Loudon II: Harvick - GM Top-10 interview

BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT WITH KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 REESE'S MONTE CARLO SS ON HOW HE FEELS GOING IN TO WEEKEND: "We feel good. We brought a brand new car here this week that we took to Milwaukee and tested. We felt pretty good about it. We like...


ON HOW HE FEELS GOING IN TO WEEKEND: "We feel good. We brought a brand new car here this week that we took to Milwaukee and tested. We felt pretty good about it. We like coming to Loudon, have always felt pretty good about it and run well here. You just have to pit right and put yourself in position to be there at the end. Hopefully we can do that."

ON RECENT TRIP TO NEW YORK WITH OTHER CHASE CONTENDERS: "There is a lot made of things that don't exist. In reality, this is a traveling family that you have to learn how to get a long with because you spend a lot of time together. We are all competitors when we get to the race track, but we all had a good time in New York."

ON WORKING WITH JEFF BURTON IN THE CHASE: "We are in this together. We have been in this together since he joined RCR. He will do whatever it takes to help me, and I will do whatever it takes to help him. I think that is part of the reason we are where we are is good communication between the crew chiefs and the drivers. That will continue as we go forward."

ON NEWEST KHI DRIVER, SEAN CAISSE: "We were in a position to find somebody who will stand on the gas and make the car go forward. I feel like he has the ability to do that, as he gets a little bit of experience, he is going to get better and better. Hopefully it will all work out. We will see how he does next week (NBS race at Dover). I like going out on a limb and giving people chances. So hopefully it works out."

ON BIGGEST LESSON LEARNED SO FAR AS A TEAM OWNER: "It is all about people. That is the biggest thing. The people you have around you. The relationships you have with your sponsors is obviously important to make the cars go around the race track.

"But the people you have working on the cars, are the most important thing you can ask for. You can have all the money in the world, the nicest shop and the nicest cars but if you don't have the right people working on them, you aren't going to go anywhere."

ON BEING AN OWNER HELPING WITH RCR RELATIONSHIP: "I think it has helped a lot just for the fact that it helps me to understand more where Richard (Childress) is coming from on a lot of things. It helps me to know what he is talking about on a lot of different things and how long it takes to make a change with those things as an owner."

ON PRESSURE OF RUNNING BOTH KHI BUSCH PROGRAM AND FOCUS ON THE CHASE NEXT 10 RACES: "I think it is actually easier the next few weeks just because most of them are companions with Nextel Cup cars. We only have to travel away from the Cup track once for a Busch race and we only have seven races left in the Busch cars. I am not going to do anything different that we have done in the past. DeLana (Harvick, his wife) has a big role in what we do at KHI and I think she will continue that role and we have good people in place to make sure everything is taken care of."

ON LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE OF NO. 29 TEAM: "I think we need to be confident in each other and go out and just go out and do our jobs as we are supposed to. It is something that everybody feels good about. All the hard work they have put in the last year and a half to make our cars better and do things better as we go forward. Everybody feels good about themselves but it is all about these next 10 weeks."

ON DIFFERENCE IN MINDSET GOING TO THE TRACK THIS YEAR VERSUS LAST YEAR: "Obviously things are going better this year than they did last year and it is just as much work in racing to run good as it is to run bad. Things have been going very well. Everyone at RCR is confident and feels good about the performance of our cars. We look forward to coming to the track every week."

ON NHIS BEING AN EMOTIONAL TRACK: "It just looks like another piece of black asphalt to me."

THOUGHTS ON DOVER: "It is a place with a lot of banking and you can lean on the banking a lot. You have to make your car turn and as the race goes on the track changes a lot as it takes rubber. It is like a big Bristol. You have to keep up with the race track as the rubber goes down."

ON ANY FAVORITE FOR CHASE: "I think we are a favorite. I think it is wide open now. Anybody can get on a roll at this point. All 10 Chase teams are capable of putting together 10 solid weeks and winning at any of the tracks we are going to. I think that will be clearer in the next three or four weeks, but right now it is wide open.

Obviously I think you have to look at the No. 17 (Matt Kenseth) because they have been so strong the last 10 weeks."

ON ANY CHANGES IN STRATEGY FOR THIS WEEKEND: "I don't think anything changes. I think everything pretty much stays the same. We are going to approach everything the same, we are racing the same types of cars, the same types of setups. We are going in with the same mindset we have had week in and week out. Just approach everything week to week. Just keep doing the same things we have been doing. As far as these last 10 races, there is less pressure than there was in the 26 leading up to this race. There have been a lot of ups and downs leading up to that point. This is all about 10 races, in 10 weeks and we are just going to take it one week at a time. Everything we have done in the past doesn't apply this year. We have been good at a lot of the tracks we have been bad at before. Right now, we are looking forward every week. I think everyone is a little nervous about Talladega but we are just going to approach it week to week. Loudon is one of my favorites, I like going to Martinsville and Phoenix. There are several tracks I am looking forward to going."

ON WHAT HE WOULD LIKE TO SAY AFTER ALL RECENT MEDIA FOCUS: "I think I have told them everything I could possibly think of this week. The best thing I can tell anyone right now is that I am probably be quiet for a couple of days."

ON NOT HAVING BUSCH CAR TO DRIVE THIS WEEK: "It is kind of nice this week to only have one car to deal with. Coming to the race track, it is almost like a vacation with one race car. I don't know what to do with myself."

ON THIS SEASON BEING A SUCCESS: "I definitely think it has been a success. When you have a chance to do something you always want to go out and achieve that. At the beginning of the season, was to race for both championships. We have put our selves in a position to do that. Where we fall is where we fall. We are just going to do the best we can every week and see what happens. I think this is fun. Racing for a championship has to be fun. You put yourself in a position to do that, there is no way you can make it not fun in the end here. You just go out, throw it all out there and see it shakes out."

-credit: gm racing

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