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MARTIN TRUEX, JR., NO. 1 TOMTOM IMPALA SS, involved in a multi-car accident on lap 182: WHAT HAPPENED? "I'm not sure what happened in front of us, either the No. 88 (Earnhardt Jr.) or the No. 2 (Kurt Busch) spun the tires, I'm not sure who it...

MARTIN TRUEX, JR., NO. 1 TOMTOM IMPALA SS, involved in a multi-car accident on lap 182:

WHAT HAPPENED? "I'm not sure what happened in front of us, either the No. 88 (Earnhardt Jr.) or the No. 2 (Kurt Busch) spun the tires, I'm not sure who it was. But I was just, you know, staying in line doing what I could do to get going and obviously you can't pass before the start/finish line. And I guess Kyle (Busch) just decided he didn't want to lift, so I was just an innocent victim today. Someone spun the tires and our lane didn't go. Kyle just lost his head like he usually does when something bad happens. He decided he wasn't going to lift; he was going to turn me on the straightaway for no good reason at all. We have a tore up race car."

YOU PULLED BACK ON HELMET THROWING, IS IT A LITTLE MORE FRUSTRATING WHEN YOU HAVE A CAR THAT GOOD? "Yeah. We've had a tough season, you know? It's been tough, and this don't help much."

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE DOUBLE-FILE RESTART TODAY? "The restarts were fine if everyone uses their head. It was a time when everybody gets checked up like the No. 88. I am not sure the No. 2 spun the tires or if it was just him. Where you going to go?"

IS THIS A PRODUCT OF THE DOUBLE-FILE RESTART? "No. That is the product of one guy making a mistake. Simple as that."

SO WE AREN'T GOING TO SEE MORE OF THAT? "Yes, if people decide they aren't going to lift when the guy in front of them spins the tires, where are you going to go? You can't pass until the start finish line. We are at a track here, this isn't Pocono or Michigan. The front straight away isn't 30-car lengths wide. People get checked up. You just have to chill out and wait until you can race them. I don't race on a restart basically with 150 laps to go or whatever it was. There was no reason for it. Our car is tore up and I am pissed about it."


KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 SHELL-PENNZOIL IMPALA SS, involved in a multi-car accident on lap 182:

WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? "There were cars spinning and I tried to slow down and minimize the damage as much as you can at that point. I don't know, I hit two or three cars as they were coming up the race track the wrong way. They just wrecked in front of us and I couldn't get slowed down. I've got to thank the Shell-Pennzoil guys, they've worked hard today. Tough day and end to the Day for our Shell-Pennzoil Chevrolet. The car was running really good and we made up a ton of position there on the last run. We had a good car. I hate for it to end that way. This is typical for the year. It's been a rough year but we'll try to get back out there."


JEFF BURTON, NO. 31 LENOX TOOLS CHEVROLET, involved in a multi-car accident on lap 182:

WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON THAT AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THREE OF THE RCR CARS INVOLVED? "Well, you're right. It really has been one heck of a year. I'm really disappointed with the day but we ran really well today. I'm really proud of how we ran. We were really competitive today. Given the right track position, I think we were as fast as anybody and that's what I'm going to take from it. We didn't do anything wrong today. We didn't cause a wreck. We got into a wreck; I don't even know what happened but it really doesn't matter. So we'll go build some more stuff and come back. I'm really proud of everybody because we ran really well today. We needed a real good finish for the points, but we needed a good run. If we run well enough, the points will take care of themselves. There's still plenty of time. Nine races is an eternity in this sport. The Chase is 10 races long and think about all the stuff that happens in 10 races. So this is nine races and we still can do it; it's going to be hard, but we can do it."

IS THIS MAYBE THE ONE DOWNSIDE TO DOUBLE-FILE RE-STARTS? "Everything you do has a positive and a negative. You hope there is more positives than negatives, there's no question that the double-file restarts are going to make more excitement, they're going to make more aggressive racing. And when you have more aggressive racing and more excitement, you're going to have more wrecks. That's just how it is. We've wrecked here on single-file restarts too; let's be clear about that. There's no question that it's going to be more aggressive, but hey, that's what racing is all about and it was just our turn today to get in it.

"I didn't see what happened. I can't judge anybody or say anything about anybody because I didn't see what happened. All I saw was some cars stopped in front of me. Double-file restarts are going to make things more aggressive. They are going to create more accidents because things are going to be more aggressive. I don't think the fans want to see wrecks, but they want to see more aggressive racing so that is the product of that. You can't change something without there being some kind of negative consequences and this is an example. We have had wrecks with single file restarts too. We have to be clear about that. We drive the cars and ultimately the responsibility lays on us, but this does put another wrinkle in there for us."

TALK ABOUT THE POINTS IMPLICATIONS: "My guys did an awesome job. It is a real disappointing finish. Certainly hurts us in the points. But I am going to tell you, I feel good about what we are doing with our team. I feel good about what we are doing with our cars. I think we can still do this thing, I really do. We have our best stuff coming, but I think we can do it."

ON HOW FRUSTRATING THIS IS: "It is very frustrating. It has just been that kind of year. We've worked really hard. Our guys have worked a lot of Saturdays and Sundays and we are asking them to work even more. Building a lot of new stuff. It is a strain on everybody. These are all really good race cars. I can tell you my car won't be repaired, it is killed. That is another car we have lost at a time when we are trying to build new and better stuff, it is hard to lose something. We are all racing for the points trying to get in the Chase and this sets us back on that. But, it is what it is. We didn't do anything wrong, we had a good race car. My guys did an awesome job, I was proud of them. We'll go fight next week."

-credit: gm racing

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