Loudon II: Dale Jarrett preview

DJ hopes to add 2nd NH win to record. LOUDON, N.H., September 10, 2002 --- The ...

DJ hopes to add 2nd NH win to record.

LOUDON, N.H., September 10, 2002 --- The #88 UPS Racing Team are working to establish themselves as a threat week in and week out be it a superspeedway event or a small, flat-track race. The "Magic Mile" of New Hampshire International Speedway is the next stop on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series schedule, and it's a place where Jarrett and the #88 team have excelled in recent performances. With one win at New Hampshire, Jarrett and company look to be a threat in this weekend's New Hampshire 300. The racing action begins with qualifying on Friday, Sept. 13th, before the green flag waves at 1 p.m. EST on Sunday, Sept. 15th. NBC will provide live television coverage beginning at 12:30 p.m. EST.

Will The Track Be The 44th Player?

When the Winston Cup Series visited New Hampshire International Speedway in July, several teams left with hard feelings toward the newly repaved racing surface on the track. More than a few drivers experienced problems between turns three and four where there were reports of the track coming apart. Jarrett, who finished third in July's race, was able to navigate the track but not without some difficulty.

"As a racer we enjoy racing at places where there's more than one racing groove," Jarrett said. "When we raced there last time there really wasn't much of a groove just inches outside the one we ran all day. A lot of people had problems between three and four and I didn't know whether it was the track or the build-up of rubber, but if you hit it, the car just took off. They kept trying to blow it off with the jet dryers and it was still there, so that's why I believe it was rubber build-up. But, whether that was the resurfacing of the track or what, I couldn't tell you but the people at New Hampshire continually try to improve the track and make things better for the race. We'll see what happens when we go back this time."

It goes without saying that passing at New Hampshire is tough aside from any problems with the track surface. Jarrett has said on numerous occasions it takes a "near perfect day" to win at New Hampshire, and that's what the #88 UPS Racing team had there in July 2001 when Jarrett won.

"Passing at New Hampshire is tough so it makes the qualifying package a little more important than it is at other places we race," Jarrett said. "We started in the back of the field in July and you could pass someone once they're handling went away but it was tough on fresh tires. It's not impossible to win from the back, but it makes your work that much tougher. You really have to have an almost perfect day if you're going to win at a place like New Hampshire. This is a tough place. Three hundred laps doesn't seem like a lot, but you work your tail off every lap at New Hampshire."

UPS Racing Remembers 9/11
In memory of the victims of September 11th terrorist attacks, the UPS Racing Team will carry an American flag decal on the C-post of Jarrett's #88 Ford Taurus. The flag decal appeared on the #88 UPS Ford Taurus at Richmond, and will remain part of the car through the events at New Hampshire and Dover Downs International Speedway.


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