Loudon II: Bobby Labonte preview

Bobby Labonte ...

Bobby Labonte #43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge

"These last ten races are going to be important for everyone on the No. 43 Dodge. Obviously we want to work on preparing for next season, but we also have some goals that we want to accomplish. Each year that I've been at Petty Enterprises we have improved on the point's finish from the previous year. Last year we finished 18th in points. We are in a very good position to improve on that this year. There are a lot of tracks left on the schedule where we could easily turn in a few top-10 finishes and challenge for wins. If we can do that, we can fight our way inside the top-15."

"The first race at New Hampshire was probably the best all-around race that we've had this year. The car was fast in qualifying and we started on the outside of the front row. The race didn't play out like we wanted it to, but we were still able to get a top-10 finish. A carbon-copy of that weekend would be huge for us this week. We could pick up a lot of points, but it would also go a long way in establishing some consistency for us that will hopefully carry to the end of the year."

"We've had to deal with a 'loose in, tight center, loose off' condition a lot with this new car. Just about all of the teams have. That will be a challenge again this weekend at New Hampshire. It has been in the past. The track is just so flat that when you get to the corner and the rear of the car wants to step out. You get used to the comfort of the banking at most other tracks and it's not there. Each time we go back to Loudon there is more grip in the second groove. If you are able to move your line around that always helps if you car is not handling the way you like."

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Fans should be sure to check out www.labonteslaw.com for more insight before each race.

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