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KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Budweiser Dodge Charger) "I was feeling pretty decent last night. Today, I felt fine. My eyes hurt, but they've hurt all weekend. It's a good start for us (three straight top-10 finishes). The guys did a really good job. The...

KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Budweiser Dodge Charger)

"I was feeling pretty decent last night. Today, I felt fine. My eyes hurt, but they've hurt all weekend. It's a good start for us (three straight top-10 finishes). The guys did a really good job. The car was a little tight. It may have been my own fault on one of the adjustments. I thought it would help. It did at times, but throughout the last half of the race it didn't. I think we could have been a little better if I hadn't made the suggestion. "

YOU WERE PATIENT EVEN AFTER GOING A LAP DOWN? "We slowly worked our way up and took our time all day. The guys kept making the car better. We were missing a little bit, but it was pretty close."


ELLIOTT SADLER (No. 19 Stanley Tools Dodge Charger)

ON RACE: "To get caught speeding by a half-a-mile an hour and putting my team in that kind of bind is tough. We kept going at it, going at it and had great pit stops all day -- unbelievable pit stops. The pit stops kept us in the game. Rodney (Childers) had a great call and saved our best set of tires for the end and we were able to make a good run there at the end. It was a great run for us. Good finish for what we had going on today, so if we keep persevering and staying out of trouble we're going to be there at the end."

ON THE POINTS: "It helped me in the points. Anything better than a 13th-place finish is good for the average finish and helps you get in the Chase. It was a good run for us."


RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 Alltel Dodge Charger)

ON RACE: "It didn't feel right even on the pace laps. We're happy to get a top 15. We had a top-10 car a couple of times, even when it didn't feel good. Man, I had to have it tight; I could not be loose today. We got loose in the middle part of the race. That got us behind and we never got a chance to get it back."

YOU DEBATED CHANGING A SHOCK DURING THE RACE? "Yes, we thought about it from the start, but just never had time because of green flag stops, quickie yellows; just not enough time. It didn't' change the outcome, but it was something we talked about."


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 42 Texaco/Havoline Dodge Charger)

ON RACE: "It was a tough day. We went a lap down really early because it was a handful. We came in and changed a bunch of things during the race. That was the biggest difference. We managed to go from running like 35th to top-20. it's a shame, but we just ran out of time."


BETH ANN MORGENTHAU (Team Owner, BAM Racing, No. 49 Qtrax Dodge Charger)

ON RACE: "I thought Ken (Schrader) did a great job for not being in a race recently. I thought he did a super job. He did well."

HOW IMPORTANT IS THIS FINISH TO BAM RACING? "It's really, really good. I'm impressed."


ROBBY GORDON (No. 7 Jim Beam Dodge Charger)

ON ACCIDENT: "It was pretty simple. We were going into Turn One and the tire blew and when it blew it put me in the wall. It was just for no reason at all. The car wasn't very comfortable, but we finally started to work on it and had it a little bit tightened up, but it was just a little bit tight off the corners, but that shouldn't be enough to blow the front tires."

"I know a tire went down. I don't know. I don't think I hit debris or anything, maybe I did, but it just popped. Right about in the middle of (turns) one and two it was making the corner fine and then all the sudden it got down and took off. I had no steering until I hit the wall."

HOW WAS THE CAR BEFORE THAT? "We were looser before. If anything we were going to work the right rear and we tightened it up and pulled the rear-end in a little bit there on the last pit stop. It was just a little bit snug on corner exit, but there was no reason for it to blow a tire."

ANY CHANCE OF GETTING BACK OUT? "I'd say that car is killed."


PAT TRYSON (Crew Chief, No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

ON WRECK: "It looked like we blew a right-front tire. A bunch of pieces came together and it just all came apart. It is what it is. We'll just have to keep working on it."



ON ACCIDENT: "Just lost the right front tire going through the tri-oval. It's kind of bad for us, obviously, but even worse the fact that we were just getting ready to pit. That next lap we were coming in. I guess we should have stopped a lap sooner. The car was pretty good right off the bat then we got a little bit too free so I was just trying to ride around a little bit, get some more laps in until we made the stop and then just lost the tires. I don't know if we cut it down or if it was just wore out and blew out. Unfortunate for the Mobil 1 Dodge. We'll try to get everything straightened back out and get some more running in."

DID YOU FEEL A VIBRATION BEFORE YOU HAD THE PROBLEM? "Coming off of four I just started feeling a little bit of a vibration, nothing like what we were having at Daytona when people were really blowing 'em out so I didn't really think anything about it. Made it halfway through the tri-oval and the thing just went straight up."



ON RACE: "The car was getting better and better and at the end there we made a change. It was pretty good actually. I could run outside and I was just coming back to them and I was trying to pass Ryan Newman and he used the whole track when he was by himself. Normally I should be the one doing that because I'm the rookie, but I guess he's allowed to or something. I don't know I checked up two or three times before so I wouldn't hit him. In (turn) four one time I had a really good run and I had to check up and I went three or four cars behind. I came back up to him and I thought that after all these times he would see me. I had a really good run out of two and we were back down the straightaway and he just kept coming up. He came up to me and there was nothing I could do."

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO GET LAPS AND SEAT TIME RIGHT NOW? "It is. Even today the way I used the brakes and the throttle and the way that I drive the car in the corner is much better at the end of the race than it was at the beginning. It's important to make these races. I was a lot smoother between one and two and three and four. I was keeping the car under me. In the beginning I was really coming off both brake and throttle, but I got better. Everything got better. We just needed the points. I'm so disappointed. I don't know why he didn't see us, but I don't know that's the way it is."



ON RACE: "We had a very down and up race. We really had nothing to work on from Friday and Saturday, didn't have a decent car. We threw Reed's setup on it from the 41 car, just everything on it and it was, for me, way, way too loose. I think Reed was loose as well and so we spent the first, I don't know, I'd like the say 100 laps just tightening the car up and unfortunately by that point we'd gone two laps down. After that there was a portion of the race we were running the same times as the leader. We got the car comfortable, it was good and we were to make progress, pass a bunch of guys. Then we probably at the end there the last stop we had to put some tires on from somewhere else because we'd run out. I guess there were different codes or something [smiles]. It was horribly loose again. That was our day. Not where we wanted to finish but that midpoint of the race really taught me a lot and I'm really happy with it."

A LOT OF DRIVERS NEW TO THE CUP SERIES HAVE A DIFFICULT TIME STARTING THE RACE WHERE THEY NEED TO BE. WHY IS THAT SO CHALLENGING? "It's one of the challenges of racing with the fuel tanks positioned in these cars and that kind of stuff it. I'm not used to that from Indy cars. I'm used to having the balance at the start. You can change the balance from inside the car. You have tools to do it. Here, you have to kind of bear with it. We weren't very good, even when the car was at its best today, we were not very good first two laps. Car was too free. I was just patient there and then as I say from lap 100 to 230 in that midpoint we were really good."

HOW IMPORTANT IS THE TEST MONDAY AND TUESDAY AT PHOENIX? "It's always important to get lap time, to get laps in the car. As a team right now we're feeling these cars out. We've got a lot of work to do the next two days."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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