Loudon II: Pontiac Racing race quotes

TONY STEWART, NO. 20 HOME DEPOT PONTIAC GRAND PRIX: "This was an awesome day. The Home Depot Pontiac was good all day and we never did make any real big adjustments to the car, just air pressure adjustments. That shows how good of a car we had...


"This was an awesome day. The Home Depot Pontiac was good all day and we never did make any real big adjustments to the car, just air pressure adjustments. That shows how good of a car we had from the get-go that we were able to do that, and we just kept working our way up. We were a little off on our first pit stop and we dropped back to 12th but we worked our way back up to third, and I'm really proud of the team - with the second pit stop they had a really good stop got us out in good position. We just went out and did what we had to do. The track was really narrow and it was hard to pass, but we were able to get by, and not only get by but get up to the two leaders there at the end. If this thing would've gone 300 laps, I think the outcome would've been different, but I'm really happy for Ryan Newman. I think he was long overdue for a win. He's an old short-track buddy of mine from the USAC days, and it makes me feel proud to see another USAC guy get a win. I'm really happy for Ryan and his family and his whole team. They did a great job today.

IT SEEMS LIKE YOU'RE ABLE TO PUT OFF-TRACK DISTRACTIONS BEHIND YOU AND REALLY RISE TO THE OCCASION ON THE RACETRACK. "It's because I'm a racer. I don't care about the rest of it. I'm disturbed by it, but when it comes time to be in the racecar, that's what I do. I go out and do my job. I shouldn't say I don't care about it because I do. It really disturbs me when we've been accused of this stuff, but at the same time we can't let it get us down. That's exactly what these people are trying to do is make us get down on ourselves on what's going on. But this race team's been behind me 100% and you couldn't ask for more than that. It's just made our team stronger, and it makes us more determined to go out and win each week."


"This is one of those bittersweet situations. We liked seeing it rain when it did for the points, but I think we had a car good enough to win. But Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate today. This place is very special to me to have won in the Modifieds, won in the Busch North and having won in a Winston Cup car here with Tony and Jeff Burton. We always want to win, everywhere we go, but when you come back here with a lot of friends and where we've run good, it makes it special. Big picture though, we did what we had to do. We outran the rest of them big time, all day long, and that's what we need to do the next nine weeks.

DID YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE CAR? We took a half of pound out of the right front that last stop. We were pretty good, Tony did a good job, the pit stops were awesome and the Home Depot Pontiac team did what we had to do today.

HOW WAS THE RACETRACK? The racetrack was a lot better today and our car was a lot better. Our whole weekend went a lot smoother than it did last time we were here. I guess they're going to do some work from what they tell me, grind it up and bring some really good asphalt in and do a nice job of getting both lanes, the bottom one and the main racing lane, with some new pavement that will be really good as far as not coming up and they're going to get it done here shortly. Hopefully when we come back next year we'll have a great place to race."


"I'm pleased with the way we ran, just not pleased with the 2 car. But he wants his teammate to win and that's how he does it. I think the team cars showed you how they played that deal. That's too bad. We had a good enough lead that to have that happen was kind of ridiculous, but by the same token, we'll just work hard and go from there. The Valvoline Pontiac was really good, we just kept getting underneath guys and the team cars there just turned right into you and tried to spin you out. But that's alright, it's just one of those deals.

HOW WAS THE TRACK? "It was getting pretty slippery, but everybody was slipping and sliding, so it's the same conditions for everybody. And after we got the front all beat up, it started getting a little tight, but I think we could've made some adjustments and still got pretty good if we would've gone the distance. But we ended up fourth and look forward to going to Dover.


"It was a good run. We just got a little bit too loose on the long run there after the red flag and couldn't adjust on it any more, but if we had another shot at it we might've made it a little better, but you never know. We can't complain about it. We would've liked a few more positions, but no complaints.

HOW WAS THE TRACK? The bottom groove was really good because I never got off of it - that's where I wanted to be, on the bottom or even below the bottom. If you got up high it looked like you could get into the marbles, but no different than before. A lot of times here there's rubber up there, but I ran on the bottom all day and it was good enough for me."


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