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TEAM CHEVY DRIVERS IN THE 2009 CHASE FOR THE NASCAR SPRINT CUP: * Team Chevy has six drivers in the 2009 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, more than any other manufacturer TEAM CHEVY ON THE TRACK -- NEW HAMPSHIRE MOTOR SPEEDWAY ...

TEAM CHEVY DRIVERS IN THE 2009 CHASE FOR THE NASCAR SPRINT CUP: * Team Chevy has six drivers in the 2009 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, more than any other manufacturer


# Team Chevy drivers have won 12 of the 29 previous NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) races at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS), more than any other manufacturer Impala SS, has won once (1) at NHMS

TEAM CHEVY INSIDE THE GARAGE WITH PAT SUHY, GM RACING NASCAR GROUP MANAGER: "Congratulations to all the Team Chevy contenders in the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship! This year Mark Martin, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman, and Juan Pablo Montoya have shown that they have what it takes to win a championship. I'm proud of all of the hard work and effort put in by the drivers and their teams, both in the shop and on the road. It's also important to congratulate the hard working people at GM Racing who support their efforts with a great technical support program that ensures that the teams have the parts and technologies to help them win races. For the teams that didn't make it into the Chase this year, we all know it wasn't for lack of effort or ability. They will be able to use the Chase races to build strength going into next season, hopefully winning a few along the way.

"A quick look at the statistics shows that it shouldn't be a surprise that we're well represented. A Chevrolet driver has gone to victory lane 12 times in the Sprint Cup Series this season, and Chevy holds a commanding 35 point lead in the Manufacturers' Cup standings. Team Chevy drivers have led 3722 of the 7326 laps run this year. Our drivers have occupied a total of 125 of the 260 possible top-10 finishing positions. This is truly a dominant group of teams.

"While the Chase format has erased, for the most part, the points lead our drivers built over the last 26 races, it hasn't changed the fact that our Chevy teams are the best in the garage. I'm confident that we'll see the same domination over these next 10 races as we did up to this point. I wish all of our Team Chevy drivers in the Chase the best of luck, and hope to see one of them on the championship stage at Homestead."

FROM THE TEAM CHEVY DRIVER'S SEAT: MARK MARTIN, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S/CARQUEST IMPALA SS: "Anybody that's in the Chase can win this thing. All they have to do is get on a 10-race roll. I'm telling you anybody in this Chase can win. Watch out for Juan Montoya. I'm telling you the guy is running good and they've been points racing. They may go after it now. I know the last few weeks we've raced to win but we've been real careful too. Now we can go do our thing."

TONY STEWART, NO. 14 OFFICE DEPOT/OLD SPICE IMPALA SS: "I like starting (the Chase) at Loudon. It's a track that we run really well at. It's been good to us in the past. It's nice to have one of our stronger tracks right off the bat. Hopefully if we have a good run there it will set the tone for the last nine weeks. I feel like it's one of our better tracks. We always consistently run really well there. I'm kind of excited about starting there and hopefully get a good run there and get a good start in the Chase. It is a handling track. It is a driver's track to where you can help yourself out from the driver's standpoint and move around. It doesn't seem like you can move around a lot but from the steering wheel you can move around a lot and help yourself out. But it is, it's a fun place to start the Chase, and you know, as we have seen in the past, that can be a place that can either get your Chase hopes off to a great start or they can be wiped out in one week."

JIMMIE JOHNSON, NO. 48 LOWE'S IMPALA SS: DO YOU COME INTO THIS CHASE WITH A LITTLE EXTRA CONFIDENCE? "You come into the Chase with whatever momentum that you have had the last couple of tracks. I feel that we have been decent and I am optimistic for the Chase, but again you don't know. Those ten races sound short but they are so long and you just never know what is going to happen with mechanical failures and all those kind of things. So we just need to give 100% every week and see where we wind up. Nobody has had a clear advantage. I'm optimistic and feel we have a very good chance."

JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT IMPALA SS: "I am excited about these next 10 races, I can't wait. I know we didn't win as many races as we wanted to during the first 26 but I think our team showed just how strong we are and I think we are going to give these guys a lot to think about over these next 10 races. Our Richmond run gives us some momentum going in to the Chase. I am fired up, really fired up. The momentum going into New Hampshire is there. This team is solid and I think we have a great shot at it. I know we've got some points to make up but I think this team is really capable and ready to do that."

RYAN NEWMAN, NO. 14 U.S. ARMY IMPALA SS: "It seems like whenever I've had a long streak of not winning I've won at New Hampshire. I really enjoy that area. I enjoy the race track. Obviously Dover and other places too, but Loudon has always been a strong suit for me personally. I don't know exactly why. I don't know if I just adapted to the track really soon, I'm not sure but it's a place I look forward to going to for sure. We have got to pick up our performance a little bit. I mean if you look at the last few races we've gotten better, but if you want to win this championship statistically it takes a lot better finish than what we've been getting."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, NO. 42 TARGET IMPALA SS: "If you look at a championship, it's still numbers. It's just the average number needs to be a lot better than what it was to making the Chase. We've got to run as good as we can every week. I think you can take more chances because now you're not going to fall out of the Chase or anything. The chances you are going to take are people going for the championship as well. I think you don't have to be as conservative as I've been all year and see what happens. This year in the first New Hampshire race, we ran like six or seven when the rain came. I don't know, we should run good there. We have a new car for there. Hopefully runs a little better than before. So, we'll see. "We just have to get what we can and see how good it is. I think it's a good testament for the whole Target team and everybody at Earnhardt-Ganassi to show everybody that we made it into the Chase and everybody this year thought we were going to be horrible for us and to get a car in the Chase is huge. I think it is nice to have Target in the Chase and I will tell you I think there are a lot of good races there for us, and we will see. We have to wait and see what happens and how good we are and how we run. We'll have good weeks and bad weeks. We need to make sure when they're bad we can't go worse than 10th or 12th."

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