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Jeff Green, No. 30 AOL Chevrolet Monte Carlo (finished 2nd): Q:After you topped it off at lap 205, so were you confident you had enough fuel to go the distance? "Todd said we did so I was confident. We just almost decided not to put tires on...

Jeff Green, No. 30 AOL Chevrolet Monte Carlo (finished 2nd):

Q:After you topped it off at lap 205, so were you confident you had enough fuel to go the distance?

"Todd said we did so I was confident. We just almost decided not to put tires on it. That's how good the Goodyear tires were today. This track is, huh, I don't have a word for it. It's not very good right now. It's just a one-groove racetrack. It's pretty tough to pass on. These guys up front, they race you clean and I enjoyed being up there."

Q:On his crash with Joe Nemechek:

"I don't know if I got in too deep or what, but he came down in front of me a little bit and I just could not stay off of him without crashing both of us and I got into the back of him a little bit and spun him around. I'm not that kind of guy. Joe thinks I am right now and I hate it for him."

Q:On the last five laps of the race:

"Dale (Jarrett) was pushing a little bit up off the corner and I got a run on him and got by him. Ward (Burton) had such a good restart and he got away from us. I think I could run with him but he was half a straightaway from me and we just didn't have enough time. Congratulations to him. They had a great day. You know that team needs it too (a win). They've had a rough year. Not that we haven't, but second place is definitely a place where we can get started. We keep knocking on the door and we're going to knock it down one of these days."

Q:Is this a momentum-building race?

"Yeah, it's a momentum building race. Anytime you have a good run, the guys get pumped up about the situation and I get pumped up about my situation. Not that we need anything to pump us up, but it definitely helps us to go the next week and try to do better."

Q:Did you think you would run well on this track?

"Yeah, but after Friday (qualified 30th) I might not have said that. Just being here so much in the Busch car makes me feel like we have an opportunity to run with them and an opportunity to win. What I've got - the situation I'm in with RCR - I feel like I've got the best opportunity in the world to win each and every week. This is showing it right now. We didn't show it very good at first. We run good, but we just weren't able to put results up. We're putting them up now. That will get us more top fives hopefully, and if we can do that each and every week, we'll win every once and a while."

Q:On the track conditions:

"It's just terrible. I'm not sure, but (I think) they sealed (turns) one and two. When they dug the other one up and redid it, they didn't seal it. I think that's the biggest problem. (Turns) one and two was a fine corner. You could go through there and get up a little higher and not get into anything. If you got up a half-a-car width too high down there, you'd get in those marbles. I'm not sure, but I think that's the blacktop coming up. When you get in that, you just can't control the racecar. We were running down against the apron, basically. It's an off-camber groove and that was the best place to run. Yesterday, you couldn't do that. Since everything was going on down there and the track was coming up, that was the cleanest part of the racetrack and that's where you could get a bite. So that's where we were running."

Q:With the amount of passing and lead changes in this race, do you think the fans would understand the drivers' frustration of the track problem?

"I don't know that you can ever satisfy a driver anyway. As long as the fans are happy, we're going to keep coming back and doing it and keep complaining about it too, probably.

"We just try to do the best job we can and some of those guys got wrecked. And when you're driving for the points, you hate to see that. Just like Matt Kenseth. I'd love for him to have won that race but he cut a tire down. You can't help that. But when you get into situations like the track tearing up, every once and a while you're going to tear people's cars up and that's going to put them behind in the points and you don't want to see that either.

"The groove started moving down and down and actually Ward (Burton) came down on me one time and he was running right on the apron and I got down there and it made my car work better. We didn't have any problems in (turns) one and two. You could run anywhere you wanted to. You could run on the bottom, you could run up high. Whatever they did to (turns) three and four, they messed it up. They need to go back and do it again and do it like (turns) one and two."

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