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The following quotes were obtained following the red flag on lap 22. MATT KENSETH --17-- DEWALT Power Tools Taurus YOU PITTED FOR SOME ADJUSTMENTS. WHAT COULD YOU TELL AFTER 20 LAPS? "We had a couple of problems. It didn't seem like I could...

The following quotes were obtained following the red flag on lap 22.

MATT KENSETH --17-- DEWALT Power Tools Taurus

YOU PITTED FOR SOME ADJUSTMENTS. WHAT COULD YOU TELL AFTER 20 LAPS? "We had a couple of problems. It didn't seem like I could get it to run right away when the race started for some reason. I was just a little bit tight in the center of the corner, so we decided to come and put fresh tires on and free the car up a little bit. Whenever it does restart, I'd rather be on sticker tires than be on tires with one heat cycle in them sitting in the rain. It seemed like the right thing to do when I lost five or six spots and we'll just have to see what happens."

KURT BUSCH --97-- Rubbermaid Taurus

YOU HAD A RATHER SPIRITED BATTLE WITH GREG BIFFLE OUT THERE AT THE START. "They threw the green flag and a lot of guys get single file. I was following him and he slipped up, so I had to go underneath him otherwise I was gonna get passed by cars. So we started racing side by side. I wouldn't expect him to give any because we're racing for position. It was reminiscent of old times with us racing against one another. I had to fall back and then get a good run at him. He slipped again and I got back by him. It's difficult at the start of the race when the groove is warmed up and ready to go. Now when the sealant is cold on the low groove, it's hard to get a hold of. My car was a little tight and I touched him a little bit."

HOW WAS YOUR CAR? "We tightened it up a little bit from yesterday to be secure at the start of the race and that's exactly what we are -- a little bit tight. The car marched off some good lap times catching first, second and third and, really, we don't have any worries right now."

YOU STAYED OUT AND DIDN'T PIT. WILL THAT BE A DISADVANTAGE WHENEVER THE RACE RESTARTS? "I don't think so. The tires take forever to come in here anyhow and they never wear out. We could run around here forever on the same set of tires and we'll be OK."

SOME DRIVERS HAVE SAID THEY CAN ALREADY SEE MARBLES FORMING IN TURNS THREE AND FOUR. DID YOU SEE ANYTHING LIKE THAT? "Yeah, when we did the ride around in the truck before the start of the race I had a heads up from Goodyear that the modified guys were complaining about the track coming up and, sure enough, you can see the remnants of what was going on over there as far as sealer missing from the asphalt. I believe that's what's happening. At Richmond, you have a different type of asphalt than you do at Loudon, and the sealer is sticking better at Richmond. Here in Loudon, the sealer doesn't stick to that asphalt as well. Whether there's more sand up here in the asphalt, I don't know what it is, but the sealant is not sticking as well. The fact the track is flatter too, that could be another possibility. It is peeling up a little bit and it creates a gummy marble effect."

YOU'VE ALREADY SEEN THAT AFTER 20 LAPS? "Yeah. We'll have to dodge it and move around it and create the best race that we can."

MORGAN SHEPHERD --89-- Racing with Jesus Taurus (Finished 41st)

"We just missed the chassis setup. Our car was pushing too much and that caused the brakes to give up. I was using too much brake and they started to fade. There's no use staying out when you don't have a sponsor."

TODD BODINE --26-- Discover Card Taurus (Finished 42nd)

MOTOR PROBLEM? "Yeah, it's another fluke deal. The rocker arm girdle studs broke. I've never heard of that before in my life. Once that broke, it let the rocker arms free float and it was beating the valves and everything. They're changing the girdle, so we'll see what happens but it's unbelievable."

HOW WAS THE TRACK? "It's coming apart in three and four in the same spot. It's not as bad as it did last time naturally because it's cooler and the sun's not out, but by the end of the race it's gonna be pretty treacherous if you get up there."

