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FRANK KIMMEL-46-Advance Auto Parts Taurus (finished 43rd) "Our goal was to just to go out and try to run as many laps as we can, and unfortunately, believe it or not, we picked up some debris on the front grill. It got up to 255 and we can't...

FRANK KIMMEL-46-Advance Auto Parts Taurus (finished 43rd)

"Our goal was to just to go out and try to run as many laps as we can, and unfortunately, believe it or not, we picked up some debris on the front grill. It got up to 255 and we can't burn a motor down, so we just shut it off. Once you go a couple laps down, I wasn't going to get in those guys' way. It's just a matter of a short day. It's a real heart breaker. We wanted to run as long as we could."

HOW WERE YOU RUNNING BEFORE YOU PICKED UP THE DEBRIS? "Well, we were still there at the tail with Carl Long, and we pretty much planned on doing that, and riding around. We changed the whole car right before the race, trying to see what we could figure out. It really wasn't too bad, so this Ford Taurus is going to be okay. It's just a short day."

KURT BUSCH-97-Rubbermaid Taurus (finished 40th)

"I got wrecked running 35 laps down. I don't understand why people have to run into us. I made a mistake. The spotter jumped on the radio and said there's a car high. That was the first problem. And then we got wrecked 35 laps down."

BEFORE ALL OF THIS HAPPENED, HOW WAS THE CAR? "We were fair. We were just biding our time."

WHAT HAPPENED THE SECOND TIME? "I got wrecked 35 laps down. Somebody just ran into me going into turn one."

YOU HAD HIGH HOPES FOR THIS RACE. "We sure did. We had a great car in practice, we had a lot of things underneath the car that were gonna go fast today. Just biding our time. My spotter jumped on the radio as I was exiting turn one and said, 'Car high.' I knew it was my teammate there. I had to give him room. I didn't know he was gonna make a pass there and I ended up wrecking the race car. And then we got wrecked 35 laps down."

MARK MARTIN-6-Pfizer/Viagra Taurus (finished 2nd)

"This team fought hard today. The car didn't work too well in the beginning but they got it better and better. We were set to win that thing on fuel mileage, and were backing up just to save the gas, but it didn't turn out to hurt us any. We wound up with great finish anyway. It's just too bad they had that debris caution."

THE VETERAN SHOWED THE WAY TODAY. "It's all up to who does the best job. Today we had some established teams that did a good job."

ON HIS RACE. "My car didn't handle good to start, but they got it going real good at the end. The last three sets of tires were real good, and we were real competitive. So, we'll take that and try to go win Michigan."

RICKY RUDD-28-Havoline Taurus (finished 17th)

"We were just sitting there biding our time, you know, waiting and watching the laps count down and watching that rearview mirror, and keeping that space with DJ back there. We were able to pretty much keep it the same. It looked like we had him. He made a couple of runs at it and then he faded back. We had him. I wouldn't say I had anything left, that was all I had, and he was driving as hard as he could. But it looked like we were going to end up there with about a second lead at the end of the race. And, it just didn't happen."

WERE YOU THINKING, "OH, NO, NOT AGAIN," OR CAN YOU SEPARATE THE RACES AT THIS POINT? "I don't know. They all sorta run together. I guess the good thing is we're up front when we're having trouble, leading races, and just a lot of freak circumstances."

MATT KENSETH-17-DeWalt Power Tools Taurus (finished 35th)

"It's just unfortunate to have a transmission break when you are leading. Pocono is tough on transmissions and engines. I don't know if we had a winning car, but we sure had a top-10 car. I'm disappointed because now it's two bad weeks in a row. I guess you can't have luck every week. It certainly has not been two of our luckiest weeks."

ROBBIE REISER, crew chief-17-DeWalt Power Tools Taurus

"We did a hell of a job today. It's just a tough pill to swallow. You just can't stop stuff from breaking every now and then.

RUSTY WALLACE-2-Miller Lite Taurus (finished 9th)

"We made more adjustments here today then any race I can remember in a long time. We took a rubber out of the right rear and wound up putting one in the right front. We added four rounds of wedge and messed with the air pressures all day long. There before that last pit stop, the car was the best it was all day long. We went with two tires and got the track position and wound up to fifth for the final restart, but that just didn't work out as good as we'd hoped. But the call to take only two tires this week was mine and it made it too tight at the end. It was still probably the right call to go for it and get the track position."

ELLIOTT SADLER-21-Motorcraft Taurus (finished 15th)

"We wanted a top-10. It felt like we had a top-10 car there at the end. I would've finished fifth or sixth if the fuel thing would've worked. Debris on the track killed us there. The last set of tires cost us five positions, easy. I'm proud of my guys, bring a new car here. We were awful at the beginning of the race, I mean absolutely terrible. They worked on it and got it really good. I learned a lot for the next time I come back. I think what we need to do, I think we learned a lot today to know what to change for a top-10."

TODD BODINE-26-Discover Card Taurus (finished 18th)

"We worked on the car all day. First we were tight, then we were loose. On that last run we really got dialed in. I though we had a 12th-place finish but with four laps to go we had a mechanical problem and I had to do all I could to nurse it back. I think Ricky passed us there at the end. I can't say enough about this crew. We'll take this and build on it. I'm real happy despite the late-race problem. What can you do?"


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