Las Vegas: Team Monte Carlo qualifying quotes

MICHAEL WALTRIP, NO. 15 NAPA CHEVROLET (fifth, first Chevrolet): "It's a really fun track to drive when you've got your car right. You just really go. We were trying (to be on the front row). (Jimmy) Spencer and I have really big feet and...

MICHAEL WALTRIP, NO. 15 NAPA CHEVROLET (fifth, first Chevrolet):

"It's a really fun track to drive when you've got your car right. You just really go. We were trying (to be on the front row). (Jimmy) Spencer and I have really big feet and this is a track where if you've got big feet and you get your car working right, and get your crew get your car working right and lay on the gas, what a great driving car. We had a pretty good lap. Anytime you go out and do your job and you wind up that close to the front, you can't complain. I'm happy. I like this track and I'm just looking forward to racing here."

WHAT SIZE FOOT? 14.." IS IT WINDY OUT THERE AND WHAT EFFECT DOES IT HAVE? "Our cars are big, I don't think the wind adversely affected them at all. The wind is not a factor here today."


"To get the car through qualifying and get through our first day (is good). This is the toughest day. A lot of things happen when you show up at a race track and you have to qualify good. I was a little conservative. We've been running really good lately and I was just a little tiny bit conservative going into turn 1 on the first lap. Tires had a little more grip on the first lap. We scuffed our tires; that's something we did different than what we did in our practice. We should have stayed with stickers."

ON CHEVROLETS NOT DOING SO WELL: "I think maybe the way the rules should have worked, the spoilers they got at Daytona they should have had to bring them to Rockingham and to Vegas. I think it would have evened up the field a little closer. It looks like the Fords are pretty strong right here. We're working really hard with our Chevy. Richard Childress Racing has done a really good job. We'lll see what happens as we get a little farther into the season."


YOU ALMOST HIT THE WALL: "I was just using up every bit of race track. That's why they put those walls there so we don't go over it. The car was real well balanced. We were pretty good in practice. I knew a lot of guys had caught up by the end of practice so we're real happy with the lap. It's a good, solid, clean lap, the car was balanced well."

GIVEN THIS IS YOUR RACE CAR FOR THE RACE ITSELF., ARE YOU STICKING OUT YOUR NECK IN QUALIFYING BY GETTING SO CLOSE TO THE WALL? "You stick it out there. I mean, just like these guys put everything into the setup, everything into the engine to get as much out of it as you possibly can. I have to do the same. They put a lot hard work into it, I've got to get everything I can out of it that I can. Qualifying is so important, especially at a place like Las Vegas. You really need to get a good solid run out there and get as good a starting position as you can."


"Everybody wants to be the fastest, but unfortunately the Chevrolets are a little bit behind. We're not getting much help on that. The guys did a good job. We actually got the car a lot better than what it was in practice. In practice we were somewhere around 35th."

JIMMIE JOHNSON, NO. 48 LOWE'S CHEVROLET (25TH): "We had a decent practice session and a decent lap in qualifying."

IS THIS A DOWNER AFTER DAYTONA?: "Daytona was one set of cricumstances. Everybody knew, including myself, that there's a lot more racing left this season, a lot of different kind of racing left in the season, and I've got a lot of learning to do . We're just taking it in stride. Once we get past these first four races we'll be breathing a lot easier during qualifying." ON CHEVROLETS NOT RUNNING SO WELL: "There's a reason that those Dodges and Fords needed all that spoiler cut off them in Daytona, because they were creating downforce. So they evened them up there and to let them compete and be fair I think they ought to take those measurements back off their spoilers again and see how they race out here on those other tracks."


"It's just too loose."


"I love this race track. You know, we've really struggled with speed on our car. The car's been driving well, handling pretty well. It was a little bit loose right there; that was just all we had today. That's the fastest we've been and it's not very good.. Hopefully we can get our Kodak Max Films Monte Carlo a little closer to the front on Sunday."

CHEVROLETS AREN'T DOING SO WELL IN QUALIFYING: "I'm not so concerned about qualifying as I am the race. Hopefully we will run good on long runs. It looks like the Dodges and the Fords are strong right now. The Pontiacs are strong. We love our Monte Carlo and we're going to make it the best we can and hopefully we'll race good with it."


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