KEVIN LEPAGE --37-- Friendly's Ice Cream Taurus (Finished 40th)

"First of all I want to say to Derrike Cope that we hope you get well soon. We put this whole thing together in a short period of time and we came up here and got this Friendly's Ice Cream Ford solidly in the show the other day. We were really optimistic that we were gonna have a pretty good car today. The car wasn't handling that bad, but we had a problem in the motor. We broke a valve spring or something and, instead of hurting the motor worse than it did and oiling down the race track, we decided to call it the end of the day. We're trying to introduce a new sponsor to the sport and they were very pleased with what they saw on Friday with a good qualifying effort. I believe Friendly's Ice Cream will be back with Derrike Cope for more than just one race. It's a lot of fun to come home, I just wish I could have run all day."

Post-race Quotes:


HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A WINSTON CUP WINNER? "It's awesome. It meant so much -- not to just cross the checkered flag first but having all the drivers come up and congratulate me. Every one did it. It's just great to finish first and have that much class from all the respective drivers out there. We're competitors, but we're friends too."

YOU TOOK FOUR TIRES ON THE LAST STOP. WHY? "We had 74 laps on the tires I think and we just needed to. I mean, the left-side tires were wearing a lot in happy hour, but we just needed to take four there. We didn't know what the rest of the race was gonna be like and we knew we had to get to lap 150. Fortunately, we made it 207."

YOU HAD A GOOD RACE WITH KURT BUSCH BEHIND YOU AND STERLING MARLIN IN FRONT OF YOU. "It's tough. The points leader doesn't want to go a lap down and Kurt was racing me extremely clean. I thank him for that. He did an awesome job. I was just trying to hold track position the best I could. You can drive fast, but you can defensively drive fast too. I wasn't blocking him, I was just holding what I could."

FINALLY A WIN. "It's awesome. I need to thank Don (Miller) and Matt (Borland). I can't tell if it's rain or champagne. It's just awesome for the team and something we've been looking forward to all year. Fortunately, it came here in Loudon."

DALE JARRETT --88-- UPS Taurus (Finished 7th)

"It was a tough day. We had a good race car and made our way up. Todd did a great job of adjusting on the car. We passed a lot of cars and I was really pleased. I'm not sure that I had anything for the first two because I never saw those guys, but I know I was catching the guys in front of me at a pretty rapid rate. I'm pretty happy with it. Considering everything, we'll take a seventh."

HOW WAS THE TRACK? "The race track was fine. There was a couple of racing grooves and everything was pretty good."

WAS IT COMING UP IN TURN FOUR? "No, I didn't see anything coming up."

ELLIOTT SADLER --21-- Motorcraft Taurus (Finished 35th)

"It was a pretty rotten day. We just missed the setup a little bit, but I'm proud of how hard my guys worked. They tried some different things this morning and gave me some good adjustments during the race. We just didn't hit it. We missed it somewhere this weekend and don't know where. It's just tough to run as good as we ran here last time to miss it this bad this time, but the guys never gave up so I'm proud of them for that."

WAS THE WEATHER AN ISSUE? "No, I don't think so. I mean, the track is the track. I think the track was coming up again. You just can't race on a track like this. I wish they would fix it and make it a little bit better so when we come back we can race a little harder for everybody."

RICKY CRAVEN --32-- Tide Taurus (Finished 6th)

"That was a big improvement over practice. We were just missing a little bit and a little bit would go a long way. I think this will help us get back on track." ANY PROBLEMS OUT THERE? "Lap traffic was ridiculous. The lap traffic is a challenge here, so you've got to consider that, but guys like Dave Blaney just cost me any chance at a top five. He was caught up in his race and didn't get any consideration to the fact that I was racing for fourth and fifth."

DID YOU HAVE A TIRE PROBLEM? "Yeah, I had run the car real hard when I came out of the pits and, as a result, I thought I had cut down the left-front."


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