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. Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations CMT 300 Friday quotebook LOUDON, N.H. (Sept. 12, 1997) Quotes from selected drivers after Busch Pole Qualifying for the CMT 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway:...

. Report from Motorsport News International

NASCAR Public Relations

CMT 300 Friday quotebook

LOUDON, N.H. (Sept. 12, 1997) Quotes from selected drivers after Busch Pole Qualifying for the CMT 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway:

KEN SCHRADER No. 33 Skoal Bandit Chevrolet

"It was a good run. We brought the same Monte Carlo we had here last time, and it was really good. Qualifying up front is nice, but we've got to work on our Sunday finishes. We're sure happy starting up front. It's a race to get in the race, and there's a lot of places where qualifying in the back and track position all day and pit picks make a difference. It's a definite help if you can start up front. The goal is to win every race and win the championship. We buried ourselves in a fairly big hole to start the season and we've been trying hard to dig out. I want to win. That's why I'm here. I think if we can go on that stage in New York at the end of the year (finish in the top-10 in points), from where we were, that would be a pretty big step for our first year together. "I wasn't under much control on that qualifying lap, but it's back in one piece. I did a little praying when I got down into Turn 3. I got down there and got caught off guard. I had been having a little trouble getting into turn three on the qualifying lap, I really didn't anticipate it. I just pretended there was no cushion there to hold me. "I had a real good seat to sit down it. We've been real good here both times. Last time, we made very few changes here. We made a few changes today. I guess it was the cooler temperatures plus Goodyear brought a little different tire. We had to work on it a little bit and make some changes, but the car was real good. We had an advantage of a late number today. We made a little adjustment out there on the line. We changed one tire half a pound. Sometimes that doesn't make any difference except in your mind, but sometimes that makes a difference. "We'll go eat some lobster and drink some Bud tonight and worry about getting that Skoal car to run good for 300 laps on Sunday."

BRETT BODINE No. 11 Close Call Phone Card Ford

"That's the quickest laps we've run all day, but the conditions were coming to us. I give a lot of credit to my race team. They prepare the car great, but today it was the luck of the draw. That had a lot to do with where everyone ended up. There were some fast cars that just got a bad draw. We were a medium car that got a good draw. But I'll take it, because we haven't had a lot of good happen to us this year. I'm really looking forward to the race. I think we've got a great race car. It's a different kind of chassis from what we've run in the past. We've got a lot to learn about it, but we tested this week with it and it was two-tenths quicker on the long run than our old car. "Hopefully, we'll see it Sunday. This is a shot in the arm for us. This is something good. Something good happened to this race team... It's been a tough year for us and qualifying hasn't been our strong suit."

MIKE SKINNER No. 31 Lowe's Chevrolet

"We said anything in the high .80's or low .90's would be good. We ran in the .70's in practice and we noticed the race track had slowed down a little bit. We did get the luck of the draw. We got a late draw. I wrecked the car coming off Turn 2 and lost a tenth or tenth and a half. I don't know if we could have got the pole, but we might have been a little bit better."


"That's better than I thought. I got down into Turn 1 and lost the back end of it. I just wanted to keep from spinning out then. But the rest of the lap was pretty good. I tried to conserve a little bit here. We ran good here last time. It's slick. I messed up in 1 and 2. I got in 2 a little deep. Everybody is saying how slick it is, but I drove off of 4 as good as I have all day. I figured I would just smoke here down into Turn 1, but I shouldn't have smoked her down into Turn 1 that hard. I'm happy. We're going to start near the front anyway. I try to talk to people I can trust. But there are not many around here you can trust when you're trying to beat 'em. The main thing you learn is that they try to tell you something you can't fix while you're out there. I've done the same thing. Turn about is fair play."

RICKY CRAVEN No. 25 Budweiser Chevrolet

"It wasn't a pretty lap, but I was pretty happy with it. It was pretty slick getting into Turn 1. The right-side tires grabbed and I got off of Turn 2 pretty good. It slipped getting into 3 and then we got off of Turn 4 good. We were all sliding around out there today."

RICK MAST No. 75 Remington Arms Ford

"That's about where we practiced. It's kinda like the first race here. We had a good car, but we were the first car to go out to qualify and that kind screwed us up for the race. We had a real good car in the race. Here, I think going out late helped us a little bit. The rack was still slick when I went out. It was still slicker than in practice, especially getting into Turn 1. I think we'll be good Sunday, It always gets slick here. That's just part of racing, man. Here last time, I felt like we had the best car, but were the first ones to go out for qualifying and that's always bad. We backed up what we practiced, so we're happy."

WALLY DALLENBACH No. 46 First Union Chevrolet

"We struggled all morning, and the guys were listening hard to what I had to say. We tried some different things and it paid off. I didn't run here in the spring, and the guys said they had a better tire here. It really doesn't matter to us. We were fighting traction problems, but we got in a good lap. We were worried because we don't have any provisionals. The way we were looking this morning, it was going to be tough. These guys are giving me good race cars and it makes you look like a hero. I've got a lot more confidence in myself, and the cars are good. The team has confidence in me, and you can drive it in harder. I'm real happy. This is a brand new car, and the guys did a super job on it. It was important for us to qualify. It's tough to qualify here."

LAKE SPEED No. 9 Melling Engine Parts Ford

"I thought that was going to be a bad lap, because it pushed a pretty good bit at both ends of the track. I though the track would be looser because everybody was slowing down. I went in there being a little cautious and when I picked the throttle up it caused the car to be a little tight. But I'm pleased with where we wound up. Maybe we can get ready to race and go get 'em. Maybe we'll have something for 'em."

BILL ELLIOTT No. 94 McDonald's Ford

"That was better than practice. But one lap and one chance right here, it's hard to get hooked up for this race track. I had been struggling. We had a motor problem and we ended up changing that deal. I don't know. We'll just have to see."

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