Loudon II: Ford - Kurt Busch press conference

KURT BUSCH --97-- Rubbermaid Taurus (Finished 2nd) HOW WAS YOUR RACE? "It was an all right day, I guess. We were racing the clouds and that created a spectacular race. We didn't know when the race was gonna end. I think that's the biggest...

KURT BUSCH --97-- Rubbermaid Taurus (Finished 2nd)


"It was an all right day, I guess. We were racing the clouds and that created a spectacular race. We didn't know when the race was gonna end. I think that's the biggest topic that we need to discuss and that created the outcome of the last 100 laps for me -- trying to get into the lead because we didn't know when it was gonna rain. Newman wasn't the fastest car today, we were the fastest car. We just couldn't put it together off the corner to pass him, but what a fun race. I used to sit on the couch with my dad and watch the races and try to coach that guy behind whoever was in front. It didn't matter if it was for the lead or for 50th-place. My dad and I would sit there and try to coach that guy by. "Pass him low. Do this, do that.' I was sitting there thinking that the whole time, reminiscing about what my dad and I used to do and I just couldn't quite get by him. I tried to follow him so many times and do what my dad would say and it was just fun reminiscing like that. It's tough because we came up short. It's tough that Rubbermaid hasn't been to victory lane this year where Sharpie has and, heck, we'll go get 'em at Dover next week. But we were racing the clouds today and that's what created that exciting finish like it was."


"First of all, I didn't say we were the fastest car, I just said Ryan Newman wasn't the fastest. And we were able to generate a few different racing lines, whether we had late apexes or early apexes -- driving through the middle, getting good runs off the corner -- there were multiple things you could do but it just never seemed like you could do it side by side. Biffle raced me early on in the race before we had the rain delay and the next thing I know I look up -- you're focussed on the car next to you -- and there are 20 car lengths to the guys in front of us. So two cars racing side by side was just as difficult as it has always been at New Hampshire, but you have to commend the Bahre's for the job that they put forth. I really enjoy racing here now with that second groove down there, but it's very hard to utilize until halfway through the race when everybody gets a chance to burn it in."


"I'm not gonna complain about it because I wasn't the leader when I had to negotiate through that lap traffic. I was running second trying to get by the leader that's struggling with that lap traffic. It would have been nice for them to pull over, but, of course, everybody is on a different tire run. You can stretch your tires here forever because they never wear out, so, therefore, some guys are gonna pit early and some guys are gonna stay out. Those guys that are staying out are on the tail end of the lead lap trying to race that race because if they get put a lap down, it's a whole new race for them."


"I had been working on him for the 30 laps previous to that trying to do everything I could. I was throwing the kitchen sink at him trying to get by him. He would come up to lap cars just as any lapped car, not that the 40 was any different than anybody else. I was just trying as best I could to get by him. I bumped him once and I said, 'Well, I used up my one bump. I've got to get by him if I'm gonna bump him.' Then I've got to race him after that."


"Like I said in the opening remarks, we started this race knowing that the rain was coming. We got past halfway, even coming to halfway, we raced every lap like it was the last lap. That was a great race to be a part of up front."


"Track temperature was the biggest number today. Since it was so low, the track didn't have a chance to peel the sealant from the asphalt. That was what was happening in the spring and the low groove just never really came in -- right real close to the yellow line it never really burned in today and that was unfortunate because it took away a passing groove."


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