Loudon II: Johnny Benson preview

Benson will have better seat for this New Hampshire Race. ...

Benson will have better seat for this New Hampshire Race.

#10 Valvoline Pontiac driver Johnny Benson didn't complain about the New Hampshire International Speedway racing surface in July when the Nascar Winston Cup drivers raced on the flat mile oval.

Benson was home in North Carolina sitting in his recliner recuperating from broken ribs he suffered at Daytona earlier that month.

In July, many drivers said the track began to break up during the race and were quite vocal with their criticism. Benson said he hopes the track will be better this weekend, but said he will withhold his judgment of the racing surface until after Sunday's race.

Benson On Track Surface

"They say that the surface will be better because it has had time to cure. I have no reason to doubt that. I think Nascar and the Bahres know what they are doing and I hope it works out. Sure I wish there were more banking there because I think we would put on a better show for the fans. The bottom line is we can race on anything. I raced dirt for years so I'll race on anything and have fun."

Benson On Difference Between First & Second New Hampshire Races:

"I have a lot nicer seat this time. Last time I was at home watching on television. Driving is a lot more fun than watching. I don't know how much different this race will be compared to last time Nascar was up there. I hope we aren't battling the track like the guys were the first time. That looked pretty wild.

"Whenever you race a second time at the same track the race is usually better. I think that's because we you arrive you pretty much have no idea what's going to happen. But this time we will kind of have an idea what the track will do during long runs in the race. Jerry Nadeau did a great job for me in July and I think James and the guys will have a pretty good car for me on Sunday."

Benson On The New Hampshire Track:

""New Hampshire is so narrow that there isn't a lot of room to pass and that makes for some interesting racing. Tempers can be short there because you have a lot of cars fighting for very little room on a narrow slick track. Sometimes you can get into someone and turn them and not even mean to.

"Obviously, New Hampshire is a flat track and the turns are pretty similar on both ends. For a fast lap you better drive the car right up to the wall off turn two and off turn four. The whole key there is getting enough grip where you can stay low going through the middle of the corners. That's especially true in qualifying. The guy who wins the pole will be the guy who can stay low in the middle at both ends of the track. You tend to slide up the track at both ends."


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