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GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 40th) DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS? "No, we don't really know yet. We're not sure what happened, but it's obviously something internal. It could be the valve train. The National...

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 40th)

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS? "No, we don't really know yet. We're not sure what happened, but it's obviously something internal. It could be the valve train. The National Guard car wasn't running that good, but we needed to make it to that first pit stop so we could do some work on it. The engine had plenty of power. It was running good, so I'm sure it's just one of those part failures that can't be avoided."

WHY IS THIS PLACE HARD ON EQUIPMENT? "I'm not sure. It's flat. We're off the throttle a lot and on the throttle a lot. We pulled a little bit more gear than some of our other guys did and that could have been a contributing factor to what we saw here, but it was my choice to run the gear. They didn't want to run it, but I wanted to run the gear so that could be a contributing factor. The recall on the tach doesn't look like it's turning as many RPMs because the car wasn't handling as good, but we don't know what happened. I'm sure the guys will figure it out and we'll get her fixed up for next week."

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Finished 5th)

"A long green at the end was just what the doctor ordered for this piece. We had a good, long run setup in it. We struggled to get going on the restarts with all that traffic and those lapped cars racing so hard. It was really strong at the end of the run. It was easy to pass guys at the end, but we didn't get enough long runs. On that last run we did and that's what we needed. We had great pit stops by this team and I really love these guys."

YOU KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE GOOD TODAY. "Yeah, I knew it. The race got going and I didn't know if we were gonna get to show it because of all the cautions, but later on the pit crew started stepping it up and we started getting it done."

YOU GOT BETTER AS THE DAY WENT ON. "Pat Tryson and the Viagra team were awesome with the changes on the car. They made it better and better as the day went on. The pit stops were just fabulous and we got it racing at the end."

YOU RUN WELL HERE. "Yes, we do. But I'm so thankful to have this team. These guys are just fantastic. I knew we were on the verge of doing that. We just needed a little wind in our sail and now we can go to Atlanta and try to qualify a little better. We've still got work to do. We weren't good enough, but we were sure better than we had been."


"It's fun. We won only one race last year and have come out of the box this year. Robbie and Chip and everybody that figured out these car over the winter when they built them under these new rules did a great job. My cars are really balanced. My engines are awesome with Jack and Robert's deal that they put together with Ford Racing. It's unbelievable. We've just got unbelievable equipment and an unbelievable team. It's fun to drive."

YOU BOUNCED BACK FROM THAT ONE ROUGH STOP. "If there was a time to have a bad one that was the time to get behind a little bit. It actually didn't hurt us that bad because we actually adjusted on the car a little bit being behind. When we were in front we were perfect and when we were behind we needed to be a little freer and we were able to take care of that."

THIS MUST FEEL GREAT. "It's pretty awesome. This is a race car driver's dream come true to come out and win two in a row. It's unbelievable to be able to have this good of a car and to be able to lead all those laps and kind of dominate the way we did the last two weeks is pretty cool. I just can't wait to keep racing."

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 Sharpie/IRWIN Taurus (Finished 9th)

"We just probably had a couple of things too aggressive on the car to make the car turn and we just burned the right rear. It would go fast for about 20 laps and then we'd burn the right rear off the poor thing. We've got a lot of work to do as far as understanding how we can use the four tires better with this new tire."

JIMMY FENNIG SAID DURING THE RACE YOU GUYS WERE HAVING A BAD DAY EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE IN THE TOP FIVE. "Yeah, everytime we come here we're off just a little bit. Today we were a little better, but it just seems like we're too aggressive with our setup and we burn the tires off quicker than other teams. We need to do a better job of using four tires instead of just the right rear."

JEFF BURTON - No. 99 Pennzoil Taurus (Finished 13th)

"We took off pretty good. In the middle part of the race we got terrible. We kept adjusting on our car and at the end we were actually pretty good. We were just way off in the middle and we lost all the track position we worked so hard to get. We finished 13th and I'm certainly not happy with that, but we're learning a lot. There's a whole lot to learn about the tires and the air package that we have now and hopefully we can take this and build on it."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus (Finished 6th)

"The car was just a little bit free all day. I could never really get it tightened up, but I'm so proud of these guys. I've never really done that well here and probably didn't know how to give feedback to them, but I learned a lot today and a lot yesterday in practice. A lot of guys on this team are giving me hints and giving me ideas. I'm getting a lot of help from DJ and it's just coming together. To start off the season with two top 10s in three races is what we need. We need some momentum. We're light years ahead of where we were last year and that's where we want to be."

DID THAT LAST LONG RUN HURT YOU? "Yeah, I faded a little bit there at the end. I was getting way too loose. I just kept telling myself, 'Elliott, don't wreck this thing. We've got a good finish here.' So I just wanted to do what I could to bring it home in one piece. Maybe we'll carry thing over to Atlanta. I guess they'll let me know tomorrow what we're gonna do, but, all in all, it was a great day. We had great pit stops and it was a great day for M&M's. We want to try to top 10 these guys to death and we're doing that so far."

DALE JARRETT - No. 88 UPS Taurus (Finished 11th)

"We ran up there and I thought we were gonna have a good chance of maybe running ourselves into the top five, but we never got the chassis exactly right. It was a good effort, we just didn't get it all put together. It's tough out there. It's a handling race track. When you can get your car out in front like those guys you get an aero advantage. You look at Matt and he drove up through there a couple of different times, so you can't put it all on that. You've just got to get the job done and we've still got a little bit of work to do."

decent day.  We ran decent and we just have to keep working on it week by
week.  If you have decent days, then you can adjust on it slowly."

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