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NASCAR Fans E-mail List Irvan will land on his feet While the rumors being to swirl about possible replacements for Irvan, he has been approached by several teams (mostly Chevy) that are intrested in him. Rumors to replace him still include,...

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Irvan will land on his feet

While the rumors being to swirl about possible replacements for Irvan, he has been approached by several teams (mostly Chevy) that are intrested in him. Rumors to replace him still include, Sterling Marling who has reportedly (Journal Now) been calling Yates at home. Terry Labonte who is winless so far this year. Rumored teams that Irvan could be involved with are the new Washington-Irving team, and Hendrick, Yes Rick. Officials for Hendrick reportedly told Irvan not to make a final decision without talking to them first (Journal Now).

NASCAR's Bonehead Move (Commentary)

It is my option that NASCAR made a pretty stupid move in restarting Daytona. I was in the midst of packing everything up and heading to the car when I noticed the lights going out on the pace car. I was stunned that they were re-starting. You could almost predict that there would be some incident at the end and potentially one that cost the race lead a win, if someone had a better re-start than he. NASCAR has been very careful in making the playing feild level for all competetors and then it seems they tore it all down by this completely unthought through move. The feel like that a car cannot reach a qualifying speed for two laps so why restart with one? We are truly fortunate that it didn't cost a driver there life. It easily could have. Just my opinion. Had to get that off my chest.

Teams test at the Brickyard

The teams for Chevrolet drivers Rich Bickle, Wally Dallenbach, Jeff Green, Sterlin Marlin and Darrell Waltrip and for Pontiac pilots Johnny Benson and Bobby Labonte were among those on hand.

Wally Dallenbach ran a lap at close to 178.000mph in the #46 First Union Chevy during testing at Indy.

Other drivers comments:

"Yeah, we tore the grass up some last year runnin' through it at the apex of the corners," said Kodak Film Chevrolet driver Marlin, grinning like a mischevious child. "What they're doing shouldn't affect us much because we can't get that low."

"They added about 18 inches of pavement down there (against the grass)," said Pennzoil Pontiac driver Benson of the area ostensibly designed to keep aggressive drivers from short-cutting the square corners of the relatively-flat oval. "But, they put it on a different angle than what the track is. I think it's gonna work. I tried to run on it once or twice and you can't get to the grass.

"I think that's what they wanted to do, make sure we don't get on the grass"

Waltrip was enthused about the planned debut of Bickle, the Midwestern short track veteran who is leading the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series point standings and who has made numerous NASCAR Winston Cup Series starts.

"We're gonna run Rich in the Brickyard 400 and we're gonna have a sponsor announcement on Tuesday for that," Waltrip said. "We're excited about that. He's gonna run the truck race (Cummins 200, July 31) over at IRP (Indianapolis Raceway Park) and then come over here so we're happy about that."

Labonte, who was 24th a year ago in the Brickyard 400 driving an Interstate Batteries Chevrolet, made his Brickyard debut in a Pontiac at this test and was OK with the outcome.

"With four corners here that's four flat corners, so that's sometimes better than two banked corners, especially if it's (car) not as good there," said Labonte, whose best finish this season is third, at both Talladega (Winston 500) and Texas (Interstate Batteries 500). "Maybe that'll help us out. I know Johnny (Benson) did run good here last year and they have a good setup."

"The Pontiac does seem to run better on the flatter tracks, whether it's Phoenix, Pocono or Indy, for some reason," said Benson, who finished eighth in the 1996 Brickyard 400. "Of course, we glad they run pretty good on the short tracks coming here to Indy. We're excited that the car is as good as when we left here. We're pretty happy."

Motorsports Hall of Fame inducts new members

Buddy Baker, Jack Ingram and the late Neil Bonnett will be inducted at Darlington Raceway before the Mountain Dew Southern 500 Winston Cup race. Baker, son of Hall of Famer Buck Baker, was the first driver to break the 200 mph barrier on a closed course. His record includes 19 career Winston Cup victories, with three at Charlotte and four at Talladega. Ingram competed in the Busch Series from 1982 to 1991. He won three NASCAR Late Model Sportsman championships beginning in 1972, earning the nickname "Ironman." Bonnett, whose career began in 1974, was a member of the "Alabama Gang" out of Hueytown, Ala. He won 18 Winston Cup races and 20 pole positions. Bonnett was the first driver to win a NASCAR style stock-car race outside North America. (Speednet)

Hendrick trial need not delay

Doctors have said that Rick Hendrick is responding well enough to the chemotherapy that he can stand trial at the appointed time. In a letter filed this week in federal court, Dr. Zebulon Weaver III said Hendrick's medical records showed he had been responding well to his chemotherapy, which began in January. Weaver, who examined Hendrick's medical records, sharply contradicted a sworn statement from Hendrick's personal physician, who said it was ``medically impossible'' for Hendrick to attend an August trial. (WRAL)

Gordon test at Greenville-Pickens

Jeff Gordon, in preparation for the New Hampshire race, tested this week at Greenville-Pickens Speedway in South Carolina. Many drivers choose the speedway due to it's similarity with New Hampshire. This test will not go against drivers in there regular NASCAR test sessions so it is a popular place to test. No word on speeds or times.

Rich Bickle Sponsor Rumors (Jayski)

I hear KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) will be the sponsor of the #26 DW owned chevu Rich Bickle will drive in the Brickyard 400.

New Paint Scheme (Jayski)

Terry Labonte will have another special paint job? Some "Universal Studio Special". Von Hall NASCAR Fans _______________________________________ NASCAR Fans Website http://www.nascarfans.com

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