Loudon: Sterling Marlin preview

Coors Light Team Facts: -Chassis: The Coors Light team will race chassis ...

Coors Light Team Facts:

-Chassis: The Coors Light team will race chassis #309 at New Hampshire. This is the same car that finished 7th at Martinsville and 13th at Richmond earlier this year.

-Where are the Top-5s?: Marlin has not scored a top-5 as of yet this season. With four sixth place finishes, he is the only driver in the top-20 in championship points without a top-5 finish.

-NASCAR's Top-10: Marlin currently sits in 10th position in NASCAR's Top-10 standings. He has been in the Top-10 for four weeks in a row.

-Qualifying Hex: Marlin has qualified in the top-10 only five times this year but seems to have bad finishes when he qualifies well. In those five races he finished 17th, 40th, 39th, 35th, and 19th.


Comment on the current fuel cell fires.

"Back then, when I had my wreck in Bristol we had the oil tank on the left rear of the car and that's what caused such a big fire. I don't know what's going on now with these fires. Back when I had my accident I thought that they should put in an automatic fire extinguisher in the back trunk. All of the drag cars have them. The driver doesn't have to do anything. My accident was a little different because the fire came through the windshield. I rode backwards a long way and the fire was coming through the car. They've got the oil tank in a different place now so it's not the same type of fire."

How are you going to do at New Hampshire?

"We've got a good hot rod for this weekend. It's the same short track car we raced at Richmond. We'll do our best this weekend."


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