Las Vegas: Keselowski - Friday media visit

BRAD KESELOWSKI, NO. 25 GODADDY.COM IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and discussed his first two Nationwide races of the season, where he keeps his focus when running both series, his confidence as a Cup driver...

BRAD KESELOWSKI, NO. 25 GODADDY.COM IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and discussed his first two Nationwide races of the season, where he keeps his focus when running both series, his confidence as a Cup driver and more. Full Transcript.

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TYPE OF CUP CAR YOU HAVE THIS WEEK WITHOUT HAVING TESTED? "It's the same Cup car I had at Texas and Homestead. We ran very well at Texas with this car. Ran good in practice at Homestead until I put it in the fence and kind of hurt it. I think this car is going to be really good. I'm excited about it. I've got even a better one sitting at home to take to Texas so I'm excited about that as well. Just appreciative of the opportunity to drive a car for Hendrick especially one with a sponsor like It's a good opportunity."

DO YOU HAVE ANY DIFFERENT FEELING GOING INTO THIS CUP RACE AS YOU DID THE LAST YEAR? "Yeah, there's no doubt that the more you run the more confidence you have. Ran well here at Vegas. This track and this tire compound that we're on is going to drive significantly different than I think we've seen at the other 1.5-mile tracks so I'm kind of interested to see how all that's going to be. I also know when I drive the Cup cars, I'm way better in the Nationwide cars and I know I need everything I can get to catch back up to Carl (Edwards) and Kyle (Busch)."

HOW FRUSTRATING WAS LAST WEEKEND? ARE YOU OVER IT YET? "More than just last weekend, the last two weekends have been frustrating. I felt like we could have won Daytona and I got a little ahead of myself and got into some trouble. Then California I don't know just one of those deals I guess. I feel like we could easily be sitting second or maybe better in points. It is what it is and you have to move on. You can't really sit on last week. You've got to come to Vegas and win. Run up front and challenge for a win."

WHAT DID GREG (BIFFLE) SAY TO YOU? "Well you know he just asked me how I felt about that whole deal and told me that it certainly wasn't intentional and that he knows he can't reverse that. Obviously he had an opportunity where when he was running in the Nationwide Series he had Cup drivers come down and he understands what it's like to be wrecked by a part-time Cup driver. He understands the frustration of that. He did admit he ran up behind me on purpose which I don't know I guess I was hoping that wasn't the case but it is what it is. I could sit here and be angry about it but I won't get the points back and I won't get the finish out of it really all I can do is move forward and come here and try to win."

IS YOUR MAIN FOCUS TO CONCENTRATE ON THE CUP CAR AFTER THE FIRST TWO WEEKS THAT YOU'VE HAD IN THE NATIONWIDE CAR? "No. No its not. The Cup car to me is a completely different program. It's almost in the sense to serve the Nationwide program and it's important to look at it in that manner. I feel like I'm just getting experience over time over there and earning some respect and also at the same time I know it makes me a better Nationwide driver. So confidence wise maybe a little bit at Daytona when I ran the Cup car and didn't run so well but when I got in that Nationwide car I felt like I could win the race and that was big for me. Hopefully it will be the same case here."

IS THIS WEEKEND THE SAME FORM OF TRYOUT AS YOU DID LAST YEAR IN THE CUP CAR? "Every week is a try out. I look at this situation when I woke up in the morning today and when I wake up in the morning tomorrow or when I wake up in the morning on Sunday that this could be my last opportunity to prove myself so I better make the most of it. So every week is a tryout."

YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT BEING A MORE CONFIDENT DRIVER AND FEELING MORE COMFORTABLE GOING TO THE CUP SERIES THIS TIME AROUND, IS THAT JUST A REPETITION THING? IS IT JUST A SEAT TIME THING? "You know a lot of different things. Its confidence without a doubt and a lot of that comes from the acceptance of your peers. It comes from walking through the garage and feeling like you have a good team and believing in the people you are surrounded by and knowing that they believe in you. That's a big part of it and that's why I'm so happy to be associated with a group like Hendrick Motorsports because they give me that feeling. They make me feel good just like JR Motorsports does over here in the Nationwide garage."

ANY MORE IMPORTANT TO HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND NATIONWIDE WISE SINCE YOU'VE GOT TWO WEEKENDS OFF AFTER THIS ONE AND THEN ON FOR A WEEK AND OFF FOR ANOTHER ONE? "Without a Chase in the Nationwide Series every week is important. So you can't take a week off. You can't say any week is more important than the next. Montreal is just as important as Daytona. It pays the same amount of points and you have to keep that in perspective."

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