way we all want to be as racecar drivers, and as fans in the stands that's what everybody wants to see. It's always a fun event there. For me in particular and everybody on the 33 team, I'm excited about as good as we're running with the new team this early in the season and our capabilities. We haven't even hit our stride. We're still learning each other, we're still learning through practice sessions not being able to test and things like that. I'm excited about what's to come for us."

WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE TAPING THE BIGGEST LOSER SEGMENT: "Honestly, it was an eye opener for me. When I saw that show - I had never seen it before - and I went there and saw what they've gone through and how it's a life changing event that changed these guys' lives, probably saved their lives. Some of them are so overweight they could die from it. So to be able to see what they've gone through and to lose over a hundred pounds by the time I saw them, it really made me, when I went home, watch a few episodes to see how they got to where I saw them. That was the interesting part about it. It was already deep into their season when we shot that. I think it was the 12th episode already, so it was interesting to go back and see how they got to that point. It's an incredible show and it was really, truly an inspiration. It was a cool event to go to and I was proud to be there. It was shot in January."

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