Loudon II: Bowyer - Friday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and discussed returning to New Hampshire as defending winner, racing at Talladega, the Chase and other topics. Full transcript: TALK...

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and discussed returning to New Hampshire as defending winner, racing at Talladega, the Chase and other topics. Full transcript:

TALK ABOUT COMING IN TO NEW HAMPSHIRE AS THE DEFENDING WINNER OF THIS RACE: "It is a lot of fun to roll back in here as part of the Chase. It is a confidence builder to just be a part of this Chase. Getting things started back almost on square one. Obviously, we are 70 points behind the leader, but that is a heck of a lot less than I was. Really looking forward to getting this thing started off right. It all starts right here. This is a very important weekend for us and I really feel like, with our race team, once we get the ball rolling, the sky is the limit. I think we have proved that last year."

WHAT DID THE VICTORY HERE LAST YEAR DO FOR YOU? "We hadn't won a race yet, it was huge. We kept, saying 'When's it going to come? Can we do this?' It was a huge confidence and momentum builder going in to the Chase. The Chase, the hardest part of us seems to be the last month and a half leading in to this Chase, aren't good race tracks for us. If you look at them, our track record is not good there and we struggled to get in the Chase because of it. Once you get in the Chase, if you look at the first three races, I mean, here, we always run well here. Dover-we always run well at Dover, we are always a top-five car there, we might not finish there but we are always running in the top-five there. Kansas-both times we have been there, we have led, almost won last year. Just three very good tracks that gets things started off right. By the end of those three, my plan is it roll in to my hometown in Kansas and be battling for the lead."

IS THE FORMAT OF THE CHASE THE BEST IT CAN BE? "I think it is as good as it can be. I don't know how you could ask for anything better. It really comes at a perfect time of our season. I think with 10 races to go, is a great time of our season, where other sports, our competitors in sports, are starting their seasons. I think it keeps some spunk alive in ours and keeps our fans tuned and brings some life to the table. I am excited about being a part of it. Every year it is really exciting to be a part of it and it is what you drive for all season long."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THE HORNADAY SITUATION? "I am sorry; I don't a whole lot about it. I don't know enough about it to speak about it. We all know that Ron and Linda are very good people, other than that, that is all I can tell you right now."

HOW DO YOU SAFELY APPROACH TALLADEGA IN THE CHASE? "I don't think you can safely approach Talladega. You just go there and race. Race as hard as you can and hope you don't get caught up in something. You can have the fastest car there, dominate the whole race, you are going to get shuffled to the back. If not because of a poor decision at that second, it will be pitting with somebody.

"You will get shuffled back, one time or another, you will be at mid-pack coming back through and it could happen in front of you and you are going to get caught up in it. Anything can happen.

"One time I went there and I laid back and I think there was one car behind. I got slowed up for the wreck, and he came in there wide open and knocked me in to it like a pinball. That was the worst thing ever because I knew I hadn't been giving it a 100%. We were back there riding around in the back. My sponsors never got seen, I just felt bad as a racer. For the first time you weren't trying, you got paid for it, you know? You have to go out there and try to win the race and try to lead all the laps. That is all you can do."

HAVE YOU GIVEN AWAY ANY MORE TICKETS ON YOUR WAY IN TO THE TRACK? "That was so much fun. They had us up here and we were pulling people over, they passed a move over law up here in New Hampshire. We went out with an officer. Basically we pulled over and waited for somebody to do the correct thing and move over for it and we pulled them over for it and gave them tickets. They were good tickets. It is not every day you get pulled over and get rewarded for doing something right instead of...they were handed tickets for a seat at the Sylvania 300, instead of a citation or a $150 ticket or something."

ARE THERE GOOD MEMORIES COMING IN HERE TODAY? "A lot of people, how could it not be. I mean, getting my first Cup win was so important to me. To be able to beat these guys at this level, beat guys like Jeff Gordon that I grew up watching. All the names of the sport, to be able to say you dominated the race and beat fair and square. It is just a very very cool feeling. Something I will never forget and something every time you pull in here, you'll think about and strive to do it again."

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